Poker Vlog #7 : $214,840 Prize Pool

our favorite Las Vegas massage parlor
seems to be having some licensing
problems we’re going to have to find an
venetian $250 buy-in day one see my
starting table has the perfect mix of
genders and ethnicities 54-thousand
second break going to 800 big blinds
our kings held versus nine ten of spades
on Jack
five three of spades Queen on the turn
brick on the river big hand big pot
let’s win some big money
we are in for the minimum two hundred
and fifty dollars our heater continues
turbo structure high rate ten handed
need some hands need to win some flips
it’s a gun
don’t get married they’ll take half your
net worth and your soul and your kids in
your home and your dog and your heart
they’ll take it all
$250 buying
45 of that is reek I guess these
paintings is where the rake money goes
it’s a lot of rig play it win poker
80,000 going to 2000 big blind three
levels left in the night three bag and
we will bag day two Venetian 250 we have
64,000 big blind 4000 we have a great
stack for rejoining over and open and
getting it through with the premium or
marginal holding if we can’t find any
spots to do that we will be open
shelving around 10 blinds with a variety
of holdings trying to double up or steal
the blinds
we open to 9,000 in early position with
a screen off we get one flatter and the
button jams all in for 90,000 chips we
go all in for 115,000 and the platter
folds we’re up against pocket fives the
fives get counterfeited on the river and
we now have an above-average stack right
before the money
we opened to 13,000 under the gun with
King Jack suited everyone folds except
the day one ship leader who’s in the big
blind who defends the flop comes six
three deuce with backdoor flush draw he
checks we bet fifteen thousand and he
quickly calls we turn top hair and he
quickly leads forty five thousand I
played with him for a few hours
yesterday and he cooled a lot of people
and when he had huge hands he would snap
bet and buy snap bet I mean under one
second this bet took about three seconds
I called the 45k and we see a river
he takes about three seconds in bet
seventy-five thousand this is not a
great river for us it hits his range
harder than ours but we’re gonna have to
go with her timing read and make the
he box his hand facedown we win a 300k
pot he later tells us he had a squeak
415,000 going to 8,000 big blinds double
average bin crush and we’re in the money
we’re taking this down I have documented
all MTTs that I have played since
beginning the vlog I don’t play every
day and just vlog the ones I do well in
I’ve really been on the heater of a
650,000 on break about to be 16,000 big
blind about a thousand people entered
we’re down to fifty people just lost a
half million chip pot ace queen two
fives all in free that’s okay we’re down
to 27 people so it’s time for a redraw
975,000 on dinner break
coming back to 30,000 big blinds 24 left
I believe I’m gonna turn up the pressure
win some flips steal some wines we got
it up to 1.3 million but last couple
hands we did a light position raising
that didn’t work out so we’re down to 1
million after a few failed see bit it’s
all part of the game
we got a gamble to win those chips a lot
to fight for in the middle with those
big antes big blinds big pay jumps
coming up at the final table sometimes
in order to find the treasure you have
to dig a little you don’t always know if
it was going to be treasure when you do
but if you are wise about your location
and your method of digging you’ll find
that treasure and be rewarded
shout out to Treasure Island
they say running water brings good luck
and prosperity
I’m gonna need it let’s get that look
under the gun raises to 80,000 off of a
700 K stack folds to us in the small
blind we make it 225,000 trying to look
weak we are trying to induce a show and
give the illusion of perceived fold
equity our opponent takes the bait and
snap shoves in his whole stack we call
and we see a seven off suit his horrible
shove gets rewarded and we’re now down
to two hundred and fifteen thousand
chips we double up ace five to king ten
and then get some well-timed shoves
through to get up to nine hundred
thousand with 19 remaining Jonathan
Dimmick winner of the millionaire maker
joins our table apparently money cannot
buy happiness
we have reached the official 10 handed
final table
one point two nine million blinds are
about to be sixty thousand ten handed
final table over a thousand entrance the
heater continues the vlog run good is
real the grand simulator is answering
all of my requests maximum joy is upon
us let’s take this down
my ace Jack loses two pocket fives all
in for a 2.5 million dollar pot 700

90 thoughts on “Poker Vlog #7 : $214,840 Prize Pool

  1. whats you strategy in tournaments ? I liv in Florida and we have daily tournaments and big weekend tournaments all the time. What is your range?

  2. Just found your VLOG and I'm really enjoying it. Hope to get a little more details about what tourneys you prefer to play and if you dip into cash games on occasion. Thanks

  3. Jeff,
    Another great Vlog.  Watching your recent wins and deep runs in several MTTS, reminds me that have to take more chances, and push more small edges in tournaments than I typically do.  Along this line of thought, the "hero" call plays a roll in your success.  In the mid to late rounds you are very comfortable going with a read, when maybe a lesser player like myself would talk themselves into folding and waiting for a better spot that may or may not come it in time. 
    Thanks for sharing the videos with us.  Next time I make a Vegas poker run from southern California, I'm going to play a tournament or two at the Wynn, hope I run into you Jeff.

  4. Vlogs are getting better and better. You had us laughing a lot on this one.

  5. Of all poker vlogs i watched in the last time u are really bossin on all other vloggers. Even from the musical entertainment standpoint u deserve an A. Not tryin to dickride but u are doin it well with the whole thing. Many other vloggers could take a leaf out of your book if u dig what i am sayin..happy new year big bausss man

  6. Happy new year jeff! you are the best poker blogger. great music too. i hope the run good continues. good luck brother!

  7. Fuck it….I'm mailing you that bunny I promised (it bit me again)….Nice job bro….you are a sick monster..great to see.

  8. Way to go Jeff! You are truly a pro. Other pros should be watching these vlogs to get some free tips!

  9. I love your vlogs. Watched all of them from the beginning. You're like the terminator. Keep it up. Cheers from Australia 👍🏻

  10. Great job & Happy New Year! Your comments on marriage where dead on. Married 31 years & divorced in 2016. Glad to see 2016 gone!

  11. The heater continues!! What did you cash out with on that MTT Jeff? Happy New year bro, hope your run continues for a long time in 2017!!

  12. loved the AMP my friend lol….I'm bad for those. gotta love the new vlog run good is real..keep it up

  13. Happiness can't buy money. Confirmed.Vlog rungood continues to be a real thing. Ship it.

  14. Dang, you're living the life, bro! I appreciate the poker analysis and format of your vids. Great job on another cash!

  15. "Good Stuff!!" Absolutely love tourneys, and these vlogs are the shit!! Don't let those asses in twoplustwo get to ya as a few just don't love life anyway…so with that said, I'm outta here to go take down a tourney!!!! #phatstacks!!!

  16. Do you play online tournaments ?? I came across someone with user ID on ACR match your twitter name.

  17. i subbed to you simply because of what you said about marriage. First time I have ever watched you and not the last.

  18. Just figured out where I heard this voice before, every dick cop who ever lived when they pull you over.

  19. On Saturday, I played a $130 tournament starting with 10k in chips. I was dealt 10 10 and raised 3x in the 4th level of the tournament 200-400. I got 2 callers from the SB and BB. Flop came K 10 7 two clubs. It went check, bet 200 and I raised to 700. Small blind flats and BB calls. Jack of clubs on the turn bringing a possible straight and flush. Small blind leads out for 4k with less than 2k behind and BB folds. I have about 7k in chips. What would you do?

  20. Dude, just found your Vlog and it is already my fav.  Keep rolling man.  You're living my dream right now.

  21. So you got paid more than $5K, can you explain why they didn't tax you? I was planning to play some Venetian tournaments coming up….

  22. Great vids Jeff. My favourite. Get sick of watching 1-2 by Andrew and The Trooper.
    I mean. How small can a game get . Got to be one of the smallest gambles out there..Love your two boxers
    It ain't how much you win . It is how much you turn over that counts as long as the maths is correct.

  23. Love the videos and what an amazing run you have there!! Tomorrow I'm going to my first live tournament and I'm going big with a $200 buy in. Hope I can run like you, or at least cash it lol

  24. Kind of rubs me the wrong way when poker players give their business to the Venetian. I understand that the tournament is probably good value, but you should look into Sheldon Adelson and his stance on poker and decide if you still want to play there.

  25. All you have to say is if your gf doesn't play poker don't get married lolz

  26. What happened to that amazing video you had where you said what's up it's the pooper? I have been looking for it so I can show it to my bro lol

  27. Story of my life, lived out vicariously. KK can't beat A7, and AJ loses to 55. Great tournament players do 1 thing better than me, they win More Coin flips.

  28. Is his massage parlor jokes actually about a "massage" lol. Just trying to see if I'm missing the joke

  29. jeff, your videos are crisp and on point… akin to your commentary. much love from India.

  30. remember railing you online years ago always had huge respect for your game, keep tearing it up dude

  31. Dang…I've been watching most of your Vlogs's, and you seem to go up against 5-5 a lot… 5-5 = nemesis hand..

  32. Starting to watch old videos since I'm caught up with current stuff. Also marry up and you don't have to worry about losing half.

  33. Follow the trooper97 on youtube way better vlogger on Las Vegas and Poker.

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