Pinball FX2 – Gaurdians of the Galaxy – Skillshot

(Narrator): Hello Internet! Today we have a short one for anyone
who’s been having trouble getting the trick shot on the Gaurdians of the Galaxy
table for Pinball FX2. But first a quick shout out to the start
of this table. Its amazing! The first thing that happens on this table is a wild
4-ball multi-ball. Its an exciting way to start a round of pinball and quite a
surprise on your first go. OK! On to the skillshot. Simply line up the crosshairs and hit
launch just as its over the target. This will result in a slow shot that will
come back down the right side of the screen. Next, hit the right flipper
button a little late, just as the ball is near the end of that flipper.
This should take you up the ramp across from the flipper and blamo!
Half a million points! Stay tuned for more gaming tips and tricks
and please, share and subscribe! Subtitles by the community

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