Skinny Minnie Poker : Skinny Minnie Dealing: Rolling 3rd Card

So we had some drama and some sales in our
last round, let’s see what happens next. Three of us remain, and we each roll another card.
And the person, while I don’t have a good hand, I’m representing that I have a junk
hand. The person to my left is representing that he’s got the low and the high going,
he’s representing a straight flush, that’s also a five low. You on the other hand have
dealt another card toward a straight. But at this point it’s probably not time to bet,
and it’s probably not time, when it comes down to it, to call because we know you have
a pair of tens and nothing else. This player he’s representing, he puts out two black chips,
you fold, sorry. I call the two black chips.

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