Sky Vegas Makes Another Millionaire

I started playing and I saw that I had the free money offer
So I took that up and that is when I started and it was only about eight presses in, ten presses in
and then you go into a different section
where you collect crowns and that takes you up
so you pick a different thing. You get 15 crowns and then you go to
a jackpot wheel. Well that spins around and you can see above the jackpot
where it says £90. So I thought: “Well I’ve won £90 here”
Whice is quite nice isn’t it!
It was alright! Then it just didn’t move off the jackpot. Then all the numbers just came in.
Did you definitely know you had won the jackpot at that point?
Well probably in your heart you think you have won it
But in your head you think: “there must be something wrong here”
I think I knew I had won it, if you get what I mean, but there is always a doubt in your head
Have I really won it?
And do you remember that phone call that you had with the guy
I remember the phone call with the guy, he was lovely
I have just won the jackpot but I am a bit unsure if it has gone through right
Have you been lucky enough to win the jackpot, congratulations
£1.6million is it?
Congratulations on your win there, bud!
After about two minutes of talking he was really nice, I could hear somebody in the background
saying: “The jackpot has been won!” He seemed really happy that side as well
I was a bit cynical, I never believed it. Even when you see the pictures of somebody else
you think is it real that or has somebody else really done it…
Obviously now I know it is real.
What were the next few days like for you?
I always thought I would be ecstatic if I won it. Do not get me wrong I am ecstatic
I have won it, but I always thought I would be cheering, going down the pub having a good few drinks
But I was off my after my food, I could not drink and I could not sleep at night.
My stomach was turning for about three days
I went back to work but it was just going through the motions. Just surreal.
When did you tell the lads that you work with, what was their reaction?
At first nobody believes you do they!
When I told my boss, he was a bit like: “Are you leaving?”
I said: “No I am carrying on”
All the lads did not believe it until well…
Probably until you bought them a pint I reckon!
I probably had to show them all and they were wondering if I had doctered the photograph
because I took a screenshot of it.
We have got some Sky Vegas players and Sky Vegas fans, some of them have seen some questions in
So the first question is from Tim Stone
He says: “Scott was your favourite Sky Vegas game (before you won?)”
He also says: “By the way, congratulations and well done”
Well thank you. My favourite game… I always seem to go on the new ones when the come out because
I think I win more on them. But my favourite game is Imperial Dragon
The features seem quite good on it.
Sarah Dibbo says: “Who was the first person you told about your win, and why?”
I told my partner Sandra we have been
together for 15 years so I went through and told her
We both could not believe it. I showed her all of it and she said: “Is that the amount you think it is?”
I said yes. £1.6million.
Sharon Clayton, she says: “How long did it take to sink in that you are a millionaire?”
Like I said, I knew straight away that I had
won it, and of course Sky being Sky
it is not like a two-bit firm so I knew I had won it.
It was probably three days, I think three days until I knew I had won it then
Then it was just the bit waiting for it to go in.
So what are your plans for your money, Scott? How are you going to spend it?
I am going to go a bit steady, but I am going to buy a house, going to get married next year
I was going to get married anyway but this is going to help an awful lot for that
We have also decided we are going to go to Florida in February
I have never been abroad, never a holiday, I have never had a passport yet!
Something you might not be aware of but actually we have had three millionaires come from the
North East of England. You haven’t been up here long have you?
I have been working up here for four years, and traveled it for two
then we decided the little one was going to start high school so we decided
we were going to move up so we moved up
But if this is where all the wins come from it was probably a good idea wasn’t it?
There might be something in the water maybe!
Probably! But like I say, I could not foresee this!
So good news, I can see your account has been credited with £1.6million.

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