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Hey everyone! Welcome to our video
tutorial. In this tutorial we’re going to teach you how online scratch card
jackpots work. For this video, we chose to play on the
popular scratch card game that’s based on the Fantastic Four Marvel Comics
franchise. In this scratch card game, a card has 16 fields on a 4×4 grid. Players win if they discover the same
symbol aligned either in a row, a column or diagonally. Prizes will be paid out based on the
amount of the bet placed as well as the type of the symbol discovered. In this
game, we’ll win the jackpot if we discover 4 symbols aligned correctly that depict
the character Mr. Fantastic. This will multiply our bet with 10,000.
Let’s play a little. After buying a new card, our task is to
scratch off all the 16 fields it contains. And we didn’t manage to win anything.
But let’s try again. This time, instead of scratching off all the
fields individually, we’ll press the “Scratch All” button to automatically
clear all fields. And we managed to win $5. But
in order to increase our potential payout and the jackpot size, we should
increase our card price to… …let’s say, $5. Now as you can see, the total jackpot
prize increased to $50,000. Let’s play one final round. And we won $15 but we did
not manage to hit the jackpot. And this is how online scratch card
jackpots work. Unlike slots jackpots, most scratch card jackpots aren’t continually
increasing; instead they’re tied to the bet amount players place. That’s all for
this video but you can find more tutorials and guides by checking out our
additional videos on Thanks for watching!

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