19 thoughts on “Return to Crystal Forest Slot Machine Video Live From Vegas! Bonuses from The Cosmopolitan 2019

  1. Thanks for coming by. Please give the video a 👍🏽 and remember to subscribe. This video is dedicated to all Canadians 🇨🇦. Especially PUSA studios. ✌️🕵️‍♀️ And Brian Christopher and Slot Lady of course.

  2. The Crystal Forest region is my favorite part of Germany. I often go there seeking out the finest hand carved cuckoo clocks on earth. So, keep at the Slot machining.

  3. something tells me that you don't drink. If I were an oasis, I would have choked on sand waiting for mother nature to bring me some moisture. I hate Cosmo as bad as hot tuna now. LOL

  4. Side-by-side bonuses — always a fine place to start !! — James

  5. Nice session amigo. Good to see you back. Continued best of luck to you ☺😆

  6. Wowwww. So amazing video :3 l alway love your video :3 make more video :3 lets grow together :3

  7. Hey Sergeant, love cascading reel games. Thanks for the share my friend.

  8. Hello there I really enjoy watching these kinds of videos. Thanks for sharing this . Do you do scratch offs too? Hope we can keep in touch. Drop by our channel and say hello sometime. Have a great day

  9. Great videos! We are currently in Las Vegas and found your channel. New subscriber!

  10. Cool win on Return to Crystal Forest slot. Thanks for sharing Sergeant. Keep it up my friend 🤑😎

  11. I can't even hardly get one bonus and you have two going on. LOL. Great video…very fun to watch. Continued good luck my friends.

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