Shaker Card Tips – 3 Cards

Hey Everyone! It’s Jennifer once again. Welcome.
Today I have yet another shaker card for you.
Shaker cards are very popular and I’m trying
not to do too many of them because I don’t
want to overload. But I did find a product
that I thought was really fun and I wanted
to share it with you. So my shaker card today
includes some die cutting, some stamping and
some extra fun things inside. Also, a window
that is made for shaker cards. Which really
makes it easy to make these kinds of cards
and also to put some fun things inside. So
I’m going to show you all about that today.
I actually have three different cards I’m
creating. Two are very close to each other
and this is the third one that was very quick
to do. Let’s start with the first card. I
want to have a HUGS greeting across it. This
is a die from Papertrey Ink. It has a bunch
of different versions of the word HUGS. Which
I love. I’m going to die cut this from some
Glitter Paper from Die Cut With a View. It’s
not too glittery and it doesn’t rub off. So
I really like it. It’s actually kind of smooth.
Unfortunately it has kind of a plastic kind
of backing on the back. Kind of thin and sometimes
it’s tricky to die cut. It just depends
on the die. If it is tricky to die cut I just
put two pieces of white card stock in as a
shim underneath my cutting plate. That usually
gives me enough pressure to die cut through
it. That did it this time. So now that I have
my die cut here I’m going to go ahead and
glue it to our shaker window. This is actually
a Shake-it window from Impression Obsession.
You can see there’s a raised center and a
frame around it with adhesive on it. So these
are designed for shaker cards. So you can
put thicker bits inside and it will still
shake around. They come in a bunch of different
shapes. I’m just using the large square here.
But there’s hearts and circles and smaller
circles and squares. All kinds of things.
Now, I’m using the grid I have underneath
my craft sheet here to kind of line up this
die cut so I can make sure that it’s straight
and in the middle of my little shake it window.
I’m going to do a little bit of stamping above
and below this. This Shake-It window is fantastic,
but if you don’t have this you could also
just make the same card how you would traditionally
make a shaker card. I’m using white StazOn
to stamp on top of my window here. On my Acetate
window. So I got a new white StazOn ink pad.
My other one was getting kind of old. The
nice thing about this is it comes with a reinker.
The reason it comes with a reinker is that
almost every time you use it you need to reink
it, because it dries pretty quickly. It will
give you a nice crisp white image on your
Acetate or even on your card stock. Since
this is the first time I’ve used it. I’m going
to put a lot of ink into it. So it’s nice
and juicy. It comes with this little shim
thing here that you can use to spread ink
around on the ink pad. It also comes with
a plastic piece that you can kind of put on
top of the ink pad when you store it. You
can see that it’s on there now. That’s important
to keep that. I used to glue dot into the
lid of the ink pad so I didn’t have to fuss
with it. But they actually told me that you
shouldn’t do that. You should leave this to
rest nicely on it. But I am going to glue
dot my little shim onto there. So I don’t
loose that and I have it whenever I need to
reink this. I’ll be using this white StazOn
Ink to stamp this Hugs stamp set from Papertrey
Ink. It actually is designed to go with the
Hugs die set that I showed you earlier. I
have a sentiment to stamp above and below
my HUGS die cut. Now I picked up a stack of
Post-It notes that I’m putting underneath
our window. Since our window is raised I wanted
something under there that would give us a
nice raised surface to do our stamping on.
So, that the window doesn’t bow when we stamp
on it. So you can put anything with a little
bit of dimension on there to help you out
here. I also have an alcohol swab on hand,
because if you ever mess up on stamping with
StazOn on Acetate, like this, you can always
wipe it away with an alcohol swab and start
over. I love that feature, that’s great. I
wish I could do that on paper. Okay, so now
I have something raised underneath that window
so I can stamp on this and it will be nice
and flat, or pretty much flat. So, I’m just
going to stamp lightly straight down and straight
up and I’m actually pretty happy with that
stamped image. Now, I’m going to stamp the
word Sending right above the word Hugs. I’m
going to again stamp straight down and straight
up. But this time I felt like I stamped it
too light so I’m actually going to take
advantage of the fact that you can wipe this
away with the alcohol swab and get a second
chance. So you’ll see I’ll just take the alcohol
swab and just rub it right over the word sending
and it will clean it off clear. You’ll never
know it was there. It doesn’t leave any marks.
Just kind of dry it off and then you can stamp
again. So sometimes stamping on Acetate can
be tricky because it has a slick surface.
However you can clean it off and start over
and over again as many times as you need to
with that alcohol swab. So this time I’m much
happier with the results. Now, one of the
tricks with StazOn Ink is you got to clean
it off your clear stamps, but you don’t want
to use the StazOn cleaner, I was told that
by a clear stamp manufacturer, it’s not good
for your clear stamps, so I use the Hero Arts
Ultra Clean. I spray it on to this Hero Scrub
pad. I scrub on one side and then I scrub
it clean on the other side and then I just
clean it off with a baby wipe. My stamp is
nice and clean. If you don’t have the scrubber
pad you can just use the ultra clean and spray
it right on to your stamp and rub off with
a cloth or a baby wipe. But this gets that
StazOn off your stamp and keeps it nice and
safe. The is actually the cleaning method
that I use with any kind of tricky inks or
stubborn colored inks that are on my stamps
that I want to clean off. Another little tip
here is while I have that alcohol swab out
that I was cleaning my Acetate with I’m just
going to go ahead and clean off my blocks.
That’s a great way to keep your blocks nice
and clean is just take an alcohol swab to
them and it will clean off any of those stubborn
inks that might be dried on there. Okay, so
now let’s go ahead and do our background that
you see here. The grey piece with the hearts
and also that pink frame that goes around
our shaker window. For the background I have
a 4″x5.25″ piece of Avery Elle Silver Fox
card stock. This is one of my favorite light
grey colors of card stock. I have a square
die from My Favorite Things. It’s a stitched
die. You’ll see the set in a moment. I’m going
to die cut that at the center top of this
piece of card stock. This square cuts actually
the size of the shaker window that we’re creating
here. Now, that was the die set I’m using
is actually a stitched die set from My Favorite
Things. I’m going to take that same square
die that I used before and one a little bit
bigger and I’m going to cut them both at once
from some Razzle Berry My Favorite Things
pink card stock. So when I cut this through
I’ll end up with a little pink frame that
fits perfectly around our little shaker window.
Now if you don’t have a Stacking Square die
set like the one I used here you could just
cut with a craft knife window that would be
the perfect size for the shaker window. Or
Impression Obsession sells a die that cuts
a bunch of frames for these Shake It windows.
So know I wanted to put some of these Falling
Hearts from Simon Says Stamp stencil onto
that grey background. So I’m just using a
little bit of Micropore Tape to tape it in
place. I have Hero Arts shadow ink in a Soft
Granite color. This is a light grey. I have
a sponge dauber from Tsukineko that I’m using
to just apply this ink over the stencil. You
could use any kind of ink applicator here.
Even your fingers to put this ink on the background.
By the way, you could use any ink for this.
I just wanted a grey ink to go over that grey
background. This is a great way to just use
your stencils in a simple way, but you could
also use a background stamp here too if you
wanted to. One thing to keep in mind is that
these shadow inks slowly absorb into the paper
and soften a little bit, so you’ll end up
with a softer grey heart against that soft
grey background. Okay, so now for the fun
part. It’s creating all those little pieces
that go inside the shaker card since these
Impression Obsession Shake-It windows have
some dimension I can put thicker things in
here. One of the things I wanted to put in
are some of these little die cuts from Simon
Says Stamp. They’re little hearts that are
just adorable. I’m going to do this with the
pink card stock I used for the frame. That
way it’ll perfectly match. I have this little
bowl here that I’m putting the little die
cuts in and I’m just popping them out with
my craft knife. So I’m keep everything that
I plan to put in that shaker card in this
little bowl until we’re ready to put it together.
I also cut some hearts from some My Favorite
Things Persimmons card stock. It’s kind of
an orangeish, peaches coral color. That’s
just gorgeous. I have some heart beads here.
I got these from Impress. It’s an online site;
I’ll link to them. I thought they would deb
great for a shaker card. I put three of those
in there. I’m also going to take some Simon
Says Stamp, it’s a mix of moonshine little
sequins. So there’s all different sizes in
here, which is great for shaker cards. You
don’t have to spend time mixing a bunch of
different sizes; it has it all in there. It’s
a iridescent color that matches everything.
I also wanted to put some shape sequins in
there. These re confetti pieces from Pretty
Pink Posh. They come in silver, pink, gold
and red, but I’m just putting silver and gold
in this one. I really like these because they
don’t have the hole in the center and they
are flat. So if you’re doing a flat shaker
window these are great. By the way I keep
all my sequins in Craftmates little containers.
These are fantastic for little embellishment.
Okay, so now it’s time to put our shaker window
together. This is the fun part. I’m going
to put all these pieces inside the little
shake it window. See how they kind of fit
in there. It’s like bowl that holds all the
pieces. Since there is dimension to this shaker
window I thought it would be fun to put something
bigger in there. I have these Color Cast designs
embellishments. I got these with little heart
mirror pieces that are pink. I thought three
of these would be fun inside here. I normally
don’t put his much inside my shaker window,
but since this has some dimension to it and
it’s a large shaker window I thought it would
deb fun to add it in there. Now here’s what
makes this shaker window really fun, you take
the release paper off the edge of your little
shaker window and it has adhesive around the
edge. So it’s ready. All you have to do is
put your backing on this and your little shaker
is ready to go. Now again if you don’t have
this little Shake It window from Impression
Obsession, you could also, just create your
own shaker window. Which I will to some videos
where I show you how to do that. There is
some dimension to these Shake it windows,
so I would mail this in a padded envelope
or hand deliver it. But I mail cards in padded
envelopes all the time and I’ve never had
any problem with it. The shipping cost isn’t
that bad. I’ll link to the ones that I use.
Now, it’s time to put glue on the back of
our frame piece here. Just out that right
on top of the shaker window. By the way they
do sell these little frame pieces of card
stock, so you don’t have to cut your own window
if you want to and it matches perfectly with
the Shake It windows they have. So I’ll link
to all those different products. Then I’m
going to glue down the pink frame we created
with the two square dies earlier. It just
fits nicely around the little window and gives
it a nice finished look. So you can see how
well everything shakes in there. It shakes
perfectly fine. I think it’s fun that there’s
a variety of things on the inside. Now, I’m
going to cover the back of this with some
adhesive. I actually ended up going and putting
a little more adhesive on the back of this
later on, because I wanted to make sure that
it didn’t come apart since we have so many
pieces on it. So there we have our finished
card. By the way, that’s just a top folding
white note card that I created. Now here’s
a second card that I created. It’s very similar
but I put less stuff in it. The one on the
right has less stuff in it. So you can see
that you don’t need to put as much in there
and it will all fall nicely to the bottom,
if that’s what you want. I also used a lighter
gray card stock on the backing. I also wanted
to briefly show you how I created this third
card. It’s much like the ones I showed you
already, but I have an embellishment that’s
glued in the center inside of that shaker
window. I didn’t want this to shake around.
I wanted everything shaking around it. So,
I’m gluing it with some Ranger Multi Medium.
It’s a strong liquid adhesive on to my white
card stock background. I’m going to let that
dry for a minute. I’m going to stamp with
Simon Says Stamp Slate Gray ink. It’s a dark
gray ink and an Impression Obsession background
stamp on to a gray frame that I created just
like I did that light gray earlier in this
video. Instead of taking the shaker window
and putting it upside down and pouring my
embellishments in it, I’m actually pouring
my embellishments right over the backing keeping
it towards the center. Then I’m going take
the shaker window this time and put it down
on top of it. Adhere it on top. The reason
I did this is I wanted to make sure that I
had that glued down red embellishment in the
center centered inside the shaker window.
So now when I shake it all those hearts kind
of fall around that red LOVE sentiment. Just
makes it kind of fun. They kind of get caught
up in there, which I think is really fun too.
I just finished it off like I did with the
last cards. Very easy. Just put it right on
to a note card. Now a lot people ask what
to do if you get static in your shaker box.
It doesn’t bother me one bit, because I think
it’s fun if some of the hearts or little sequins
get kind of stuck up high instead of them
all falling to the bottom. But if it does
bother you, you can wipe your Acetate with
a dryer sheet before you glue it shut and
that will remove some of the static. So there
you can see that third card. By the way I
did want to mention Impression Obsession has
this die set that is cut to frame perfectly
the shaker windows that I used in this video
and then some smaller sizes. They have a bunch
of these dies that fit their shaker windows.
I just decided to use my own. So there you
have a fun way, yet another fun way to create
shaker cards. I’ll link to my other shake
card videos too. If you’re interested in the
products that I use I have them linked in
my YouTube description below or you can head
over to where I have
much more information. I appreciate you stopping
by and I hope to see you again soon.

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