Ok… ah, now it’s recording… but you really have to tell him everything f**k. Oh well… then… it goes… Ehhh let’s start… the… start recording… ok… transition… ok… this… Go… ok… monitoring, monitoring, monitoring… and even now we have obtained monitoring… are we ok? Okay, so people from Youtube, virtuosos of the spatula, steel ball fetishists, In this video, as I wrote last, i play pinball. And what pinball machine are we talking about? Well, the only pinball machine that, at least once in your life you have to try. Then… we load the operating system and get your introductory jingle. Here it is. Exact. It’s a bit of centuries ago. Have you guessed the name of the pinball machine? Well, that’s it. Oplà! Alerts. Let’s launch it. Here it is. It’s really him. If you haven’t been played to this pinball machine, you’re really a chicken. Let’s look at the settings. Ok. Full screen. Here it is. Very well. New match. Ok, we need to be able to catch the third led… In fact we caught the second one. Perfect… redeployment. We started very well. Ok, we have to accept the mission. You must first select it though. Yes, indeed. I said that we must first select it. Thanks for the shot. Ok. Mission selected. Ok. Shot number 2. Here, not the right led. A bit of “smacacate”. Ah, thanks. Player one. Yes, it’s always me. New match. This was a warm-up game. Ok, mission selected. Ok, mission accepted. 3 returns. Good. Noooo… ah! Here it is! It seemed right. Ok. Accepted. Thanks. Oh gooo. Oh yes! A million and two? What a score! Ok. Monitoring, monitoring, monitoring. Let’s try again… with another… game. Hmmm, game… full screen… Ok… let’s try again… let’s try with… Let’s try to make a game “a little better”. Ok. Perfect. Noooo… but? I mean… I didn’t even touch it. If… let’s go with another shot. Ok, maybe later there. Accept this mission. Ok. What should i do here? Ah, blows to the buffers, ok. No, no! Come on, repel. Hey?! Ok. Yes… and push away! Ok. Mission complete. Mission taken. Mission accepted. What do i have to do? Ah, always the same as before, ok. Noo. Come on! And you push away! 3 strikes. Will i succeed?… no, I will not succeed. What a fluke! What kind of shot did I make? No, nooo… yeah… always there, always there, I recommend. Return left. Ah, i have to throw it up high. Ok, one. No, no. Two. Just… one every death of the Pope. What the …! I saved it with the tip of the spatula. There it was, I knew it. Ah, what a fluke! If well… There, i was just an idiot! Ah, well? End of game. Oh well, 2 million… better than before. Oh well. This is all for today’s video. If you want to play 3D Pinball… or you install the operating system… or you download it from the network. Bye bye, see you next.

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