Poker Terminology: The Pot – Quads

The Pot. The Pot is the amount of chips, the
amount of money that’s been wagered in the
hand so far. The amount that’s in the Kitty,
to be won at any given stage of the hand.
The Pot is here, and on the live game, right
in front of me here. You add to the Pot before
and during the hand and as you come to the
River, the last chance to add to this Pot,
to the amount of money that you’re all aiming
to win is in your last set of betting. The
bigger the Pot, the more that you’re likely
to want to be betting into it at the last
minute. If it’s a very small Pot, you’re very
risky putting a big bet in. If the Pots already
very very large, you want to be in that Pot
as often as possible for the chance of winning it.

There are two different ways of playing the
game of Poker. You can play No Limit or Pot
Limit. Pot Limit, limits the amount of money,
the amount of chips that can be wagered on
any particular round of betting. It restricts
the amount that could be won and lost in each
individual hand, it means that you can budget
your game a lot easier when you’re playing
Pot limits. Some people prefer it, some people
don’t. Your choice to play No Limit or Pot
Limit. Pot Limit puts a ceiling on the amount
that you’re allowed to bet in any one particular
hand or any one particular round of betting.
A fantastic hand if you can catch one is Quads.
Quads is when you have Four of a Kind. Fairly
rare and if you get beaten on Quads you can
consider yourself very very unfortunate. Here’s
an example of some Quads here. three 10s, down
there on the Flop, on the Turn, on the River
as well, one of each, three 10’s, one in the
players hand here, makes the best hand available
to himself. Four 10’s, Ace Kicker. Quads are
a very very strong hand. Of course, the higher
the Quad, the better. Four 10’s will beat
four 6’s.

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  1. But you didnt cover where in the hierarchy does quads land….πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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