Pawn Stars: Chumlee Bets On Rare Care Bear Collection (Season 16) | History

[MUSIC PLAYING] – How you doing?
– Hey. I’m doing good. How are you? Pretty good. What do you have here? I have a set of
rare, un-produced Care Bear Cousins from Kenner. Oh. Huh. Hold on. I actually have one of the
Care Bears Cousins here. Corey. ALLISON: I’m here at
the pawn shop today to sell my prototype
Care Bear Cousins. This collection
means a lot to me, because I have been part
of a semi-secret society of Care Bear collectors
for over 20 years. COREY HARRISON: What
do you want, Chum? CHUMLEE: Look. It’s your cousins. They’re Care Bears. Why aren’t they bears? Because the cousins
are the animals. They’re the friends
of the Care Bears. What can you
tell me about them? Well, these are straight
from the Kenner Morgue, which was a place
that they put Kenner toys when Kenner shut down. And so these are kind
of seen as a holy grail. Everything in that
catalog was a holy grail. COREY HARRISON: They look
like they’re fairly clean. You know, you have,
like, these plushes, you have kids sleeping and–
– Yes. COREY HARRISON: –drooling
on them and everything else. Well, these never
made it out of Kenner. Yeah. In fact, if you look,
they’re hand-painted, the nose and the eyes
both, because these original noses came from the
factory with the 13-inch. Now, this one in
particular is the rarest of the whole collection. CHUMLEE: Is that the little pig? ALLISON: That’s the little pig. His name’s Treat Heart. There’s only four known to
exist in the whole world. COREY HARRISON: So what are
you looking to do with them? I want to sell them. Any idea how much
you’re looking to get? Well, I can tell you right now
that this little piggy went for six grand last year on auction. And these are the only
ones known to exist. So I was thinking
for the collection, I’d cut you a break
at, like, five grand. Yeah, this is one
of the few times where I have absolutely no
idea what this could be worth. Do you mind if I have
a buddy come down and take a look at them? Not at all. OK. Chumlee Bear, you want
to go give him a call? Sure. ALLISON: I’m perfectly fine
with a toy expert coming in to evaluate my collection. I know they’re special
items and that they’re going to go for quite a lot of money. CHUMLEE: How you doing, Steve? STEVE JOHNSTON: Good. Care Bear Cousins.
– Yeah. CHUMLEE: We knew you’d–
STEVE JOHNSTON: That’s cool. CHUMLEE: –be the guy to call. STEVE JOHNSTON: I was
hoping I’d get you to do the Care Bear Stare today. Show me how to do it. Could you show
him how to do it? Oh. Love comes out of your belly. I have a lot of love
and a lot of belly. So I’m probably
pretty good at it. So when it comes to origins
of toys like this, what’s really unique is that
these are actually came from greeting cards. American Greetings had
created a line of cards– get well soon. And you had Grumpy, and he
had a little cloud with rain on his belly, and that was kind
of, like, the first inception. From about ’84 to ’86 is when
you really saw the cartoon line thriving, the movie comes out. So it took a few years to
get going, but once it did, it was a pretty big piece. And there was kind of like
a cult following of Care Bear collectors out there. She seems like she knows a
little something about that. Overall, they all look like
they’re in great condition. The eyes, the noses all
look to be hand-painted. And as for the pig
you’ve got here, now, the pig’s really unique,
because there’s only a handful of them known to exist. Last I was aware, there was
two or three of them that were actually the painted versions. There was one or two that was
available that was unpainted. Do you mind if I take
a look at it just to– ALLISON: Of course. STEVE JOHNSTON: He
would be a prototype. He was never produced. He was one that
everybody wanted. He’s got a little bit
of age in his legs. I wouldn’t say it’s cracks. We call it toy leprosy. But still, for a prototype,
being what he is, he’s in very, very
good condition. So I assume you guys asked me to
come here to give you a value? COREY HARRISON: I
mean, I have no idea what these could be worth. STEVE JOHNSTON: I
think, overall, you’re going to have no problem for the
plush getting $1,400 for them. The pig is a little
bit different. I believe that that’s
a much more rare toy. There’s going to be a little bit
different of a market for it. I think that you’ll have no
problem getting $3,000 for him. Hopefully that helps you out. – Thanks for coming in.
– Thanks, Chum. Corey–
– Appreciate it, man. –thank you.
Good luck. ALLISON: Thank you. So what do you think? Chum, I’m going to go ahead
and let you handle this. Have a good day. All right.
CHUMLEE: All right. I’m going to Care
Bear Stare right now and try to get you
to the price I want. ALLISON: All right. He gave you a number– $4,400. So I’m thinking $4,400. That’s going to be a
little too high for me. How about 22? Oof. That’s tough. I don’t think a Care Bear
would approve of that. 22. This is Chumlee Bear, and
I’m spreading love and joy. OK. How about 3,500? And that’s giving
you such a deal. How about– 31? All right. You got a deal. CHUMLEE: All right. 3,100. Meet me at the counter
and we’ll write it up. ALLISON: All right. I’m thrilled that the guys and I
were able to make a deal today. I didn’t walk away with the
five grand I was hoping to have. But $3,100, I can get a
pretty good little junker car for my 16-year-old daughter.

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