Sex Offender Wins Lotto – Does He Deserve To Keep Money?

they do a lot in alaska for charity you know
for a victims of sexual assault
uh… jackass comes forward as a strain on
city island in the
the stores close it is way with iran
somebody did and on this call
the same alone in this case perhaps
turns out he’s done to different
sexual assaults
in nineteen ninety three
their sexual abuse or mine
already them and again in two thousand
and he’s on the states that sex by the registry
and uh…
the so that they call back in like a good
you’re ancestor
secure unknown but i’ve been trying real hard
in the last year not to
in last year of that okay that’s not really
that comforting as uses the same
caddy here dot isn’t it
does that say but
so he says the ongoing that here
dot your ideas on lowering situated like fifty
thousand dollars missing one five hundred
and they’re like other songs that i’ve gotta
get out there are those of us here
of your that office
but he says of course is with jesus christ
but is is ok he told the procedure is alibi
overdue this summer invent
you have buddha
the plans of the house he might have thought
that a little bit now
but you know anyone gps if he served his time
and he’s out really and he won this thing
you want
or canada
so he’s gonna keep the money
well there’s a right to it and some people
that’s rediculous
elated says a lot
relying eidos sucks but it’s not ridiculous
deserving you wonder what can you know there
is money
for you know
you know
against sex offenders you know and and all
that money that’s raised is now going to a
sex offender no it’s an enormous ir there’s
no question about that
but what can you do it like should live in
the law no sex offender demands a lot of definitely
or maybe maybe sunscreen up another
right now i would never imagined that but
i i guess it could happen

5 thoughts on “Sex Offender Wins Lotto – Does He Deserve To Keep Money?

  1. Nobody is asking you to forgive anything. What you need to understand is not every Sex Offender is a child molester or a rapist. Some of them get caught up in Romeo and Juliet situations. Some get caught having sex with their girl friends in their cars. Some get caught pissing behind a building. Not every sex offender has a violent crime and not every victim is really a victim. In this case, his victim was way too young to know better. No matter what, his victim had nothing to do with his ticket

  2. Dude. you're really comparing apples and oranges. What the hell is a Romeo and Juliet situation? If she/he is underage then leave them alone. Having sex with someone in a car is not considered a sexual offense under the guidelines. However, having sex in front of a child or in front of someone that doesn't want to see those things is. Besides, most sexual offenders are either child molestors or rapist.

  3. The guy did wrong, yes, but he's a human being and he deserves to have a second chance. I think he should keep it. At least this man is trying to turn his own life around. Besides no has the right to judge him.

  4. Proof karma is bullshit, what goes around does not come around, and all that other bullshit people cling too to comfort themselves in this cruel world is a joke.

  5. If we stopped people with criminal records from winning the lottery, then the only people who would win would be young people, well off people who can afford to win a case, like journalist and news anchors, and law enforcement. Pretty much any body that was raised property.

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