Poker Night In America | Season 2, Episode 12 | Straights and Stripes

From Turning Stone Resort in
upstate New York, this is Poker
Night in America.
Welcome to Poker Night in
I’m your host, Chris Hanson.
Tonight we are back in the VIP
room at Turning Stone Resort in
New York, where the final six
players in the Empire State
Hold’em Championships
played it down to one winner.
We’ll show you the results later
but first we’ll kick off the
episode with the All Star Cash
We have collected some of the
best poker players in the world
for this series, and
so far they haven’t not failed
to disappoint us.
I think that makes sense.
Anyway, let’s check the progress
as we round the corner on day
of the cash game that everyone
wishes they could be playing in.
Here’s what everyone is starting
day two with.
The big stacks will start out
being Igor Kurganov and
Antonio Esfandiari buying in for
the maximum of 20k.
And Phil Hellmuth micro buying
at just 5,000.
Brand new cast of characters for
day two here at Turning Stone.
Jake Balsiger gonna get us
started tonight with Ace 9.
Raises to 300.
Antonio Esfandiari making his
Poker Night in America debut
will call from the button
with eights.
>>I’m gonna call blind.
>>That is allowed.
>>Good luck Jen.
>>I like to defend my straddle.
But, when I look at my cards I
can’t do it cause I get too
>>Flop is Jack high.
>>I bet 500.
>>Tilly betting, blind bets
>>I like to burn money in the
parking lot.
[LAUGH] Antonio’s like how can I
exploit this situation?
>>I’m so steamed up.
Why in the world didn’t I raise
before the flop here.
>>I don’t know, why do you not?
>>So sick.
>>Now what’s going on?
>>I had a bad feeling about
>>I always have a bad feeling
about Antonio.
Welcome to the club.
>>I can’t believe it.
>>Well, now I’m out of
position, with Antonio head up,
betting blind,
with probably a substandard
This is not a good situation.
I’m gonna check.
>>And Tilly still hasn’t looked
at her cards.
>>Now it’s time to look at my
>>Okay, here we go.
>>I think I’m gonna be
pleasantly surprised.
>>And she has 4-5.
So she’s got a pair of fives and
a draw.
$1050 was the bet from
Esfandiari, and now a raise to
From Tilly.
>>Richard, you live in Chicago?
>>I’m doing a huge charity
event there,
if you’d like to come play I’ll
get you a free seat.
>>Oh yeah, absolutely.
>>It’s all the billionaires in
We raised 1.2 million in one
night for Teaching Tolerance
It’s November 5th.
>>Novem, okay yeah.
>>And we have a private cash
game the night before.
But at this really hard to I
don’t know if I have enough
seats but for
you I’ll see if I can get you
>>Yeah thanks great.
>>For you we’re gonna pull some
To get a donkey in we’re gonna
pull some strings.
That’s what he’s saying.
>>I didn’t even have to read
between the lines I read the
>>That’s actually completely
not true.
Bad read.
That game does not need any
more action.
>>Not enough.
>>6K is the bet.
>>That’s the biggest pot of
the night, right here.
>>What do you have Jennifer,
>>And Antonio trying to figure
it out here.
>>Huh Jennifer Tilly.
>>These two played together
quite a bit.
And Tilly is trying to play it
as cool as she can.
Antonio has the oranges in his
hand and he does call.
>>Three fives.
>>And Antonio is going to ship
a big pot to Jennifer Tilly who
played most of this hand blind.
>>I play better when I don’t
look at my cards.
>>I played this hand bad.
I had ace queen.
Well, the problem is, I’ve had
ace queen.
>>And we get started with a
pot tonight here at Turning
Stone on day two of our cash
You know, Jennifer, maybe I
should employ that tactic, play
most of my hands blind.
I don’t think there’s be much of
a difference.
>>I think I saw him write down
the seven on the corner.
>>Got a raise from Tilly with
King Three of Diamonds.
Travell Thomas limped in with
>>Can you guys do the Notebook?
>>Or was it something else?
>>Yeah we can do the Notebook.
>>That’s, that’s Antonio’s
favorite movie.
>>Let’s not say that on
>>They can edit it out.
>>But it was a damn good movie.
>>I played poker with
Cassavetes who directed it.
He directs better than he plays
poker. He’s be the first to
admit that.
>>That was the greatest love
story of all time.
>>You saw him you would not
picture him as the guy that
the Notebook right?
>>I know he’s like all tattoos
he’s got neck tattoos I think he
has a little.
I don’t know if I can say it.
Oh, we’re on live stream.
He has a little [BLEEP] tattooed
on his knuckles.
But he’s a, he’s, he’s got a
heart of gold.
I mean, he loves his kids and
three players.
Me, and Antonio, and the
>>One player and two other
>>Are you the player?
>>I’m the player.
>>I’ve got ten behind guys.
>>You’ve got ten behind?
>>That’s good.
>>And Travell Thomas has
flopped a set of deuces.
>>I forgot what I had.
>>Let’s do the follow up bet.
You gonna follow up bet if I
>>I’m not sure. That would.
>>If not, if not, I’m gonna
bet if you ain’t following up
>>I’ll check.
>>Let’s see the turn card.
>>And quads come on the turn
for Travell.
Antonio will open the betting
here on the turn with 600.
>>It’s on you, Jennifer.
>>He’s got cards.
>>It’s on you.
>>Okay, you goaded me into a
I was gonna fold, but now call
Then you bet me I’m going to
raise you.
No matter how much you bet.
I was gonna fold, I swear.
>>Ah, the gamesmanship.
>>I’m gonna fold, go get em.
>>You can’t punk the T-Mister
on TV.
>>Fold, yeah.
Don’t punk the T-MIster on TV.
There are-
>>If you check I’m betting.
>>Three rules of fight club.
And one of them is do not punk
with T-Mister.
>>I’m not gonna let him punk
the T-Mister, I hope he checks.
So I can bet 15.
>>River’s a Queen, so
Esfandiari has nothing.
Let’s see if he bets here on the
If you call you lose.
If you fold you lose.
>>1,100 from Esfandiari turns
into 3,000 from Thomas.
>>If you go all in you win.
>>What happens if I go all in?
>>You win.
Cause then you would do it,
then I have to fold.
>>Really pushing the boundaries
of acceptability here is Travell
Thomas, but
it does make for some good TV
and Antonio’s gonna fold.
>>I missed a golden
>>He’s two for two with that
>>The Mister.
>>The Mister had a monster
>>The Mister did indeed have a
monster there and the Mister
also had a monster
run in the empire state hold’em
championships, did he take down
the title?
Find out when we come back.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
>>Not only are invite only cash
game going on this week at
Turning Stone, but
also the Empire State Hold’em
>>They’re killing me.
>>Almost 500 players in with
the $1,100 buy-in, we had a
prize pool,
of 292,000 into this multi-day
A lot of our cash game invitees
also playing in the event while
they are here
including Jennifer Tilly and
Antonio Esandiari.
Travell Thomas did very well.
We’ll get to that in a moment.
And here is what all the players
had their sights on who made our
First place going $115,000.
The first eliminated from our
final table walks away with just
over 19 thousand.
So let’s meet the final six for
the Empire State Hold’em
one of the most entertaining
characters we’ve seen at our
Poker Night table is
Travell Thomas, and he is at
this final table with 1.3
million in chips.
But our chip leader right now,
Orson Young, with over six
million in chips.
>>I’m all in.
>>All in.
>>I call.
>>And our first all in of the
night was with Cindy Kerslake.
The Canadian pro got it all in
with deuces versus fives from
Orson Young.
Oh my god.
And the quad five’s obviously
enough to eliminate Cindy and so
Cindy Kerslake heading back to
Canada with 19,000.
With the exchange rate though
that’s about 25,000 Canadian.
>>Our next elimination comes
with Peter Beshay.
When again it was Orson Young
clobbering the flop.
Quad fives flopped versus
Kerslake two pair flopped here
against Beshay.
And that was gonna do it for
Peter Beshay with a win of just
over 24,000.
>>All in.
>>I have Aces.
>>You got Aces?
>>Oh, oh.
>>Four handed pocket Jacks are
a premium hand when you’re
going up against two Aces.
>>Jack of Diamond.
The T-Mister should hold up with
that kind of hand.
>>Things are very difficult.
>>Jack in the window
>>For Travell Thomas.
>>How did he really have aces.
Cancel the Fiji.
>>And Travell Thomas,
does not hit the river, and the
poker player from Buffalo, New
York, goes home with just under
But more money to play with
at our cash game.
>>And again, it was Orson Young
who eliminated sixth, fifth and
fourth places and as you can see
has over seven million in chips
in front of him.
Now let’s get to the action
three handed.
>>Never had a button you could
raise on.
>>Orson Young on the button
raising with queen three.
>>All in.
>>Klajdi Lika all in.
>>A call from Forbes with his
>>And somebody other than Orson
Young’s gonna try to eliminate a
player here.
>>Forbes’ pocket nines are
still ahead.
The turn is a 5, and so now
Lika down to a 10 or an ace to
stay alive.
And an ace comes on the river,
and so with that pot, Lika now
is almost at 4 million.
And that pot will take a big
bite out of Robert Forbes stack.
Forbes is on the button and
first to act here as we conclude
the Empire State Poker
Championship at Turning Stone.
Again an $1100 buy in.
And these players gunning for
over a $115,000 for first place.
360K the bet from Forbes with
Jack ten.
And Lika is going to call,
suited Ace 7 three handed,
So these two players gonna
tangle it up again, the flop is
10 high but
both players make a pair Forbes
top pair.
Lika with middle pair.
600,000 from Forbes.
Lika calls.
Oh, wow.
A terrible turn for Forbes.
It’s another seven and Lika
Forbes shoves all in and a very
quick call from Lika.
>>Trip Sevens.
>>Just a ten will do it.
>>And we are one card away from
being heads up.
River is an ace and that will
do it for Robert Forbes,
shipping all of his chips in the
last two hands over to Klajdi
Once we get heads up not a lot
of big pots being played but a
majority of them.
We’re going the way of Klajdi
And with that chip lead,
Klajdi Lika continued to apply
the pressure to Orson Young
until we get to this point where
Klajdi Lika has over a three to
one chip lead.
Lika raised with king, queen and
then a re-raise from Orson Young
with jacks.
And they got all the chips in
the middle on the flop with
Lika being ahead with a pair of
And with two cards to come,
Orson Young could not find
another jack.
Congratulations, Klajdi Lika,
your Empire State Poker
and winner of over $115,000.
And Travell Thomas has himself a
$29,000 payday.
And when we come back,
we’ll go back to the cash game
and Travell will have some of
that money in play.
>>Wow. He just keeps coming
over the top of you, like you
weren’t even there Antonio.
>>Closed Captioning is brought
to you as public service by
Poker Night in America.
Welcome back to Poker Night in
Thus far it’s how much money can
we spread of Antonio
Esfandiari’s around the table.
He’s run into quads already
tonight as we return.
To Poker Night in America here
at Turning Stone.
>>Let’s get back to business.
>>You want to do it 24.
>>24, you go first.
>>What are you doing?
>>No, I would lose.
I would instant lose, if I go
You know how much 24 more push
ups is?
>>I understand, but you know
how buff you are?
>>Most of the people at the
table can’t do 24 pushups.
>>Uh oh, wait a minute now.
And if you wanting to find me at
a gym, I better get 15,
I would better get a 15 bet out
of you.
>>Let’s play seven deuce guys.
>>Wow, he just keeps coming
over the top of you, like,
you weren’t even there Antonio.
>>The T-Mister is just
smashing you.
>>Yeah, he smashing.
>>That’s a good idea.
I’m in.
>>I’m up for it.
>>Seven-deuce, yeah.
>>Yeah, let’s play seven-deuce,
Game is, this game is dead.
>>For how much? Like?
>>100’s good.
>>100’s good, I think, right?
>>Cuz then you get an extra
1,000, and if you.
>>Yeah, that’s, that’s enough.
>>It’s a good incentive,
>>I might check the flop
and let you bluff the turn.
>>Everybody in?
>>Here comes the flop with
Antonio and Thomas.
>>I told you I was doing.
>>They both hit their King.
>>Kurganov throw 50.
>>Turn is a queen, Thomas now
with two pair.
>>He did it, he went for it.
>>Thousand more for Esfandiari.
>>I bet it’s,
I better be easy on the river.
>>All right, Antonio’s first,
he checks.
>>I’m such a wussy, check.
>>Who shows first?
>>I got you, I won’t even make
you show.
Go ahead.
>>You are such a wussie.
>>It’s a good check by
the way.
I was check shoving your ass.
>>I thought you was gonna do
something sneaky so I say
>>I mean you could have won
another 8,000 but.
>>You’re up.
>>Well you can safe to say
things aren’t
exactly going Antonio
Esfandiari’s way.
He’s now 0 for three tonight on
Poker Night America.
Poker Night in America brought
to you by 888 POKER, where the
world plays online.
Sixes for Thomas this time.
>>I’m gonna call without
I’ll only look if someone
>>And Tilly is blind again.
We’ll have to see if it works
out as well as it did last time.
I shouldn’t announced, like,
what I did.
>>And pocket Nines for
>>That’s fifty fifty?
>>Yeah fifty fifty.
Fifty and a call.
>>Bumped up to 300.
Balsiger folds.
Frankenberger folds.
>>I live to fold, that’s what
I did, yeah.
>>Thomas calls, and Tilly
looks, and this time it goes to
the muck.
It will not be a big win.
>>Ima check so he can do the
follow-up bet.
Gina, you check too.
>>Otherwise it’s not gonna be
>>Well you called check to
induce a bluff.
>>I got some new terminology
the follow up bet.
>>The follow up bet.
>>The poker world calls it the
>>The T-Mister calls it the
follow up bet.
>>Do you.
>>The self proclaimed T-Mister
I love it.
>>Self proclaimed T-Mister is
giving us new vocabulary for
>>500 was the bet from
Thomas calls.
>>Ah [BLEEP] trips.
>>Fiore calls.
We’re, we’re dead.
I instant check.
>>And now a full house for
Kurganov on the turn.
This could get very expensive
for Gina Fiore.
Kurganov has stumbled into the
honey pot here on the turn.
>>Couldn’t even add on more,
he’d still be in there.
>>Just cause Gina is my friend.
>>And the river is a king and
now Fiore has the bigger full
>>She’s all in for $4,850.
>>And wows all around the
>>I had the other Queen.
What the hell did you have?
>>Snap called.
>>Oh really?
>>He probably had pocket
>>He had a ace queen or a
pocket sevens or a pocket nines.
>>You had a Queen too?
>>An unbelievable double up for
>>Gina, you did not think
you need that river.
>>I, I was thinking I did.
>>You were scared.
>>I think I needed it.
>>He wanted me to make some
stupid play.
[LAUGH] He was waiting on me to
make some stupid play against
two people.
>>So sick.
What a sick hand.
>>A crazy start to our second
day here at Turning Stone Resort
look at that, with the
double-up, Gina Fiore is now up
to just under $15,000.
In cash, courtesy of that
miracle river, and
Antonio Esfandiari is getting
some of the money back that he’s
lost initially.
Coming up, our panel of movie
poker experts will review the
poker scene from the movie
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
Welcome back to Poker Night in
Famed movie critic Roger Ebert
once referred
to the 1981 comedy Stripes as a
slob movie, a celebration of
that is irreverent, reckless,
and foolhardy. In many ways,
that comment can be applied to
the world of Poker.
John Candy illustrates that
connection in this famous poker
as he cheats his fellow recruits
out of some basic pay.
This is Poker Night At The
Let’s start with Phil on this.
Let’s just go poker.
>>We really don’t know what
happened leading up to this.
>>I don’t know how to measure
this thing because in terms of
poker, like,
oh can I see your cards.
>>Or this is what you should
do, and the hypnotizement.
You can’t watch that scene if
you’re human and not laugh, and
appreciate all, and
you start thinking of the.
All of the stuff that John
Candy’s made you laugh and
then you just are ready to
>>Whatever you and
then he does everything perfect
he gets it exactly out of you
it’s beautiful.
Ah, you know Ace Queen of clubs.
I just love this for some.
Now for the technical and all
that stuff.
>>It’s purposefully wrong on
every level .
>>Because that’s the way it
works so good.
>>Phil does the pre flop hand.
You’re supposed to do the,
you’re supposed to do the river
He’s like ace king queen of
>>Now hold on.
>>It’s got a lot of potential
but you crash.
>>Jennifer, how about the
acting in this?
Now, there is, besides John
Candy acting, that’s about it.
>>You know what?
No, no, no, I love this scene
because I do think it
exemplifies the poker world.
John Candy is such an affable
He does exactly.
>>He’s Mr Vegas.
>>What poker players and
backgammon players do.
He tricks the guy into thinking
that he’s really clever and that
he almost won.
And that, they’re playing cards
now, he’s playing with the big
And I love the kid too.
I love when his money’s all gone
he does a little sorta thing
like this.
He doesn’t know what to do with
his hands.
This guy’s al the kid is an
absolute rube.
I would give it ah, quad fours.
Quad fours.
>>You know if you had quad
fours you would have beat me
>>There you go.
There you go.
>>I’ve got a full house, you’ve
got a king, a nine, an eight, a
but you’re getting.
>>In terms of acting, comedy is
so underrated.
People, they all think, oh,
we’ll give an Oscar to this
person because they cried.
I have to say doing what John
Candy does so effortlessly.
I would give this a straight
>>And Richard, what do you
think of that, that scene?
>>That, that, that’s so true.
And you know I, when I watch
that scene it’s, it’s with a
little bit of melancholy because
we lost John Candy so
young and you know, and it’s a
Harold Ramis film and we just,
you know.
>>Just lost him.
>>But and, and that’s
by the way that’s a young Judge.
Judge Reinhold, who’s the third
player at that table there.
>>Ah ha.
>>Who’s just kind of watching
the thing
going, holy [BLEEP] it’s
>>But I, I agree with, with
what Phil and Jennifer are
I mean, the poker, it’s, it’s
what happens, like when
someone’s in the Army.
He wants to belong.
So I, you know I give the poker,
I give it I give it a full
And the, and the acting as well.
I mean it’s just so well done.
It’s so funny.
>>This is a very aggressive.
>>But remember we’re talking,
for this scene we’ve
all agreed to kind of suspend
the thousand technical errors
that are happening.
>>It does yeah, you’re playing
on a green military issused cot.
>>The fact that the money goes
in the middle, he doesn’t even
count it.
He knows it’s all going into
his pocket.
>>He goes let me
see what you’ve got?
Oh I would go all in.
But that’s me I’m Mr. Vegas.
>>I’m an aggressive gambler.
>>Bluff me he says.
>>Bluff me, bluff me.
>>For more from Poker Night in
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Also, be sure to check out our
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For everyone here at Poker Night
In America, I’m Chris Hanson.
>>What a sick hand.
>>Poker Night is brought to you
by 888 Poker, where the world
plays online.
>>I had pocket Kings dude,
I should have stayed around.
I wanted Gina to win that
hand, though.
>>Thanks T-Mister.
>>And we can get him one too.
Did you tilt?
>>Igor does not go on tilt.
>>If you play poker you tilt.
>>I hate it when I peel an
egg, and like the shell just
stay on and on and on.
Then I tilt, that’s my tilt.
LIke an onion.
You cut it, and it just.
>>I love onion.
I eat onion on everything.

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