Penn & Teller Show Off a Lying, Cheating, Swindling Card Trick

-Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for Penn & Teller!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you so much
for being here.
-Thanks for having us.
-For coming back to the show.
-Thank you, thank you.
Season six just kicked off…
-…of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.”
Can you explain
what’s different this season?
-Well, we did something crazy
this season.
You know,
we always sit in the seats.
We’re the judges.
Best magicians in the world
come out,
they do a trick for us,
and if we can figure it out,
they don’t win.
If we can’t, they do win.
But we try to do something
that no one else had ever done
on one of these shows, which is
we reverse the position.
And we went on our own show
to see if we could fool
the greatest magician in the
world, David Copperfield.
-Do we know — Do we wanna say
what David Copperfield thought?
-I do know what happened,
but I’m not gonna tell you.
-Okay, perfect.
-Keep watching.
-But, also, I’m really excited
about the VR game.
I want to talk about this.
This is — Oh, there it is.
Right there.
“Penn & Teller –”
What is the title?
It’s a very long name.
-The title of it is
“Penn & Teller VR:
Frankly Unfair,
Unkind, Unnecessary,
and Underhanded.”
Now that abbreviates to
“Penn & Teller: FUUUU and U.”
-Very appropriate, yeah.
-And that’s the idea.
You know, you’re putting on
the VR helmet.
-Yeah, tell everybody,
because I think this is genius.
-You bring your friend over.
You say,
“I got this new VR setup.”
You put the VR helmet on,
and then you’ve got
someone in your house
who can’t see and can’t hear
and thinks
they’re just watching TV.
-So, you can
do anything to them.
You can cover them with spiders,
steal money from them,
cheat them
in every way possible.
So it’s a way
to use your VR setup
to make your friends
look like idiots.
-That’s what I’m talking about.
-What could be better?
-That’s what I want.
[ Applause ]
Sony PlayStation, Oculus, Vibe.
You can get it anywhere.
I’m psyched about that,
because I’ve been playing
with the Oculus, and this
is gonna be my new jam.
All right, what trick are you
doing for us tonight?
-We’re gonna do a thing for you
that’s gonna compare
juggling and magic, ’cause
I started out as a juggler.
And I thought that all arts,
all show business,
all everything
was just practice.
I practiced all the time.
And Teller started out
as a magician.
[ Laughter ]
Oh, my goodness.
-So people think the difference
between juggling and magic
is the props, but it’s not.
It’s philosophical.
Juggling is done
with really hard work,
and magic is done by lying.
So I’m gonna do
a juggling trick,
and then Teller
will do a magic trick.
I have a deck of cards.
These are Tally Ho cards.
I learned the card trick
with these cards,
so I have to do it with these
cards because the exact texture
and the weight of them is right.
I’m doing a thing
called weighing the cards.
It’s a very difficult
juggling trick.
All you got to do, Jimmy,
is just cut those cards,
and make it hard for me.
Cut halfway,
or a little bit more.
Just cut them.
Make sure there’s no crimps,
I’m not trying
to get you to cut anywhere.
Cut wherever you want.
Put the top section on my hand
right there.
Cut about half,
a little bit more, yeah.
Put it right there in my hand.
-Okay, perfect.
-The next card —
Don’t look at it!
Don’t let Teller see it,
no one see it.
Slip it into your pocket
right there.
-Just slip it in your pocket.
-Okay. Now, I want you
to look in my eyes.
I’m not looking at the edges,
I’m not using my thumb
or nothing.
-I’m just telling —
Just like this.
-I’m looking at your eyes.
-I can tell you that there are
27 cards there.
Now, the challenge
is gonna go to you, Jimmy,
because you are now gonna
count to 27 right there,
face up,
and make it interesting.
Count right there.
[ Laughter ]
-One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10…
♪ 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 ♪
♪ 18, 19, 20, 21,
22, 23, 24, 25… ♪
26, 27 cards.
-Do not applaud!
Don’t applaud!
Do not applaud!
-Let them applaud!
-Don’t applaud.
Don’t applaud.
Remember in your heart
the awe you felt at seeing
that astonishing skill.
Just hold that right there.
[ Laughter ]
Okay, that’s the juggling.
-Now Teller is going to do
the magic, okay?
-Now, Teller is gonna take —
You just saw what I did,
all done with skill.
What I did
was very, very difficult,
which means it was done
with a lot of skill.
What Teller’s gonna do
is impossible,
which means it can only be done
by lying, cheating,
and swindling.
So watch.
He’s got a giant deck of cards.
I want you to watch this
right here.
Now, one card
is gonna rise out of here.
The rose Teller’s using…
-It’s doing nothing.
-More important than that,
Teller is doing nothing.
This is a trick you buy.
There’s no skill required.
But the 9 of hearts has risen
from the middle of the deck.
Now, Jimmy,
I want you to notice,
you saw that all these cards
were different.
I want you to see
that all these are different.
-I don’t need to point out
to you that Teller
didn’t come near this deck.
-Of course.
-You did not feel like you were
cutting any special place.
We didn’t set up anything,
tell you where to cut.
There was no crimp.
-That’s true.
-You pulled one card
out of the middle
of all these different cards,
put it in your pocket.
-That’s correct.
-Right now, Jimmy,
reach into your pocket,
pull out the card,
tell us what it is,
show it to the audience.
-Oh, my gosh.
It’s the 9 of hearts.
-Do not applaud!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Do not applaud!
Do not applaud.
-Let them applaud.
-But hold —
[ Laughter ]
Hold in your heart
what it felt like to be cheated.
[ Laughter ]
-You’re picking on them.
-Now we’re gonna vote.
And in this one case,
your vote does count.
-First, by applause.
-I got that.
-We’re gonna decide how many
of you liked the juggling.
When you applaud
for the juggling,
you’re not just
applauding for me.
You’re also applauding
for Jimmy’s counting
and the American work ethic…
[ Laughter ]
…that we all share,
except for Teller.
-Oh, wow.
-Who liked the juggling?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I’m sorry, buddy.
-And now,
when you applaud for the magic,
keep in mind, you’re not
just applauding for Teller,
but you’re also condoning,
indeed encouraging,
lying, cheating, swindling,
and stealing.
Who liked the magic?
[ Loud cheers and applause ]
And that —
-[ Laughing ]
-And that, Jimmy…
-…is why I quit juggling
and became a magician.
-That’s exactly right.
Penn & Teller, everybody!
[ Cheers and applause ]
“Penn & Teller: Fool Us”!

100 thoughts on “Penn & Teller Show Off a Lying, Cheating, Swindling Card Trick

  1. you ain't gotta know what card they picked- just the card next to the one they picked…

  2. Penn and Teller have a brilliant double misdirection built into their act. While Penn is clearly drawing the attention because he's big and loud, you start to think "I need to keep an eye on that shifty little bastard over there" and you just keep getting pulled back and forth and you can't focus on either one entirely.

  3. Its been quite a while not seeing them lol. I remember when I was a kid watching them do magic tricks. ☺

  4. I’m pretty sure that Penn is being the charlatan here, and Teller the juggler. Penn says that big card box is a trick you can buy in a store – and I’m sure you could buy one with a similar effect – but I think Teller is actually balancing that card so well that he makes it look like he’s using a mechanism.

  5. they both memorized the deck, penn "shuffled" the deck, penn snuck a peek of the bottom card, knew there was 27 in his hand, teller knew to rise the 28th card.

  6. lol you can hear the guy in the audience rat them out when they focus on tellers big cards when Penn switches the cards left on the table that Jimmy chose from at 4:26

  7. Wonderful act! Thanks!
    But the BIG "event" was Penn's new hairstyle!
    Absolutely looks great! It's a keeper! Appreciate it! Thanks!

  8. He knows the card from the moment he made him cut by flipping the deck the other side. He also tells Teller the card during the counting you can see teller looking briefly to a signal from pen every card until 9 when he sarts to take part in the ''act''. Not sure about how he selected the proper card from the deck without moving but I assume it would be when he rearrange the to of the deck. When he shuffles the deck he only puts down the top card on the rest : I assume that means he knows the order of the cards. and since he saw the card right on top of the 9, he knows wich one it is and so know how many cards are above.
    Good trick but the lapsus broke the magic 🙂

  9. Penn explained on his Podcast the reason Teller is sitting the entire time is he got injured on vacation and couldn't really walk or stand. He's better now.

  10. Penn and Teller are my favourite magicians. Not only are they great magicians but their showmanship is second to none. That's what makes them the greatest in my opinion.

  11. I’m a magician and this totally fooled me. This is is either one hell of a force or penn snuck a look at 2:55 and somehow that told him what he needed to know, I’m guessing with a memorized deck order

  12. Here how it's done: It's a prearranged deck. Penn uses a special shuffle – and he's sloppy about it, poor sleight of hand. Jimmy really does cut the deck and choose a card. Penn knows how many are in the stack because at 2:56 he glances at the bottom card. Then because the deck is prearranged, based on the number of cards in the stack, Teller knows which was the next card. His giant gimmick there can be calibrated to choose that card.

  13. isn't that the oldest trick in the book? the second thing always gets more applause (even if it's real)

  14. How the FUCK dis they do that???
    And Fallon's an imbecile ….
    PENN: "In this instance, your vote actually counts!"
    FALLON: "I got that!"
    DIDJA, William F. Buckley …?? lol
    What an ass ….

  15. How he knew there were 27 cards was good, but after that, it's all card counting. What's the 28th card in a fresh deck of cards?

  16. They're using a Nikola Stacked deck (, and presumably, the Heart cards have all been trimmed slightly so that no matter where Jimmy cuts, it will always be at a heart.

  17. Good trick, I suppose. It's all in the setup as usual. Not fooled but well done.

  18. Very surprised by this trick given that in the P&T show they suggest to people not to eliminate every possible methods i.e. he showed that there were no crimp and no force (much).

  19. Jimmy was uncomfortable with that. #Hollywood #pizza #clinton #emails #metoo and the audenence got owned. I'm a Russian gay bot frog.

  20. I fuckin love Penn and Teller!!! I love how penn says “I know what happened, but I’m not gonna tell you” great line

  21. Pens trick was trash he literally flipped the deck over to his other hand so he saw the top card

  22. The only reason I'd ever click a Jimmy Fallon video is for Penn & Teller.
    In the words of Happy Gilmore's ex girlfriend: "You're not any good."

  23. The cards are in a special order and Penn looks at the bottom card at 2:55. Once you know the bottom card, you know all about the picked card card, Teller also knows the number so he's ready to raise the correct card. Once Penn says there are 27 cards, the rest is trivial.

  24. Jimmy acted like putting the card in his pocket. Exactly then the audience was distracted by the "look at my hand." Jimmy kept his left hand in an awkward position to hide the card in his palm and then quickly switched the card to right hand before touching and putting it back on the deck. I saw through it as it happened

  25. Really? I just saw David Blaine and Dan White videos with Fallon and The Roots. Blew my mind. Compared to that this is just bullshit

  26. Remember in your heart… As well as showing the right number to Teller in some subtle or coded way, like maybe when he was going up and down with the cards in hand before revealing that there are 27 cards. The amount of times doing it coresponds with the number. F.e. 1 complete motion is 2, 2 motions is 3 etc etc 8 motions is 9. But its just a guess

  27. half, if not more, of Penn & Teller's brilliance is in the narrative of their tricks. The way the ideas are framed is just masterful.

  28. Fake cut, peak at card, raise and drop hand 8 times but teller knows to add one, " remember in your HEART the awe you felt….."

    Teller now knows 9 of hearts

    Rising card is simple….

    Teller didn't remember the order of the cards…too much for both to remember….Penn just gave discrete codes…

    Sorry for revealing your trick Penn and Teller…. but you two are too talented for that 5th grade magic trick

  29. Here's how it works, the cards are stacked and with some maths, you can work out how many cards you're holding (check out scam school) Penn looks at the card when you changes hands and can work out what Jimmy's card is. I've seen this trick twice now and Penns patter changes meaning he's using code to tell the person hidden in the chair what Jimmy's card is and the person in the chair gets the card stock to the weighted pulldown. Notice teller isn't just standing like he normally does and that chair is very big and can easily hide someone. Also, Teller isn't holding the cards the full time and they're out of view for most of the trick.

  30. I'll just add my thoughts for posterity (I didn't read all 800 of so precious comments, did you?). Penn is saying that good magic is BOTH skill and lying. Magicians are willing to do what most people are not for the trick.

    I would bet the real performance here is that, guessing there were 27 cards was the lie, and the guessing the right card was the skill – with both magicians having to do some crazy mental gymnastics in order to figure out the right card. Maybe by literally scanning the cards visually (what Penn was doing) and knowing which card was missing immediately.

  31. lol whoever did subtitles "Sony Playstation, Oculus, Vibe."

  32. The shuffle was fake in the first trick , so when he flips the deck at 2:55, he sees the card next to it and knows which card it was in sequential order. Teller probably just knows the deck back to front, so the card count was all he needed.

  33. 2:30 penn does a fake shuffles for a few cards. 2:57 while he places the cards on left hand he quickly checks what card is on top with a quick flip thats the juggling. Knows the number since it was a prearranged deck. 3:12 tells the person inside the chair to place the 28th card (the card jimmy picked) to be placed in that magic card box. So Teller really does nothing besides secretly pulling it out from the couch and showing it to the audiance.

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