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Hello, my name’s Rik Oclon. The name of
my game is Retro Space Ball. It’s a Shoot ‘Em Up game. It’s a cosmic vertical shooter
merged with pinball. The retro aesthetic is probably the top feature.
The pixel art and the music is all very retro-y and I did it all myself. I’m very proud
of it. It takes place in a future where entire planets
are used as power plants. You’re charged with the mission of stealing from the power
source while destroying the power plants one by one. I’ve got far more verticality in my levels
designs than anything else I’m seeing in either the Pinball or Vertical Shooter genre. When someone genuinely enjoys what you’re
working on, it brings back all the initial excitement you had when you first started
even two years later, that’s the best feeling right then. We’re going to be seeing a lot of new art,
a lot of new UI. More bosses hopefully, plural. More levels for sure and then loads of polish.

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  1. great man ! cant wait to try this game for my chanel. Will the game be available on android/ios ? it looks like a perfect fit for it

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