Slots Tutorial: Demonstration of a Loss Disguised as a Win

On a slot machine, it seems pretty easy to
identify a win and a loss.
Here’s a win on a popular Ontario casino machine
called Lobstermania.
[winning bells]
The machine flashes and makes positive sounds.
In this case, the player won 150 credits.
Here is a loss.
The machine does not light up or make any
[winning bells]
Here, the machine lit up and made positive
sounds as if there were a win.
However, it is not a win.
The player has wagered 75 credits and only
won 25.
Research shows that players physiologically
react to LDWs in the same way as they do to
wins regardless of whether they realize that
these are not actually wins.
These losses can be quite deceptive, giving
players positive reinforcement for what is
actually a loss disguised as a win.
Some casinos have a Lobstermania game where
1 credit is worth 5 dollars, making the “Max
Bet” 375 dollars.
If this player were playing that game, they
would have lost 250 dollars on the last spin.

1 thought on “Slots Tutorial: Demonstration of a Loss Disguised as a Win

  1. I disagree on the first spin. The player did not win 150 credits, the player only won 75 credits as it cost 75 credits to play. You are an instructor about slot machine loses and it even fooled you!….This is so typical of slot machines, to give the player essentially an "extra spin"….a whole extra spin….big deal is what I say…..these machines are a total and complete ripoff and should be outlawed.

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