Poker Clients (Password Recovery)

Let’s start with Pokerstars Log in as usual start WinHex … and select the process called “Pokerstars” highlight “Primary Memory” and click OK Let WinHex search for “SID.PPWD” Ingnore the first hit and press F3 A few bytes after the second hit, you will find the username and password. At Titan Poker we first take a look into the registry We need to find the nickname and the username Start the Titan Poker client and log in Start WinHex Open the memory space of the process “Casino” Search for username+17-placeholders+nickname Tadaa, a few bytes below you will see the password Let us move on to Pacific Poler aka 888 Same procedure … but this time we scan the memory for a HEX value. And again, the password is stored in plain text. What about Everest Poker? (please be patient) At Everest Poker we scan for “&password=” … and find the login data What about Betfair? Enter the login data, but do not press “OK” at this point. Scan the memory for the password you know Now press “OK” on the poker client Do a refresh in WinHex. The password got truncated directly after the login. Party on! Scan Party Poker’s client memory for “passwd” value=and find the password without any trouble. And finally Full Tilt Poker Here we also scan for a HEX value … and find the password again. Thanks for watching Special greetings to Hekatoncheiren Thanks to PokerOlymp for publishing!

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