Off-Track Betting : How OTB Works

In this segment, we’re going to cover off
track betting. Here we are at an off track betting facility. There are many of them across
the United States. An off track betting location is different from an on track betting location
as in it does not have a live track with horses or dogs running. Instead, we televise our
races and all the other races that we are taking that specific day. When you go up to
a machine and place your bet, you’re given a ticket. That ticket is electronically checked,
tracked, just like an email. That email goes out and communicates with other emails. Once
a race is completely finished and done. The computer system takes all those emails and
finds out who’s all winning. From the odds that are currently on those specific numbers,
a dollar amount is associated with that. Basically when bets are placed, there’s a pool of money.
A percentage of that pool goes to the individuals state that, that bet was placed in, to the
track that the bet was placed and then to the owner of the animal in which that race
was running. Above and beyond that, that dollar amount is then divided up between all the
winning tickets. And then paid out to the specific winning tickets. You must be eighteen
or older to place your bet or to take bet at an off track betting facility or an on
track betting facility.

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  1. To the people making this video; specifically the man talking in the video. Your voice isn’t annoying, weird or hard to listen to if you did not stutter. Your stuttering…. brought on by what I would guess was nervous, made it hard for you to talk and made it hard to listen to. If you have problem Stuttering forgive me, I understand it is hard to overcome. But if you want your videos to get views and if you want to actually teach people I suggest finding somebody else who doesn’t stutter to do your videos or redo them so he can seamlessly talk. Because everyone did a good job getting the point across but it is hard when he is stuttering. I appreciate the video and everyone time who made it.

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