Scrabble Slam: Card Game Gameplay Demo

hello and welcome to this demonstration of Scrabble Slam
the game is very simple. It’s very fast it has a deck of
that have letters on both sides except
the uh… the blank card
and basically you and at least one other person pick a word.
It can be any length you want
and uh…
then you split
all the cards among all the players equally
and then
what’s going to happen
is when we say “go”
basically you go through your deck and
find a card that can change
the spelling of the word to a new word
I would say WORN
and put an N on
uh… if there’s ties you basically decide
for yourselves who goes first.
if you think the
spelling might be wrong on something
you can stop the game (and check)
I don’t think we are going to try that in this
demonstration because
we are not going to stop to grab a dictionary.
but uh…ok, Go!
MORN, no that is not a word. (actually it is, short for “morning”)
sorn? sorn? is sorn…no it isn’t. TORN, TORE, NORE
but it was
Is that a B?
It is a B yeah
YORE haha
COKE, “that is a wait…” CAVE CAKE (clapping sound)
AH! You totally smoked me!
How many did you have left (excitedly)/ AND it’s on camera
you totally got me! Oh My GOD!
Alright good job. That is the Game

5 thoughts on “Scrabble Slam: Card Game Gameplay Demo

  1. 2 people can play slowly. What if you can make a word on your turn or you both are stuck?

  2. Where can I find the list of the cards ????? ……..I think I got some repeated card…..I got two F/R cards in my scrabble slam game……Is this right??? … me please……many thanks.

  3. Time Out! What is nore? Used twice by player on the left but it's not actually a word.

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