It’s been a really long time since I studied Korean so I can’t really speak it but
For the vlog, I’ll try my best to speak Korean~
Yay~ I made it guys!
I must try it naooooo
It’s a little spicy though…
Hey guys!
This morning we are going to a cafe first!
There’s a lot of cafes in front of our Airbnb so,
We want to try them all!
(Ordering) Can I have one regular hot mint mocha latte please?
And one iced cafe latte…
And one hot toffee nut latte please?
Associate: Would you like whipping cream on that?
Yes please!
And can we get one maple nut bread please?
That’s it!
(Associate letting us know that she’ll call us once the order is done after 15 min)
We’ve arrived in Gangnam!
We came here to eat at a restaurant!
The weather is really nice! But….
The air is really bad so…
You have to buy a mask!
Can I have two rose lattes please?
And one iced Injeolmi latte please?
That’s it!
Do you accept card?

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