Sample Hands in Omaha Poker : Sample Kings Hand in Omaha Holdem

Let us look now at another powerful hand,
look at this. We got a pair of kings and a pair of jacks, we got spades, we got hearts.
So there is a number of ways that this starting hand can make a strong Omaha hand. With the
kings you can hit a king on the flop and have a set, you might get lucky and hit quads.
With the jacks the same goes a set of jacks is pretty good in Omaha and four jacks is
virtually bullet proof. Also I can make a flush in either hearts (4 spades) and I can
get really lucky and make a royal flush or a straight flush to the king. But be cautious
if a flush comes on the board and the ace of that suit isn’t out there, in Omaha if
you have the what is called the second nuts you need to be a little careful. Sometimes
you need to understand that you have to throw it away.

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