New lotto app draws criticism

Lotto NZ’s use
of Chinese New Year traditions
to promote its newly
formatted scratch tickets
is drawing criticism
from a Maori service provider.
Hapai Te Hauora is critical
of the cultural appropriation
and adds the new augmented
reality innovation
is another way to target Maori.
Here’s Te Rina Kowhai with more.
A new augmented reality app
but for gambling.
Both Asian Family Services
and Hapai Te Hauora say
that Lotto NZ
is culturally misappropriating
the Chinese culture,
targeting not only migrants
in NZ but Maori as well.
Hawke says he’s disappointed
in Lotto NZ.
Augmented Reality app
was created to offer a new,
fun way to bring games to life.
All tickets must be bought in-store.
The Lucky Fortune ticket coincides
with Chinese New Year,
which is an occasion celebrated
more and more by all New Zealanders.
In this the year of the dog,
Lotto is being bitten.
Te Rina Kowhai, Te Karere.

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