Siberia: The Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rahdo runs through siberia the card game which as you might guess is the car game version of siberia which is a game I’ve never played but I have played designer Reiner stock Allison’s other really big game early on and man we loved that game Jay and I just fell head over heels in love with that and we really liked Siberia the card game as well so someday I certainly hope to play Siberia but for today let’s go to those frozen wastes in summary or the card games so here we go as you can see there are 8 locations in Siberia that we could be extracting resources there’s some natural gas over here and some gold and some coal and there’s also the potential to find oil and diamonds you know and maybe hit none of these other areas now at the beginning of the game everybody gets one work crew and we all start with a hand of five cards let me just shuffle this one more times you really need to shuffle these cards up thoroughly because you’re doing playing lots of sets of two cards and whatnot so one two three four five I see what I got there’s gems starting out of five here’s my starting hand of five I will be the first player and let us see what riches we can exploit from the Siberian wilderness all right now these action cards okay well actually that’s a pretty nice starting hand you’ll notice each one of them has two icons this card can be used either for me to extract natural gas from the wilderness and you can see there’s some natural gas right there just waiting to be grabbed as well as some gold charcoal or I can use this card to hire a salesman there are three stacks of cards that are personnel I could hire I could hire more work crews which means I can be more efficient at harvesting resources or extracting resources I can hire salesmen who make the value of my resources worth more like you know this bucket of gold I could find is 4,000 and it’s worth 4,000 points at the end of the game but if I have the gold salesman it would be worth 7,000 all gold I would find over the course the game would be worth 7,000 no matter what its original starting value was sachets salesmen do and what the investors do if I have any of them is if I have say the gold investor if I if I bring him on board that’s the equivalent of me always having a gold action card in my hand so this effectively increases my hand size functionally by one although but with the limit of only being gold so it’s like I’ve always got an extra gold card right to it and basically so all these cards have two uses but to do in action I have to play two cards with the matching icon so looking at this I could say I could play both of these cards and I’m ignoring the fact that this card gets cold this card gets natural gas and instead I’m paying attention hey both these cards have salesmen so I could play both of these to get a Salesman or I could pay play both of these to extract this coal that’s right here oh and now another thing if instead of playing two matching cards I could play one right if I really want to get this this natural gas right here I don’t have two cards with a natural gas icon you know and I know what I need a pair of natural gas action cards to play but instead I could play one card plus two of any other type to you know non natural gas cards and that would be able to let me harvest this as well so pretty much when you’re gonna do an action you’re gonna play two matching or one of the action you want and two other cards to be able to do the action and the actions are extract natural gas Gold charcoal diamonds or oil depending on what comes out or hire one of the three types of employees so what do I want to do well let’s see wax you hmm yeah okay I think the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna play hmm so I could get myself I could play these two cards and get myself an investor and you know that I’m sorry yeah an investor and that could be a natural gas investor and then that’d be the equivalent yeah let’s go with that I’m not write off the guy I am going to get I’m ignoring the oil and coal on this I’m gonna get I’m gonna hire an investor there’s five of them one for each type of good I’m gonna take the natural gas investor and so that means on a future turn hey look I’ve got to so I’ll be able to harvest natural gas now at the end of your turn after you’ve done one action you draw a card and your turn is over oh actually I got another natural gas law so I didn’t need this investor there’s one thing I forgot though very very important before I did anything before I played my cards and got my investor and all that the first thing I have to do on my turn is I have to basically prospect I have to reveal another one of these cards to find more natural resources now I can reveal any of them and sometimes there’s a particular reason you might pick one on the left or one on the right but at the beginning my turn I just went ahead revealed this oh wow and I found there is more natural gas okay now that makes things a little bit more interesting because yeah yeah yeah okay that’s cool yeah I’m gonna go with that all right so all right so I revealed this the first thing you do is you reveal another card now you don’t have to reveal a card if there’s only one or two left that are unrevealed but as it is I revealed another one then I went on ahead and I hired my investor hey look guys all right I’ve chose him and now at the end of my turn I’ll draw a card and I didn’t even need that now this guy every one of your personnel cards is worth a thousand points so I mean I did get you know basically one point so I’ve got two points right now because I’ve got these two personnel cards and next turn I didn’t even need him cuz I’ll be able to natural gas anyway although actually um having him out here means on my next turn I could do a natural gas and on the turn after that I could do natural gas cuz I got so I because I can really do well at collecting natural gas because I’ve got this investor anyway that was my turn and now it is Jen’s turn let’s see what her starting hand is to do well she’s got a double if she could go ahead and grab these natural gas right now and the interesting thing is all these cards have variable values this natural gas is four thousand that is this is the best natural gas card in the game it does not get any bearing this natural gas I think is usually like two three and I think there’s only one four thousand one in the game so this is really good and but then there’s another one over here that’s three thousand it’s a little bit close to normal now Jen wanted she could just go on ahead she doesn’t know well she can see I’m trying to get natural gas I’ve grown on ya I’m you know I’ve kind of signal my intent here so if Jen wants to do she can just swoop in and really click use these two and grab me and in fact that’s what Jen’s gonna do she well first of all again she has to reveal something she’ll just go on and reveal the next one and there’s some oil in them thar hills all right so now Jen could I see an in she’s got oil coal yeah Marie so Jen’s gonna go ahead and play these two cards and grab this natural gas and make me very sad that Jen got to it before I did okay and now whenever we clear an area out so Jen just scored four points got the best natural gas car in the game whenever you clear spaced out we draw a new one and put it in there so now there is more undiscovered country out there and then at the end of Jen’s turn she draws a card and so now she’s got double oil so on her next turn she could play both of these and grab this oil barrel here for four thousand now the interesting thing is if there were multiple oil out she would have to take she always have to go from left to right so she would have to take the leftmost one before she get to this one and so this is when it becomes interesting if Jen’s planning on harvesting oil and she has an eye on this one because she’d like to get the four thousand instead of a cheaper one she might not want to reveal this on a future turn because she does and if it’s a lower value oil then she would have to take the lower value one instead of the higher value one so there is a little bit of strategic that goes into picking what you revealed anyway so the energetic earned she drew a card and that was her turn and now it’s back to me back to my turn and now I has a sad because Jen grabbed it although I could still go ahead and just play and now I only have to play one card to harvest natural gas but the first thing I’m going to do is I am going to reveal and let’s see I would hate to have this reveal this and have it be a level a two thousand natural gas so lessee what else could I do though the other thing I could do is I could well I could use both of these cards to harvest coal that’s a really good-looking coal what is the highest value coal is that five thousand six thousand I think that might be yes it is this is the best coal vain in the game so um I think I’ll go on ahead I see so I could play both of these cards to go ahead and grab that coal while it’s still good and good or I could get a Salesman because the interesting thing is if I get the natural gas salesman every natural gas cart I get is worth four thousand although the interesting thing yeah and so if I’m gonna get a long actual gas I want to get this salesman jen has gotten some natural gas I’m still planning on getting more because I’ve got the investor for it so while I could go on ahead and grab that coal really quick maybe I should only play one card and use my young pay one card I think I’m gonna do I’m just gonna go ahead and play only one card so I can pick up this and I got some natural gas as well and then at the end of my turn I get to draw a card and let’s see so now I see so I could still harvest that coal like it’s but but and I can still get a single natural gas I could still hire a Salesman I’ve still got a lot of options with these three cards and so that was my turn now it is Jen’s turn again and so first thing she’s got do unless we’re down to only two unrevealed things she has to reveal one and what she think she’s gonna do this turn she could go on ahead and grab that oil although that is not the most valuable on the world she could go on ahead and hire her own investor or she could well she owned she only has a single worker so she want to hire another worker she’d have to play this plus two other cards or another well first of all Jen has to reveal card she was going ahead reveal the leftmost one and see what it is diamonds the best diamond in the game is an eight thousand so this is the second best all right Jen can’t harvest diamonds at all though so you know what I think if she wanted to grab that on your turn you can either do an action which is what you’ve been seeing us do so far or instead you can pass and you know normally when you do in action you play two or maybe three cards and then you draw one so you’re basically bleeding cards instead you can pass and that’s what Jen’s gonna do she’s just gonna draw two cards and hope for some diamonds hope diamonds and boom there it is although she only got one so on a future turn Jen could play this diamond plus two other cards to be the first to grab these diamonds or she could play both of these and give up her chance at diamonds to be able to hire another work crew etc etc anyway so Jen just grab some cards now it’s my turn again once again I have to reveal and dinted it to what seals are gonna do yeah I’ll go ahead and reveal the next one ooh there’s too cold now here’s the thing if I on my turn use these two guys to harvest coal I will take the leftmost 1 which is the 5000 but here’s the thing I’m only gonna take one card when I extract coal because I’ve only got one work crew if I had to work crews when I extract coal I could grab two cards if I have three work crews I could grab three cards so what I could do is well I could use I could use this and then give up two more cards to be able to hire a work crew so that when I harvest coal I’d be able to grab two cards instead of one plus another work crews worth another thousand bucks but then I draw a card and hopefully it’d be another coal so that in one action in one extract action I could get two cards but that’s a bit iffy do I go for that and what else could I do I could hire another salesman right now and maybe I should go on ahead and get the salesman that makes all my natural gas worth more and then I could still in the next turn I could grab coal mmm and now the question or I could just pass entirely and draw two more cards hopefully with the intention of getting a second worker so next turn I could get two workers then they turn out to that I could get two coal all at once but the thing I’ve always got to worry about Jen’s building up cards – and what if she beats me to the punch should I just strike while the iron is hot spend two cards to get one or should I invest a little bit more get a bigger workforce and then spend two cards to get two um well you know what Jen just took a breather and drew some cards so I think I’ll take a breather and draw some cards as well and I get another natural gas and alright so I could get another investor with these two I’m really good at harvesting natural gas but none had been revealed and that’s kind of a bummer so that was my turn I just drew a couple of cards Jen’s turn now first of all she’s got to reveal another card she was going hand reveal the next one more coal Wow so now if you had three workers and did a coal extract you could pick up three cards just like that and you know what with that in mind I mean Jen was originally thinking she want to go and grab the diamonds but there’s so much coal out there all right but oh yeah for Jen to use these two cards to hire another worker she’d be throwing away her only coal extraction card as well on the flip side who on the flip side Jen could maybe like say throw away you know this gold in this oil to get an investor yeah yeah Jen’s gonna do that Jen’s gonna play it play these cards and offer the resources but to hire an investor so Jen’s now we’re gonna invest her as well there’s the diamond so Jen could do this guy and then a single diamond card would be able to collect those diamonds which are the most valuable things or a single coal card right so she has a single diamond and a single coal what she want to do you know what I think she I mean she was thinking about the coal but I think she’s gonna grab the diamonds if she’s got a diamond investor I’ve got a work crew and a natural-gas investor she’s got a diamond investor we both collected one natural gas that’s it and now at the end of Jen’s turn she draws another card and she gets the ability to hire a Salesman if she wants okay that’s Turing now it’s my turn now we’re down to only two unrevealed so I can reveal one of these if I want but I don’t have to and the game itself ends once every single card in this deck is on the table and has been revealed so you know once you’re down once all that this deck is empty and there’s only a few things left players can drag the game out I know until eventually when somebody reveals you know the final card so do I want to reveal another card well see the thing is I mean I can’t reveal another card but I have to ask myself is that gonna benefit Jen more than me you know what since there’s no natural gas out and I’m the king of natural gas extraction I think I will reveal another one and I found some oil which doesn’t really help me I can’t extract oil at all all right so what am I gonna do now I see so I could get another investor I could get another salesman I could play to car I could play this plus two cards I didn’t get the worker I was hoping for but I did get another coal so I think I’m gonna play three cards I’m gonna play this and my action is gonna be hire a worker and then I will toss this in this because my actual hire worker and since I didn’t have another worker card I had to play two different cards and so I have hired my second work crew so now when I harvest stuff I can harvest two cards on the board and you can see how there’s two oil there’s three so that makes me a more efficient at harvesting or extracting anything and at the end my turn I draw a card and I move some diamonds okay so that was it Jen’s turn now she could reveal the last one I don’t think she’s going to I think she’s just gonna leave it so now Jen she’s gonna go on ahead and play this single card play which is for Diamond Plus her investor means she only had to play one card to get these diamonds and so Jen just scored 7,000 points all right and then she draws another card and another diamond oh wow she can find another diamond she can get it real easy um you know only happen because of this investor she’s you know really and so gems really pulled him to the lead now she’s got we reached oh I see I’ve got 3000 here she’s got 2000 I’ve got 3,000 and she’s got 11,000 so Jen is definitely in the lead on points at this point although I mean you know it’s Ipek I think I might turn that around right now now first of all I have to reveal something no I don’t there’s only two hidden and I don’t want to reveal this because that might be coal and it might be a really low value coal because I’m gonna harvest coal and I want to get these two higher value ones so I’m not gonna reveal this and with that I’ll just leave that secret and although it could be natural gas which I’m really good at so I will reveal this one wow it’s more coal but it’s really cheap mm the lowest value coal there is you know and so my action is I’m gonna play two coal cards and because I’ve got two workers I take both of these that was 9,000 bucks worth of stuff I just picked up and that means we have two more new places to explore I draw another card and oh wow more coal alright so I don’t have a pair of anything here huh everything is unique although again because I’ve got the natural gas investor I can always do that if natural gas is found so that was my turn Jen’s turn alright now we have one two three three so Jen does have to reveal something if she could she’d love to find some more diamonds to use her investor what is she gonna reveal she’ll just what X he’ll go ahead revealed one and it’s more coal it’s a thousand alright that’s that I lied earlier in two thousand is off the lowest thousand coal goes all the way down to a thousand that’s right so Jen certainly doesn’t want a harvest cold because she just get a really lousy one although again getting a lousy one is fine if you get the coal salesman because then suddenly all charcoal is worth five thousand apiece even these dinky little ones so what does Jen want to do you know what actually speak in which I think Jen is Jen is gonna hire the first salesman of the games there’s two salesmen here all right and so what does she want to get well now she could um you know in well she can’t crease the value of the natural gas she’s got because she already has the best one in the game and she can’t crease the value of these diamonds I think no no she could these are over seven but they could be turned into eight if she gets the diamond salesman but Jen could also get seller of the month investor of the month or employee of the month because I remember I said at the end of the game every one of your personnel is worth a thousand but if you get um you know if you get investor employee of the month that turns her investor from only being worth 1000 to being worth 4,000 so Jen has this she wants to get a lot more investors really quick now what does she have in her hand what is the next thing she’s gonna be able to do she’ll be able to get another worker next turn so I think Jen is going to try and make her workers double their value so Jen just hired a Salesman alright so all of her workers are gonna be worth two thousand a pop and plus the salesman himself is worth a thousand and now this workers work two thousand so that was Jen’s turn and at the end of return she draws a card and boom she can start hiring workers like crazy now what she really wants to do and that’ll make her much faster at extracting stuff and now it’s my turn I have no pairs at all but first ball okay I’ve got to reveal something let’s go in and just reveal this diamonds ah well if only natural gas would come out I’d be able to collect that so I think this turn I’m just gonna go ahead and draw two cards and see what I get I could I could collect some gold there’s a bucket of gold right there so next turn I could grab that if I want although again I’d rather wait because I’ve got two workers I’d rather wait till there are two gold out before I collect that so I could get these two cards to collect two items anyway so all I did was draw cards that turn it’s Jens turn I see we’re down to only one unrevealed thing Jen we’ll just leave it a secret and this turn Jen is going to hire another work crew so she gets that and that is a $2,000 work crew and now she can do double doubles just like me okay and so she just to draw a card and okay she’s got a double diamond although she only needs a single diamond to be able to get this 6000 diamond thing but Laurel that a bit too my turn let’s see now I have to reveal something I’m gonna reveal and please be gold I want golden alright yeah oh yeah baby oh we’re gonna hit it big ah these cue cards just drew I’m gonna turn them in to do a gold extraction I have two workers so that means I just picked up eight thousand bucks of gold oh nice and I probably before too long won it before he’s gone I probably want to grab the gold salesman who can turn those four thousand into seven thousand anyway so that was my turn I draw another card and it’s a hmm okay yeah next turn I could get the salesman and get the gold salesman I think that’s what I’m gonna do next turn but anyway in the meet oh and we have to bring out two more so we are just tearing through the Siberian countryside rippin all these resources up Jen’s turn let’s see so she could get now she’s in the same situation as me she doesn’t want to harvest diamonds unless there’s at least two on display so she can leverage her bigger work crew so first of all she will reveal and she will hope that these are diamonds nope they’re gold she came in harvest gold so now what’s she gonna do she could still just play a single card with her investor to get a single diamond yeah I guess that’s what she’ll do she’ll play a single card grab these diamonds shine bright like a diamond and boom there’s a new one she draws another card and okay so she has no pairs no nothing matching back to me back to my turn I don’t have to reveal these things what can I have it I see I where’s the natural-gas I’m gonna reveal one and hope it’s natural gas more diamonds oh and Jen’s every bummed about that she could have picked up two oh well he might so what am I gonna do okay I’m gonna go ahead and get that salesman now I’ve got I’m gonna play these two I’m gonna grab my first salesman he is gonna be a gold salesman all righty in Shanghai we’re gonna be selling all our gold so I just made because these are both for I just made 6,000 bucks with that purchase very nice and then I draw a card and let’s see so and once again I have no matches at all that’s crazy Jen’s turn she could reveal this last card what sex Jim yeah she will hopefully it’s another diamond because because she can you know harvest diamonds and it’s oil all right so let’s Jenna do I think she’ll just play her other single diamond to get this single diamond and then puts another thing out she’ll draw a new card and hey Jen could get another investor now all right and so and she wants to because then she could upgrade all these diamonds so she’s sorry no no no she already has the time invested she wants a diamond salesman to increase the value of all these diamonds but in the meantime she could get an investor to make it easier for her to then harvest gold let’s say or something like that because I’ve only got right see was that was her turn my turn there’s only one thing to reveal I don’t have to I don’t have very many cards what do I want to do well you know what I think I’m gonna stop right there because hopefully you guys have a pretty good idea of how this game plays it’s a very quick filler Jen I can very easily get this game done in under a half an hour and that includes setting up and putting it back away in the box and then you like I said the game just keeps going until this deck is emptied out they’re all out there and every single card has been revealed and at the end of the game we tally up all the resources we’ve got plus all the personnel enhanced by all the sales folks we’ve got and you know all this everything is public information so you can see what players are good at you can see what their targets are and it’s all about hand management how to use these multi-use cards to the best effect as you race race race against the other players to grab all the goodies before the game is over and that’s it folks that is Siberia the card game if you’d like to hear some final thoughts you can hit that little i’ up in the top right corner of screen to go to the final thoughts in five or to what

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  1. There should be a Slave card. As Siberia was developed by slaves. No due to theme for me. Thank you for the runthrough though.

  2. This is an excellent game. I found a copy online last week at Time Well Spent Games. If you want to try it online for free, it's available at Happy Meeple. The interface there is decent.

  3. Rahdo what was about the history of boardgamebrawl u mentioned it in the live play

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