Poker Night In America | Season 2, Episode 10 | Cincinnati Kid, by Way of Pittsburgh

From Turning Stone resort, from
upstate New York, this is Poker
Night in America. [MUSIC] Welcome to Poker Night in
America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. For this episode we head back to
the VIP Lounge at Turning Stone
Resort in Verona, New York. Or as we like to call it the
cool kids club. Let, let’s ah, let’s get
tableside. See who’s cool enough to be
invited to the party.>>To me, Jesse claimed he was
not cool. But I mean.
>>When did I claim I was not
cool?>>Compared to his family, he
>>Compared to your family.>>My family’s just really,
really cool.
I’m like pretty cool.>>But I think, Jes, but
to me, Jesse’s pretty cool cat.>>What the hell do your family
do?>>Everyone bought in from
between $5000 to $20,000 and so
far, the biggest winners are Phil
Hellmuth and Shaun Deeb. As we continue day one here at
Turning Stone. My mom and my sister have a
store where they make fashions.>>Make fashion.
>>Just make fashion.>>Yeah, you sound real cool
saying that word.
[LAUGH]>>Well, sorry.
They make their own designs.
>>So they’re designers?>>They have this store and
people come check it out and
they buy stuff.>>Wow.
>>My Dad is an engineer on a research vessel, so he
like, travels the world.>>Researching what?>>They do, like, I think they
monitor all kinds of stuff. Like, underwater
tectonic plate movement and, and
like, everything. They leave buoys out around the
world and stuff. They actually, he worked
on the boat that found the
Titanic. But.
>>Wow.>>Was he on it when they found
it, or?>>I don’t think so.
>>Oh, okay.>>It was more like a publicity
thing, it’s like you get
fundraising.>>I don’t know his dad can
be old. [LAUGH]
>>It’s possible.>>So pretty much Jesse is very
Isn’t he?>>I think Jesse’s awesome.>>Yeah, everybody thinks
Jesse’s cool, so I don’t know. Your family must be pretty cool.>>Family’s pretty cool, man.
>>Even if you’re not.>Where do you live, by the way,
Jesse?>>Ah, Las Vegas now.
>>Where did you, where’s your
family from then?>>Martha’s Vineyard.>>He needed to take a boat.>>Martha’s Vineyard, heh.
>>A plane and a train.>>Not your usual table talk
going on here, I think I heard tectonic plates
brought up for the first time ever on Poker
Night in America.>>That’s true except for the
train. More of like a bus. I could have taken the train
It was something. I remember when you said in some
interview I was like, oh, that is a lot of different modes
of transport.
>>Yeah.>>I’m hoping to ah.
>>$900>>Just bink off a couple of big
tournaments and then I’ll just
take a plane. That will be it.
>>From then on. Yeah you guys are all invited to
come down and visit sometime,
seriously. You might have to bring
Igor though.>>I know.
>>We like Igor.
[LAUGH]>>He’s cooler than me. Yes well, I don’t know.
>>No it’s true.>>You guys both have pretty
high cool factors but.>>Deeb calls Hellmuth’s
raise.>>He definitely raises my, my
value.>>Oh my God.
>>He’s got.>>Excuse me, Liv, but you’re
much cooler than Igor.>>You don’t know my Igor yet.
>>That’s true.
>>Give him a chance.>>But I know you.>>1400 from Hellmuth and
a call from Deeb.>>Check.>>Hellmuth checks.>>I check.
>>Ace, 10.>>No good.
>>Ace Jack?
>>Way better.>>Nitty check?>>I dunno what I’m suppose
to do.>>And the two players who have
made the most money thus far at our cash game tonight,
getting involved with the pot. Shaun Deeb will come out the
victor over Phil Helmeath. Shaun Deeb deciding to check on
the river. Even if he bets, the only way he
gets calls is if he’s probably
beat. So we just decided to check and scoop over a 5,000 dollar pot to
get our night started here. Shawn Deeb with a 100 dollar
straddle and Jesse Sylvia raises to 350 with
ace five of diamonds.>>By the time this airs, the
Main event will be over. It’s coming up quick, isn’t it,
November nine, wow.>>You gotta make an appearance
there. It was like the interview that
with Phil Hellmuth.>>And Ace Queen again.
>>Every year, every year I
don’t go, I regret it.>>For Deeb
>>Like, you know.
I should have been there. I didn’t want to go in 2011 when
Bemba, you know. And I didn’t wanna go the year
that Merson had to finished
first. I didn’t wanna be in the crowd
and have the cameras keep coming
at me, hey if Greg Merson finishes one
more place, Phil gets Player of
the Year. He had to win first place to
knock me off Player of the Year
that year. That’s.
>>That’s insane.
>>I mean come on, really. That was tilting.>>Playing the guy who came
second.>>Should try this thing that I
read this book called 21 Days
Complaint Free. And you.
>>He can’t do it..>>No it’s good for everyone to
try actually. And it’s, you have a bracelet.
>>Can I give it to my wife?>>Can give it to everyone,
yourself included. You have a bracelet, and every
time you catch yourself either
complaining, saying something.
>>Being grumpy, curmudgeonly,
whatever.>>Something, something of
a completely negative
commentation. So I mean obviously you’re
making like, a joke which you
know that there isn’t, like, the negative intention
behind it, that’s okay. If you think something, you
know, someone needs to improve
something, you can give someone.>>Right.
>>Constructive criticism, but
yeah. And the goal is to go 21 days
with the bracelet on the same
wrist. So, I, you know, cuz every time
you do it, you switch it over. And it is so hard. I think the
average time for someone to get it done is nine
months. Something like that.>>Nine months, wow.
>>Yeah.>>When I was like 25, I used to
practice doing exactly that. No, no gossiping about anybody. No negativity. But then we’d have three months
where we didn’t play
tournaments, so I then couldn’t whine about
taking bad beats. I could make it pretty long.>>How long has yours been on?
>>When I remember to switch it over, then it’s getting
switched over, I dunno, six,
seven times a day?>>[LAUGH] Yeah?
>>Easy. Yeah. You’d, you’d be surprised. But, the good, the good thing is
then getting to that level where
at least you start noticing that you’re
complaining. Most people go around life just
complaining, saying negative things without
realizing it at all. That’s something infrequent.
>>What’s the name of the book? Complaint Free World.>>I’d like to read it.
>>Yeah, it’s.>>2025 to bet from Sylvia.>>I, I have a problem with
that.>>Yeah, no, I mean, you’re not
alone.>>I complain over
little things too.>>I know, apparently the goal
is, it completely retrains your
brain. After that length of time, you, you just start thinking in
a much more positive way. It’s like, you know, you get a
parking ticket. You know, until you get to a
stage where you’re completely
okay with talking about it without feeling any negative
emotion you can’t tell anyone
about it. Things like that.>>I’m really good at that stuff
like if the limo doesn’t show up
or whatever or, I will just like,
I’ll deal with it well. Yeah, whatever, I’ll just take a
taxi or when, when a flight’s
cancelled. Be like all right, I just wasn’t
meant to be on it.>>I know I should shove here. I”m just gonna fold for
something just so terrible.>>Wow, and that is why these
players are some of the best in
the world. Shaun Deeb, great lay down. Although there are plenty of
hands that had him beat in that
situation.>>So, what’d you have?>>Had you beat.>>You sure?
>>Yeah>>I had a really good hand.>>We’ve got more poker and maybe more life coaching for Liv
Boeree after the break.>>I think a shove works though,
right? If you folded, I had you beat. Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by Where the world plays online.>>We’re right on the precipice,
Phil. We’re very close to corn hole,
making a lot of money for a lot
of people.>>You been studying the corn
hole?>>Yeah, I’m gonna get better.>>What is corn hole?>>The game we’re playing, the
beanbag.>>It’s a version of O.F., oh,
the beanbag game.>>What O. F.
How are you on open face? [CROSSTALK]
[LAUGHING]>>I didn’t know I thought it
was some kind of beanie bag,
was the name of it.>>For seat assignments at
Turning Stone tonight we brought out the 888 corn hole or beanie
bag toss as Phil Hellmuth likes
to call it.>>What is this?>>This way I can get it in the
hole.>>Looks like you’re Wii
Bowling. [LAUGH] >>I had the, I watched seven
people do it, I learned all the
techniques. Yes, large, arc, yes, control,
yes, just flatten it down there. Terrible. What’s the most money you’ve
ever won doing something dumb like throwing bean bags?>>I really haven’t made that
many giant prop bets but I still think my favorite one,
and Liv was there for it, see if
she remembers which. What is my favorite prop bet?>>Ahhh. Give me a hint.>>Oh sorry. I’m trying to think of a hint
without giving it away. We got kicked out after the bet
was done.>>No I don’t remember.
>>Maybe you weren’t even here
for that.>>How many times were you guys
kicked out?>>Were you in New Orleans? For the Binger bet?>>Oh yes, yes.
[LAUGH]>>That one was a.
>>That was so good.>>Tell us.>>Ah yeah wait till this
hands over it.
>>Is, this is, yeah.>>Deeb’s got a pair of 8s
and he bets 550. The initial raiser in this hand
was Phil Laak pre-flop. Back to Boeree, who has top
pair. She calls. Laak folds. A check from Boeree, so action
now on Deeb. Boeree calls. She’s not buying
what Deeb is selling on
the turn. The river’s a six. We got one check and we have two
>>Jack what?>>Queen.>>Alright tell us a story
Shaun.>>So yeah, so we’re like Pat
O’Briens I think is what it was
called, like an outdoor patio. I show up and like, Michael
Binger is just wasted. It’s like him, Will the Thrill,
Allie Prescott, a few other people, they’re all
discussing a bet. The bet is, he has 45 seconds to
go from like a back table. Run 30 feet, scale to a roof,
run across a roof and get to a
>>And touch a chimney in 45
seconds.>>Up on the building.>>45 seconds is longer than
people think, like.>>Yeah.
>>Was it 45? I thought it was
25.>>No, it was.
>>Cuz the whole point
was it was so absurd.>>Oh, was it 25 then.
>>Yeah. This is thing it’s a slight
lead.>>Forty-five seems easy.>>Only if you can add
something, he cleared it in 45.>>No it got to like 50 seconds
and it was like how am I doing? As he was still like just about
getting onto to the roof.
[LAUGH]>>You might usse that against
me.>>Just figured that out right
here?>>It’s only because Laak’s, oh
it’s Laak’s flat that I have to
respect. He called every other 3 bet I
made.>>Yeah, I did.
I had six high.>>If Shaun has aces he raises
it like 500 or 600 or something.>>I like how Shaun responds
okay.>>Surprised Phil Laak gave up
the button there. But he folds and that’s Deeb’s
opportunity to pounce. Raises with queen jack. Patent folds. Over to Jesse Sylvia with jack,
eight of diamonds.>>How much you playing now?>>Sylvia makes a move of his
own, raising to 1025.>>It’s a new Shaun Deeb has
arrived. This is the kind of stuff that
happened to me when I was your
age, Shaun. Just start playing every hand,
go on tilt [LAUGH] for an hour. Exactly what used to happen to
me.>>And this is a great flop. Sylvia flops two pair. Deeb flops top pair. I guarantee you, right now, both
players believe they are ahead. 1,225 the bet from Sylvia. And here comes Deeb with a raise
to $2,825, back to Sylvia. And it looks like we got another
pop coming from Sylvia. Raises to 4,725.>>What do you have behind
exactly?>>Like 83.>>All in.>>Deeb shoves.
And Sylvia will call. So this small blind versus
straddle battle has turned into
our biggest pot of the night.
A $28,000 pot.>>Are we just running it?
>>Yeah.>>And the turn is a king. River is a nine and it’s gonna
go to go to Jesse Sylvia.>>I don’t know if I’m trying to
get it my 10K back from you or
trying to get it from Jesse.>>Got to get it from Jesse.
>>Because I see it there.>>He 3 bet with Jack, eight
this hand, right?>>More of our high stakes cash
game when we come back in Poker
Night in America.>>Jesse, he’s got card rapport,
he knows the flops gonna come
powerful, boom. Closed captioning is brought
to you as a public service by
Poker Night in America.>>Thanks for coming back to
Poker Night in America, let’s
get back to the felt.>>Did you think you had fold
equity if you had queens or
kings in?>>No, I was not trying to get
him off those hands.>>I was like he’s go silly
hands like Jack eight suited.>>I’ll try to get them off
anything, if he has me beat he
has me beat. Getting it in.>>Action’s fulled around Jesse
Sylvia, look at that, just
doubles up and now he’s got aces. Looks like Hellmuth is gonna
play, he’s got seven five of
clubs with the re-raise. Andrews folds. As does Boeree. And it’s pocket Kings for Cindy
Kerslake. Professional player out of
Canada, making her Poker Night
in America debut. Kerslake finding herself in
an un-enviable position here, because she’s got Kings and
she’s moving all-in. Action now back to Sylvia. Guessing Sylvia’s just gonna
call cuz he doesn’t want to
scare away Phil Hellmuth. Indeed, Sylvia calls, but Phil
is gonna fold seven, five.>>I knew it when he called.>>It’s the worst feeling in
poker when you’ve got kings and somebody else rolls over two
aces. And then that happens on the
flop where the case ace comes
out, and because we know that one king
had already been folded,
Kerslake is drawing dead, and Jesse Sylvia drawing hot as an
iron here at this table.>>See you.
>>Nice to meet you.
>>Yeah, nice to meet you.>>Bye.
>>See ya later on.
>>See ya later.>>Adding another 5,500 to his
stack.>>I am tilted, you better get
me now cause I, I’m gonna be defending every
blind for awhile here boys.>>Cherish Andrews is first to
act.>>I am on tilt. Suppose to charge me more than
that, Cherish. Once I announce I’m gonna start
defending, why not make it two
or 300?>>That’s true.>>I have all these great reads
and I have to start using them
against my opponents now. I’m gonna have a lot more fun
the next four hours.>>Hellmuth is defending that
blind. And flops two pair. Andrews has a nut flush draw.>>Seventeen.>>Well, now that’s a raise. How much?>>How much do I have left? 5,800, I think. Or am I wrong?>>All in. I love it. No lack of action here tonight
on Poker Night in America. Andrews shoves with her draw and
Phil calls.>>I have a bad feeling about
this one.>>The turn is a king. No spade for Cherish.
She needs it on the river. She doesn’t find it and Phil
Hellmuth announced he was going
on tilt and, I guess, if you’re Phil
Hellmuth, this is how you tilt. Well, with that win, Hellmuth
now has a profit of $8,600 thus
far at the table but the story really is Jesse
Sylvia. When on just an absolute
crushing tear he’s now up almost
24,000 and say goodbye to Cindy Kerslake
who’s not rebuying into the
game. When we come back, it’s Poker
Night at the Movies where our
panel of film and poker experts will review a
scene from the 1965 film. The Cincinnati Kid. Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by Where the world plays online. Welcome back to Poker Night in
America. Legendary movie star, Steve
McQueen, plays a young,
depression-era poker player known as the Kid in the
1965 classic film, The
Cincinnati Kid. Critics at the time compared the
movie to Paul Newman’s The
Hustler, but with pool cues traded in for
playing cards. We’ll leave which one is better
for others to decide. Because what we care about is
the poker. For tonight’s scene our panel of
experts critics how well
Hollywood brings to life the crazier days
of open stakes five card stud. This is Poker Night at the
Movies. [MUSIC]>>I absolutely love this movie. I always thought it was one of
the most realistic depictions of those all night poker games. Where people are sleeping on
the sofa, so the tawdry glamour the girls standing around their
evening gowns and they’d really rather be anywhere
else than watching their men
play poker.>>Ha.
>>I loved that Carl Malden
took all the time to learn how to
shuffle, obviously he spent time at poker games, he did
the little the shuffle, he said the no string bets,
which you never ever ever ever
hear in movies.>>He’s taking out the jokers
out of the deck.
>>He’s doing the [SOUND]>>I mean he was, that was
really tight.>>Yeah and I, I just think, I,
I absolutely. I love this movie and I thought,
I thought, I think it’s
fantastic. I’d give it a full house for
poker veracity. Just saying that home games,
sometimes anything goes. Sometimes you can, you know, put
more stuff on the table. This was the 60s, you know?>>Yeah.
>>And I would say in terms of acting I would give it. Quad queens.
>>Wow.>>I would agree with Jennifer
you know, the poker I think we can excuse
it a little bit because of what
it is. As a movie it’s definitely, it’s
quads, it’s great and there’s so much happening in that scene. That scene is actually
establishing what’s gonna happen
later on there. Edward G Robinson is playing the
man, and we see that Steve
McQueen’s fearless and spoiler alert, since the movie
came out 50 years ago. That’s what’s gonna be his
>>Setting the tone of actual, the aura that you kind of
develop as you keep going to
gambling halls or local ones, whatever, that. Kinda resonates the most fairly
and honestly out of all the
poker movies, because it’s a grind and there’s
a lot of folding, it’s boring
and whatever that.>>You can tell the girls, they
were little wilted and their
shoes hurt and they’re like how much longer do
I have to stand here pretending
like I’m interested.>>But they were going to hang
out there, this is what they
were going to do for the night.>>That’s a great point though.
Cause you can almost see like the backstory, like I didn’t
know my life was going to be
watching a poker game.>>I’m all dressed up.>>And they got suits on.
>>I mean really, when are we
going out?>>I thought we were gong to the
stork club.>>When are we going to
someplace, yeah.
[LAUGH]>>Or something called Shay
>>So we got, so we got quad queens I think for the, Richard
what do you think?
>>Yes. I think, yeah, I’d say quad tens
it’s right there. Yeah that is great, great,
great.>>And I’m going to go preflop
again, I’m going to go jacks just cause
I like queens, I like the queen
hand better.>>So there you go.
That’s Cincinnati kid with our
panel here. I, I, think we, we, liked it.>>Yeah.>>For more from Poker Night
in America. Log on to or find
us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, where you
can see complete episodes and unedited live streams. Also be sure to check out our
online store for Poker Night shirts, hats,
hoodies, and more. For everyone here at Poker Night
in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night is brought to you by
888 Poker. Where the world plays online or
as we like to call it, the cool
kids club. [MUSIC] Let’s see, that was dumb. The cool kids club. The cool kids club. Let’s get table side and see
who’s. And I just broke your
sunglasses. I’m sorry. Okay, I think I fixed it. Nevermind. These [BLEEP] girls pickin’ ’em
up and throwin’ them around. Let’s get table side and see
who’s invited to the party.>>Are you crying?>>Well, I’ve been [BLEEP] with
my eyes!

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