Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 9 | Awkward Silence…

– [Voiceover] From Turning Stone
Resort in upstate New York,
this is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat instrumental music)
– Welcome to
Poker Night in America.
This handsome fellow
is Joe Stapleton
and I’m Chris Hanson.
Welcome back to
upstate New York,
we’re at Turning Stone Resort.
– On tonight’s episode,
one guy calls another a clown
and not the sexy
kind, like Bozo.
Let’s find out who’s
the proud owner
of the floppy red shoes.
(honk sounds)
– [Chris] Day one at
Turning Stone continues,
a new player sitting
down in seat two.
We welcome, Bart
Hanson to the game.
– [Joe] Sam Abernathy is
somehow the biggest winner
despite the fact that
she’s gotten all in some
questionable spots
and the good news,
for Jared Bleznick,
is that he’s more than
double his goal of
losing 2K per hour.
– [Chris] 25, 50 are the blinds,
optional hundred
dollar straddle.
Let’s get after it.
Rep Porter under
the gun and first to act.
We start with Queens.
– [Joe] Rep chopped
in all that preflop
with Sam Abernathy
with his Kings against
her 10, six.
Only she’s not gonna be
taken him out this time.
– [Porter] I’ll have one of
those if you have an extra one.
– 350, you said?
– [Dealer] Yeah 350.
– That’s a fair enough
price for me to match.
– [Chris] And there’s
six, 10 again.
– [Joe] Oh, no not again.
– I raise.
– [Baker] Giving breath savers
is good for everybody involved.
– [Porter] As one of my
– [Chris] Mike Sigel
in the small blind,
reraises to 900
with aces.
– [Bleznick] You torture these
bet sizes.
– [Chris] Hanson folds.
– Sigel, that’s a
bad raise you’ve got.
– It’s a bad raise?
– Too small.
You wanna make it bigger.
– You don’t even know
what I have.
– [Bleznick] It doesn’t
matter, it’s a bad raise.
– [Bleznick] It doesn’t matter.
– How much are you stuck Jared?
– 37,000 .
– [McKeehen] Ah (bleep).
Did you reraise?
– [Dealer] He raised 2,300.
– That’s very rude.
Now I have to fold.
– I’m all in.
– [Porter] This was a
bad amount.
– Depens if you have a
good hand or not.
– How much do you have?
– [Sigel] I don’t know.
Whatever I’ve got.
– [McKeehen] Can you yell at
Rep for me for punishment?
– Two, four, six, 75, 85, 95.
– I only have to call 8500.
– [Sigel] We’re probably tied.
– I don’t think you have
ace, king.
You could pretend like you
have ace, king and you don’t.
– [Sigel] That’s a call?
– [Porter] We gonna run it once
or twice?
-[Sigel] I only run it once.
– [Porter] So we’re
gonna bring it once.
I’ll tell ya if I beat you.
– [Sigel] Really?
Whatever, go ahead.
You got Kings or?
– [McKeehen] You gotta pair Rep?
– You have Kings?
– [Porter] Yeah. I have a pair.
– [Joe] They’re
gonna run it once.
– [McKeehen] Ugh!
– IIt’s either Queens or Kings.
– [Sigel] Yeah I would assume.
– [Joe] Nobody’s got a Spade,
so two outs for Porter.
Oh, man!
That is sick.
That is sicker than a
monkey from Outbreak.
– [Sigel] (beep)
donkey mother (beep).
– [Chris] Somebody light
the fuse on Mike Sigel.
– [Sigel] (beep).
What the (bleep) are we
waitin’ for?
– [Joe] There it is.
East Coast Poker,
take it easy, buddy.
Is he one of those
blame the dealer
type of guys?
– Now that we’re
getting (beep) cheated.
– So anybody ever heard any
good jokes lately?
– [Sigel] That is one of
the biggest donkey calls
that I ever did see, by the way.
You just cannot (beep).
That’s a stone (bleep)
donkey call.
– [Porter] You can’t ever
have ace, king there?
– [Sigel] No, yeah
ace, king, yeah 10,000.
– [Porter] I’m just asking.
– [Sigel] Yeah, ace, king.
– [Joe] And a chill filled
the river.
– [Sigel] I’m the
wrong (bleep) guy.
You’re playing with
the wrong (beep) guy.
– 100% Aces in that spot?
– You’re playing with
wrong (beep) guy.
– [McKeehen] Folded
two tens Rep.
– [Porter] I wasn’t here
when he folded two tens.
– [Sigel] You’re playing
the wrong (beep) guy.
– You would’ve
raised me with 10’s.
– [Joe] East Coast poker!
– I’m a tight player, buddy.
– In all fairness Rep, I thought
that was bad.
– [Sigel] Horrendous,
(beep) horrendous.
Yeah, three bets,
all in for 10,000.
– I’m just thinking about my
equity was against his range.
It was just questioning whether
he has Ace, King or not.
– You’re either trying to
be 48% or your supposed
to be 20%.
He’s a solid player.
– [Porter] It depends on
what, yeah…
– [Sigel] That was a (bleep)
– [Bleznick] Let me ask you a
question, you do’t think he has
jacks there?
– [Sigel] That’s a stonel clown
call, yeah Jacks, yeah.
– [Porter] I don’t think it’s…
– Yeah, Jacks, yeah.
Yeah, Jacks.
(beep) clown Jacks.
You’re a (beep) clown.
(beep) Jacks, yeah.
You’re a clown.
Ace, king yeah ace, king
– Let’s be honest, that
hand really epitomizes
Rep’s poker career.
– [Sigel] Yeah.
You’re a (bleep) clown.
– [Sigel] All the Paul Volpes
and the (bleep) Rep Porters.
They all live underneath
the (bleep) stars.
– Just giving Rep crap because
he just won a 20,000,
five percenter.
– [Sigel] Good read ,Jacks.
That’s a good (beep) read.
Jack, Jacks.
– [Baker] It’s only
22,000, five percenter.
– [Porter] I mean, it
sounds a lot like if it’s
like a one-hand range,
the way Mike’s talking
like he couldn’t even
have Kings there.
Could you of had Kings there?
– I thought he had Kings.
Kings can (mumbles).
– No, I couldn’t have Kings.
– [McKeehen] I want you to know
he snap five bet shoved
after Jared berated his sizing.
– I would call you with Kings.
– [Joe] And Cannuli
pairs at four.
Sam flops best though,
with a pair of eights.
– [Baker] You have all the
money, so it was obviously
the correct play.
– [McKeehen] You did have the
best boat possible.
– [Chris] They both check.
– [Baker]You had second nuts.
You had number two.
– [Bleznick] Number two.
– I understand you
want number one,
but sometimes you have
to live with number two.
– Number two is pretty good.
If it’s highly unlikely he gets
pocket threes in that spot.
– [Dentale] What
happened to the chips?
– [Joe] I don’t think this
checks around a second time.
– I honestly think…
Against anyone else, it’s okay.
Sigel is the most solid
player at the table.
If he’s putting 10,000
and the worst
thing he ever has is
two kings.
– I guess everyone else, I
just snap.
– [Sigel] I’m calling
you with two kings.
I’m not even raising you
with two kings.
I’m calling you with
two kings.
– [Porter] I thought it was
pretty close.
I mean I thought it
was pretty close.
– I don’t think it’s close.
– [Dentale] I don’t even know
what you guys are talking about,
everything is great and
he wants the call.
He just got rivered.
It’s a battle of the cards.
– That’s something you have
never thought in your life
about yourself.
– I mean, who cares
what he thinks.
It’s great.
Everything was awesome.
Great, call me.
– You’re so delusional right
now that I was talking about you
and you don’t know it.
– [Dentale] God bless him.
Who cares about what you
– [Chris] Abernathy calls.
– [Joe] The delayed continuation
bet, doesn’t work.
So the flush draw
comes in on the river.
– [Porter] Like I hack the
program so the full button…
– [Joe] I think whoever
bets at this is gonna win.
– [Porter] I haven’t really
gotten used to it being there.
– [Joe] Canulli is in position.
And it looks lie Tom is
not gonna take
a show down valley.
He’s gonna try to bluff this.
– [Porter] Who cares about
online poker.
– Well, Shawn’s not here to
make a comment every time, so.
– [Joe] Sam may snap those
off now that I think about it
’cause Tom would probably
have bet a flush draw
on the flop, too.
– [Porter] Let’s see.
Socially, you have
conversations with people.
– [Joe] There it goes.
– I have a pair of fours.
– I got eights.
– [Chris] Wow.
Just a 10K pot,
from the pair of eights.
Not bad,
– [Baker] You’re really good.
– Thank you.
– Try to tell that to the world.
They’ll say I’m
just a face.
– Always making the right
call or bet or everything.
– Thank you.
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– Welcome back to
Poker Night America
from upstate New York.
It’s like Alabama with
snow and fake tanner.
– [Chris] Well Sigel’s
got the glasses back on
so maybe that’s, he’s back
into Poker-playing mode
instead of Tea Pot mode.
– [Joe] Looks like the
straddle’s on.
Blinds 25 and 50.
Bart Hanson’s
straddling to a hundred.
Rep Porter raising it up to 350
with queen, ten suited.
– What’s this?
– [Porter] It’s in the
pot, you can’t take it back
once you put it in the pot.
– I didn’t put it
in the pot, though.
– [Porter] I didn’t say
you put it in the pot.
I just said, “It’s in the pot.”
– [Cannuli] I didn’t
know if it was mine
or if it was maybe
somebody else’s.
– [Sigel] It’s I the pot
from the last hand you just won.
– [Joe] Don’t mess
with Tom Cannuli.
He looks very easily confused.
– [Porter] They thought
I was serious.
– [Hanson] I was wondering
where that came from.
– [Joe] So we’ve got
Bleznick kind of slow playing
Ace, Kings suited.
A lot of folks might put
another bet in there.
– Jared, what you got?
– [Chris] That seems like
one of those where Bleznick
was hoping somebody
else was gonna raise
and nobody else helped
him out with that.
– [Joe] But now he’s
got it under repped hand.
Unfortunately, he hasn’t
connected much with this board.
– [Chris] Porter did
hit the 10 on the flop,
and he bets 600.
– [Joe] Bleznick calls.
Makes perfect sense.
His pairs are probably live.
He’s got some back doors.
I mean, that’s a very
good turn card for him.
– [Chris] Straight draw
and flush draw now.
– [Cannuli] Is this
your first hand, Joe?
– [Sam] Oh, you saved $50.
– [Sam] I’m the only one to
tap you on the hand (laughs).
– [Sigel] It was the hand before
with the deuce four in it.
– [Joe] When Porter
checks you, I like to bet.
– [Joe] Even if you are
behind, you’ve got plenty
of equity.
– [McKeehen] Last hand
was the tip pot Jared
and five was the first card.
You didn’t realize
right off the bat.
– [Joe] This is a semibluff.
That’s right, you got
Ace, King of Hearts.
You’re doing alright.
– [McKeehen] Four.
– [Chris] Oh, wow.
– [Joe] Wow, Bleznick
finally gets there.
Makes the nut flush.
– [Announcer] Alright,
tournament dealers and players.
This is a five minute color up.
– [Sigel] Now that hand hit.
– [Chris] And his hand
is just laying there
in the weeds, Rep
doesn’t even see it.
– [Joe] Unfortunately, Rep
improved also to trip tens,
so this is a really
great spot for Bleznick.
He’s got a really strong
hand, but it’s not
the nuts.
– All in.
– How much you have?
How much do you have?
– More?
– Either way.
Total, more, whichever.
Count, what did you raise?
– 48, 4900.
– [Chris] I think Porter
does have one of those hands
that would call here.
Anything less than trip tens,
I don’t think is gonna call.
– This is what happens when
you’re not capable of folding.
You’re just getting these spots.
– [Joe] I think I’m
folding three tens here,
but Porter doesn’t.
He calls.
– [Chris] Wow.
– [Joe] And Bleznick’s
gonna win a huge pot.
Remember, he started
off things today
as the biggest loser, so
he really needed that.
– [McKeehen] You guys and
you’re 10, eight suit.
I just wanna know if
I get 10, eight suit.
– [Chris] Straddle
again from Rep Porter.
– I love it.
– [McKeehen] I just want to
get a 10, eight suited and
raise it up.
– [Cannuli] Jared, what do you
think about 10, eight suited?
– I love it.
– [Joe] 10, eight suited,
I don’t really care for
but it’s married
to my sister, so.
– [Sigel] Raise about
seven times with Jack, nine.
– [Baker] That’s
my favorite hand.
– That hand I just showed
had to be the first
real hand you’ve
seen all day, right?
– [Joe] So Sam looks
like she’s raising.
Does she have an
actual hand this time?
– Sweat?
– [Joe] Yes, yes she does.
– Hold on.
– [Chris] Cannuli re-raising
again to 1100 this time
with Jacks.
– [Joe] That’s
gonna look like he’s
picking on her but he’s got
a real hand this time, too.
– [Bleznick] I love the 1100.
Such a good reraise.
You should learn Joe.
– [Joe] Joe’s four
batting with Ace, five.
He is gonna have his
work cut out for him
when he gets back to Cannuli.
– [Dealer] 2,700.
– Seriously though, Joe.
Learn from him
for the final table.
– [McKeehen] Thanks buddy.
This is the same, I know.
But I think he can
make it 1100 there.
I don’t think there
are chips on the table
that could make it under 1100.
Tommy’s a baller.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Punish me.
One time, punish me.
– What, do you want a drink?
– [Chris] Cannuli calls
hoping to survive a flop.
– [McKeehen] Probably
like 16 or so.
– [Joe] Yeah, Joe’s
totally missed this board,
but he’s gonna rep
it no matter what.
– [McKeehen] I have more than
that, I started with like 17.
– [Joe] I don’t think he expects
to hit the board super hard
when he four bets with
ace, five.
– [Dealer] 3,000.
– Jared, is this one okay?
– [Jared] What?
– Is this bet okay?
I’m just wondering.
– [Jared] 3,000?
– This is the spot you
yelled at me last time.
I wanna make sure it’s right.
– [Joe] Cannuli’s not giving
up on this right away.
Just one over card out there.
Better if he had
diamond in his hand but,
what are you gonna do?
– It’s about half the pot,
just like last time.
– [Bleznick] Great bet.
– Thank you.
– [Bleznick] Great bet.
– [Porter] Last time,
you only bet like,
40% of the pot.
– [McKeehen] Naw, it
was about the same.
There’s like 8100 in there
and I bet 4.
– [Chris] A call from Cannuli.
This pot is reaching
almost 12K.
A four of Diamonds on the turn.
– [Joe] Yes, so some draws
coming in.
Actually nobody’s got a diamond.
– [Dealer] Check.
– [Bleznick] Check, check.
Let’s see fifth street.
– [Chris] Alright, bet
first and take it down.
– [Sam] Get outta here.
– Huh?
– There is no way.
– [Sigel] Rep, my son
just turned on a computer
to see that hand.
He just text me.
“That’s sick.
“Who’s that donkey?”
I swear to God he said,
“I just turned,”
he said, “Dad, I just
turned the computer on.”
– That’s alright.
Jared’s got all the money now.
– [Sigel] He’s
playing on 40,000.
He’s playing on 40,000.
– [Porter] I’m just
saying all the money
I won from you, I gave to him.
– [Sigel] He’s playing on 40.
– [Porter] I’m saying the
money went here and then
it went there.
– [Sigel] Oh, you
redistributed my wealth.
– [Porter] That’s
my point, yeah.
– [Sigel] He distributed.
– [Joe] Yeah, a bet of 7,000.
This is gonna be really
tough for Cannuli to call.
– Wow.
I thought I had
a different hand.
– [Joe] This is sick.
It’s just such a great bet.
Oh, maybe Cannuli
thought he had a diamond.
– [Cannuli] I thought
I had a different.
– You thought you
got the diamond?
– [Cannuli] Yeah, I was
definitely gonna go
and check call.
– [Bleznick] What
happened here?
You’re being screwed
by the way.
– Yeah.
– You’re hand is good.
– Who has a diamond?
– [Chris] McKeehenshows him
the black five
and that’s it.
– [Joe] Time for a break here
on Poker Night in America.
We’ll be back in just a mo-ment.
– You have Queens,
you win.
– I don’t have Queens.
(upbeat instrumental music)
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
Let’s return to the cash game.
– We do this all the time.
We tell each other what we have.
– I don’t care.
– [Sigel] It’s obviously not
two Kings, Isaid I’ll call
with kings.
– [Baker] All good.
– [Sigel] I think the
five, seven…
– [Baker] I’m the one
person you don’t have
to worry about.
– I think saying I
have five, seven.
– I think we’ve lost a bit
of energy
at the table in general.
– It’s your fault.
Ever since that Queen hit,
everybody’s just been like,
that just deflated us all.
– [Baker] Mortified?
– [Baker] Yes.
And then just to watch you just,
call off Jared when
he has it obviously
and give away Mike’s $5,000.
It’s just–
– [Sigel] I don’t
know which call
was worse the river,
or the preflop call.
– [Baker] Yeah, I
mean they’re both
equally awful, but (laughs).
– I like when he says
you could have two Jacks.
That was the best.
– [Baker] I mean, I’m just
giving Jared Mike’s 5,000.
– [Sigel] 10,000.
– Well, I mean, he
just gave your 5,000.
– [Sigel] No, he
gave him (mumbles).
– Jared looked like he
needed a little moral boost.
– [McKeehen] You got
four black stacks
or three black stacks, Jared?
Thank you.
– [Sigel] Yeah, that definitely
deflated the game, that queen.
– [Joe] He does have a shot
of bluffing Joe off Kings
on a board like this,
but it’s gonna take
multiple barrels.
– [Sigel] I grinded back 8,000,
only stuck 2,000
you scum bag.
– [Joe] No time like
the present.
Ah, the chips stack slam-in.
Kind of a tell sometimes.
The stronger you
put your chips in,
the weaker your hand.
Let’s say Joe looks suspicious
but he kinda’ always
looks like that.
– [Baker] He’s
fought a five, six.
– [Sigel] 98% ’cause when a
Queen came, I thought he had
to have two Kings.
– [Baker] Preflop,
the one, two, three
cards on the
flop and turn…
– [Sigel] No,
even, even a river.
Even the river I was thrilled.
I thought he had that two Kings.
– [Joe] So both players pick up
a big draw now.
McKeehen has got the
second up flush draw.
– Oh, personally, I
would’ve thought I was
100% to have Queens.
– Right.
I would’ve thought so, too.
– [Joe] Bleznick is up and down
and since he’s up and down,
he should be able to keep
blasting away at this.
– [Sigel] No, you
can, you can cry call.
– Kings is close.
– [Sigel] You can cry call.
Queens is uncallable hand.
– [Chris] Again, forcefully
put the chips down
on the table for 2600.
– [Baker] Let’s get some drinks.
– [Joe] A little less forcefully
and a little less of
a bluff this time.
– [Baker] Actually, uh, no.
– [Sigel] You just ran out?
– I got It.
It’s upstairs.
– [Porter] Oh, beautiful.
That looks like the
right one, yes.
– Was it that, SilverThorne?
– Yeah, you want a glass?
– No thanks.
– [Joe] Another 10K plus pot.
Ah, Jared gets there.
– [Chris] Oh, boy.
– [Joe] Never thought that
would happen.
I said he was gonna
be able to bluff
this hand.
It turns out, he
doesn’t have to.
– [Chris] The bet his 3500.
– [Joe] 3500 into 12,000 is
such a small bet.
– Flush.
– [Joe] And I guess
the price is wrong.
– [Sigel] What
the hell is that?
– He flopped the straight.
– It’s a straight.
– What the (bleep)
is going on here?
He got out.
– [Sigel] Pushing in.
– Can you?
Oh you can play later
tonight, you mean.
– [Chris] Back to the man who
just a couple of short
months after this was filmed,
became the WSOP World
Series Main Event Champion.
Joe McKeehen raises again.
– Alright, we’re not gonna
get even on the rail.
– [McKeehen] How much are
you down, just so I know
how much to put in for you.
– [Sigel] What brother?
– [McKeehen] You beat
me in every pot.
How much are you down so I know
how much to put in for you.
– Joe, no bull (beep).
I had you beat you
every single,
you bet the flop and I raised it
and I showed him.
– [McKeehen] No, I know, I know.
– I had you beat everytime.
– You had a better hand
than me everytime.
– [Chris] It looks like
nearly everybody’s finding
chips to make it
call in the hand.
– [Joe] Yeah, Cannuli’s
getting some pretty sweet
pre-flop pot odds.
– [Chris] It really
doesn’t even matter
what he has.
He has to call at least.
– [Joe] It looks like he’s
gonna do more than that.
– [Sigel] Bet and
fold it every time.
– [Chris] No, it’s probably
’cause he’s got Kings.
Oh, there it is.
He does have Kings.
– [Sigel] Who woke you up?
You were in a trance
there for three hours.
– [Porter] I’m gonna say you
woke him up is my guess.
– [Joe] Sweet pod
odds, sweet hole cards
and he does not want
to take this flop
18 million ways.
– 18 total?
– [Dealer] 18 total.
– [Joe] And Jared’s actually
got a pretty good hand
for cracking Kings.
Still, he’s only gonna
do it 22% of the time.
– You got me covered?
– [Joe] Ah, I think that
percentage just went up.
Yeah, 28% of the time.
He’s gonna do it now.
Flush draw for Bleznick.
– [Chris] A set of
Kings for Cannuli.
– [McKeehen] Extend the
was it works for me.
It’s not the way
it works for you.
– [Dentale] Yeah,
total opposites.
It’s a total (beep) opposite.
Smash city when I fold.
– [Sigel] Guys, we’re
quitting in five hands.
It’s over in like five
hands, five more hands.
– [Dealer] 22.
– [Joe] If you’re Bleznick
you’re pretty excited
about this actually.
Even more excited when
you see a heart peel off.
– [Bleznick] Check it.
– [Joe] Alright, so
Bleznick picks up a pair
to go with his flush draw.
– [Sigel] Would
you say day two?
Day two, you said.
– [Chris] Bleznick still
has a decent chance
to hit it hard on the river.
Question is, how expensive
is that gonna be to see?
– All in.
– [Chris] Well all the chips
are in the middle.
– That was a fast call.
You (beep).
How good is your hand?
– Really good, yeah.
I don’t have a flush draw but.
– I’ll just, I can’t play this
(beep) no-limit hold’em.
Go ahead.
– [Joe] Brick on the river.
Ship it to Cannulli.
(upbeat instrumental music)
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Just when
Bleznick was starting to get
himself back to
even, that happens.
– [Voiceover] Closed
captioning is brought
to you as a public service
by Poker Night in America.
– [Chris] As we wrap
up Day number one,
here’s the screen you
don’t want to be on
including Jared Bleznick.
Ah, he was so close.
– [Joe] Well, I kind of
want to be on that screen.
At least he’s got
$33,000 to lose.
– [Chris] And on the
other side of that,
Thomas Cannuli who just
scooped that last big pot
off of Bleznick, is the
big winner on Day one.
– [Joe] Joe McKeehen
only won 75 bucks.
What a fish.
– Alright, we’re done for
the night, Peach Blossom?
– What is that?
– Peach blossom.
– You wanna eat peaches?
– It’s a restaurant
here in Turning Stone.
– Fine, but this
time, you’re gonna sit
on the other side of the booth.
– Okay.
– Next time on Poker
Night in America,
Matt Glantz, Shawn Deeb
get it in more often
than Steph Curry.
And Chris’s brother, Bart
Hanson wins a big one.
– For more Poker
Night in America,
go to
for unedited live streams
and complete episodes.
He’s Joe Stapleton.
I’m Chris Hanson.
We’ll see you next time
on Poker Night in America.
– Yeah, jacks
(beep), clown Jacks.
You’re a (beep) clown.
(beep) Jacks, yeah.
You’re a clown.
Ace, King, yeah, Ace, King.

42 thoughts on “Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 9 | Awkward Silence…

  1. camera should be on flop when that Q falls on the river first hand

  2. Fat man Sigel seems to think his first names Beanie, pipe down "wrong fuckin guy". Guy tried to donate 10k to u and u got screwed, it happens.

  3. I totally don't get Bleznick's shove at 20:06. I guess he was desperate to get even again?

  4. Wow. What a negative table. The passive-aggressive comment by Samantha. The cursing from the other dude. Gotta admit, it's starting to look more like a soap opera.

  5. Sigel needs to STFU. Most annoying poker player I have ever seen. STOP CRYING

  6. who's fatter, rep porter or shaun deeb?? both need to get off dem buns once in a while.

  7. Wow. 1st hand and crying already. I didn't know Phil Helmuth had an older brother. Candyass. As a professional, you WANT a call when you're 80/20 preflop.

  8. Bleznick is no professional. He's got money from idk where, all agression and no decent read or high level concept of poker, a high stake action donkey.

  9. 14:00 and that's why out of position you cannot flat a 4bet with your JJ.. he should have shoved or folded

    17:25 that face… only a mother could love… wsop main event luck box

  10. Lol obviously that guy had AA the way he said all in so quick. So obvious. Duh.

  11. Bleznick is a sleazy fuck. Why is the poker community even talking to him?

  12. Lol you said about the Q on riv for AA vs QQ, "Was sicker than the monkey in movie Outbreak" – lolol. Was also funny how Sigel whined like a kid who says online poker is rigged when he acted like he didn't want QQ to call him pre. Lol – games are fun – gl all

  13. "East coast poker." What a bunch of obnoxious goons and sore losers, such a pathetic waste of carbon and oxygen. Except the nice lady, of course. But I hope she had a bodyguard.

  14. He called a raise with two queens honey!
    The guy's got all the chips………..probably can't even spell poker…

  15. That discussion is so stupid, like Sigel shoved to get a fold. Give me a break, you want to get called when you shove with the AA in that spot, nobodies fault that a Q spikes on the river. I find it hilarious players that shove with the best hand hoping to get called and then blame dealer/caller when they lose to a suck out. Give me a fucking break.

  16. Rep Porter is that typical fat fucking donkey you see at every table.

  17. Why is everyone in these episodes such whiny little bitches? (apart from Sam, I love you Sam)

  18. Wow that guy whining was a real cunt. So funny how 1 hand can put people on so much tilt.

  19. what kind of moron has the combo of never raising with kings AND openly admitting it? just retire now

  20. I think it's funny that Joe don't think mike would throat punch just because he won the main talk that shit next to me is like calling with 72

  21. omg another Phil Hellmuth at the table, clown called me with QQ, idiot from northern europe LOL

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