Pescuit la pluta 2020 Crap 5.25 kg la Pluta la Bologneza de 5 metri.

5.25 kilos Carp on Float Fishing Come on…take it.. Like that. Perfect. This is a big carp. Hello. Today o`ve decided to do a Float Fishing for carp. I`m using my old rod, Baracuda Magic 500 I`m having it for many years. It`s my first bolognesse rod. I`ve caught nice fishes with this rod. And i`m hoping to do the same thing today At some point i thought that i`ve lost this rod. But i`ve found it in the end. Under a couch. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today i will use maggots. and worms. I will bait the area once at 15 minutes with some maggots. My float it will be arround 7..8 meters far from shore. There it is. somwhere there is my float.. I`m hoping to catch something during the day. The sun is up on the sky, nice. Like i`ve said, i`m using worms on my hook. Soon i will change my line, because is too heavy the one that i`m having now. Here, the water is 1.5 meters deep. I`m throwing some maggots from 15 min to 15 minutes. This is my plan for today. I`m ending here this day.. I didn`t catched anything.. I didn`t had any bait. Even i i`ve tried in many places. Maybe on method feeder i would have more succes. Now the water is still very cold. So is not a surprise that i didn`had any bait today. This is it. Tomorrow i will try again. Now is cold. but tomorrow maybe it will rain. So…see you in the morning. Good Morning. In this morning i will try to catch something on float. for 2..3 hours. I will try to catch my 2020 first carp on float fishing.. on my Bolognesse rod. I hope i will be lucky today. Yes.. this looks like a big carp bite. Yes. Come on. Take that bait for good. Good.. This is a big carp.. And he is gone…you can see on the tip of my rod You can hear my reel. My first take on float fishing.. Yes. He`s not fighting hard, but is moving slow like big fish do. The little ones are moving faster. Yes. Is a really nice fish. My main line is very thin. And this fish looks like a 5..6 kilos fish. Yes. Is a really nice fish. good. My first float fishing fish on 2020. And he is really big.. Lets see. Yes…is a good one. I will weight him. I will put him in water until i will bring the scale Here is the carp. I will weight the landing mat. My landing net weight is 3 kilos. Now i will put the fish. What a beauty! Yesterday i didn`t had any bait and today after just a few minutes, this one camed. Lets see. So the scale shows… 8.245 kilos. So the fish is 5 kilos. Is good. After yesterday i didnt had any bite.. in this mrning, this beauty camed. His weight is 5 kilos. I will make some pictures and i will let him go. The releasing time.. So, my old Baracuda Mgic 500 rod made his job. He didnt fight too hard, but it doesnt mather. The water is stil cold. A beauty. And he is gone. So, the bolognesse rod it was lucky. Even if is early in the day is not even 9 o clock. i must go home, unfortunately. But its kay, next week i`m coming again. Is a good thing and lucky thing that i`ve caught such a big carp on bolognesse rod. So from now on i will bring my bolognesse rod more often. If you liked my video, please subscribe to my channel and click the bell. And see you soon. Thank you. Take care.

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