Skinny Minnie Poker : Skinny Minnie Dealing: Pre-draw

Okay, we are playing Skinny Minnie and we’re
going to discuss the predraw portion of the game in this segment. The very first thing
is everyone antes one red chip. You can have your ante be whatever you want. Say five pennies.
And I am going to deal five cards to every player at the table. And now the key thing
about Skinny Minnie is that it’s played high/low. So your may not be so great as a high hand
but be a good low hand. And that’s something to consider. Now we have a betting round.
And let’s say the player to my left checks. And we look at your hand and you have, you
actually have middling cards. And I want to stress that in a came that’s high/low, it’s
best to not play middling hands. But we are going to go ahead and proceed with this hand
for demonstration purposes. So, you’ll check. This player checks. And you checked because
you’re hoping to see the draw for free. And I’m going to go ahead and check and you will
see the draw for fee.

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