Pokemon Trading Card Game GB Walkthrough Part 23: Security Guard

Missed opportunity here pointed out by colton ellis ( Link to his channel in the cards and video description ). I had Computer Search and enough cards to discard to save the fire energy I had to get a Pluspower and win right here (unless one happened to not be in my deck, but I doubt it). My bad! Thanks for telling me!

6 thoughts on “Pokemon Trading Card Game GB Walkthrough Part 23: Security Guard

  1. 70 HP is actually pretty good for a basic. I can only think of 3 (usable) basics with higher HP; Chansey (120) and Kangaskhan and Snorlax (90). I know there's others with higher but most them are borderline

  2. Thanks PKGam, I was drinking water and your snarling in the beginning made me lol so hard water came out of my nose xD

  3. Hey pkgam what is your favorite type of Pokemon deck. Mines is rain dance deck

  4. Lol don't you just feel stupid later on when you realize you could've won earlier? (not meant as an insult) Guess it didn't matter much tho haha.
    Your barking intro was pretty funny
    You were a dog and a chicken in one part haha.

    I like moltres (its fire type so of course haha) but that moltress card sucks. 4 fire energy for an 80 power attack that may or may not hit.

  5. I honestly think you haven't been using your Computer Search very well. It's a very powerful card, but because it's so powerful you seem to not want to use it because you're afraid it might be a waste. But if you don't use it at all, it's even more of a waste 😉

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