Skinny Minnie Poker : Skinny Minnie Dealing: Building Hands

We have drawn, we’ve done the draw in Skinny
Minnie. And now it’s time to structure or build the hands we’re going to roll. So this
player does just that. He looks at his hand and he builds it. And now let’s look at your
hand. You took your Jack/ten of clubs and hoped for the best. And you caught a pair
of tens with a Queen kicker. That’s probably not going to take the hand. So what you need
do is roll this in a way, such a way, that you’ll get to take down the hand. Hopefully,
you can push the rest of us out of the hand. So you stack it like that. You are going to
be selling a straight. Actually, you’re going to be selling Broadway, ten to Ace. This player
goes ahead and stacks his hand. Me, I stack mine real quick and we’re going to pick up
with the rest of the hand in the next segment.

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