SML Movie: Jeffy’s Pokemon Card!

*sigh* Junior: Cody I’m bored what do you want to do tonight.
[Cody: Oh, I have an idea! Junior: What?]
[Cody: Lets Pokemon Battle! I already brought my cards!]
[Junior: Pokemon battle!?]
[Cody: Yeah! And I’ll go first! BOOM! Wailord! Beat that, Junior.]
[Junior: Woah! Cody, I didn’t know they put your mom on a Pokemon card!]
[Cody: *upset sigh* Junior, can we go at least one day without you making a joke about my mom being fat?]
[Junior: I never said your mom was fat Cody. I called her a whale. Cody: Junior, that’s you calling my mom fat!]
[Junior: No,no, no! YOU called her fat. and if you want to say your mom’s fat, she’s definitely fat.]
[She’s fatter than anything in the world. Cody: J-junior! Whatever. I’ll just put down another card. Here. Machamp.]
[He used to be Machoke, but I don’t let him do that anymore. Junior: He looks so cool…]
[WAIT EW! ..Why is it sticky?]
[Cody: Because I came( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) back from the bakery after eating doughnuts and cupcakes….]
[And then I touched the card so that’s] [why it’s sticky.]
[Junior: Oh, yeah, you should take] [better care of your cards. Cody: Yeah]
Junior: What other cards do you have Cody?
Cody: Let’s see I got a Nidohunk. He’s sticky too, those darn doughnuts.
And then I got a Muk, spell that backwards, that’s what was on the first two cards ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)
and then I got Diglett who…looks like something I want to put in my mouth.
Junior: Oh, well, those are some pretty cool cards Cody! Cody: Well. Where are your cards Junior?Junior: Oh?-OH YEAH!
I have the coolest cards ever Cody. hold on let me go get them
They’re super cool better than your stupid cards Cody: o-ok? Junior: all right Cody. Are you ready to see the coolest pokemon cards ever Cody: okay?
Junior:Yeah, go ahead. Take a look Cody: Alright. Junior: get jealous you have poliwag
Poliwhirl poliwrath and politoed, uh-huh well Poliwrath is kinda hot, but other than that. I’m not impressed.
You’re not impressed?! No…? Turn the page get impressed. Okay?
Junior you have so many Polly’s ಠ_ಠ yeah, I do what?
Junior look at this. This is ridiculous. I know it is oh my god Junior.
You have all the Polly’s all the Polly’s you take that back because you know what I’m missing one what really which one
I’m missing politoed EX.
Politoed EX. He’s the most rarest Polly of them all and I don’t have him, Cody.
I’ve been opening up hundreds and hundreds of packs, and I’ve never gotten the politoed EX. Wow. Yeah
I’d kill for that card. Jeffy: Hey guys, who wants their nips pierced?
$5.00 you know what? Make it twelve. I’m down. Jeffy, do you have any Pokemon cards?
Pokemon cards? What is that? Oh, Pokemon cards are these cool monsters on them again. I’ve got Muk on mine.
*gasp* I wan’t some Pokemon cards! Where do I get ’em?
Well go ask your dad for some Pokemon cards.
But what if we said no? Well then scream and yell at him. You know what Junior? You’re right. Yeah, he’ll eventually
give them to you.
*sigh* I would do anything for a Politoed EX. Hey daddy, can you buy me some Pokemon cards? Pokemon cards? Jeffy
I’m not buying you Pokemon cards. Well, let me break it down for your daddy. What? Break it down?
If you say yes…
Happy Jeffy (no screaming). But, if you say no… sad Jeffy (scream my head off). *Good Idea Jeffy*
Jeffy, I don’t want to buy you Pokemon cards. So is that our yes or no, daddy?
*sigh* It’s a no, Jeffy.
*sigh* Well, you asked for it daddy…
*deep inhale* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Hey guys, I got a pack of Pokemon cards.
You got a pack of Pokemon cards? Yup, sure did. Well, open ’em up Jeffy. Yeah, open ’em up. You do it. Alright, let’s open these baby’s up.
All right, let’s see what we got here.
What type of cards did he get? Let’s see. He got a Caterpie. Caterpie? Cater-pee pee. You got a Magikarp
Oh, a fishy! You got Machop, oh, this one’s kinda hunky. Uh, Jeffy can I have this card? I don’t care. Okay
That’s so cool! You got a Chimchar.
*gasp* A mister monkey card?! Hey mister monkey what doin?
You got a Pikachu. Pikachu?! Oh my god, jr.. What? It’s just a Pikachu. No jr. Look!
[He got a politoed EX!] *Lucky Jeffy*
It’s the only one I’m missing. It’s the rarest card in the world. Cody give it to me! Give it to me
No, it’s Jeffy’s card you have to ask him! Well he won’t care! He gave you the Machop!
Jeffy can I have the Politoed EX?
No! That’s a froggy card! That’s my favorite! Cody, give me the froggy card! *But Jeffy Junior Wants It*
Nononononono! Jeffy! Jeffy! I need that card! Look-look-look!
I have all the Poly’s in the world I have every single polly in the world and that’s the only one I’m missing. I need that card!
No, Junior, this card looks like it tastes good
Nononono! D-d-don’t chew on it!
Look! Look! Why?
I’ll trade you any card you want I’ll trade you a whale card is it jr.. That’s my card! Cody! Cody! Please
Let me trade of those cards. I’ll do anything you want! anything…? anything!
I’ll hold you to that all right Jeffy eeyagh you want this whale court. I’ll trade you that whale card for it
No, I like the froggy card. It’s my favorite one. No! No! Please! I’ll give you anything. I’ll give you anything
I’ll give you any of my toys. I’ll give you uh anything. Um… I’ll think about it. Oh
No! Don’t chew on it! Cody! I need that card. I need it, Cody! Well, it’s Jeffy’s card. He can do whatever he wants with it. Oh, yeah
I have to find the way to get it! x2
OK, Jeffy I’ll give you my Thomas for the Politode EX. You see my kitty-cat glasses, Junior? It got in my Happy Meal.
Wh-yeah I see it. Meow. Well look, i’ll give you my Thomas for the Politode EX. (2nd time)
I said I would think about it, Junior. Wh-how long did you take for think about it? 5 minutes.
We’ll where’s the Politoed EX? Oh it’s right here under my drink. WHY WOULD YOU PUT UNDER YOUR DRINK?! So the table wouldn’t get wet.
Well- it can’t the card get wet! Why? BECAUSE IT WOULD DESTROY IT! Oh I want the chicken nuggets. Make sure it nothing happens to it.
*gasp* What’s that, Mr. Froggy? You said you’re hungry? Well, have a chicken nugget. *grunt* (Jeffy You Are Making It Worse)
*loud screaming*
Jeffy! Jeffy! Go wash it in the sink! (x2)
W-Wuh– Okay, Junior!
Rinse it off, but don’t put a lot of water because it ruin it just put a little bit of water, okay a little bit
*Both Screaming*
DRY x5 Is it safe?
Looks like it Junior. Oh thank God! I thought it was destroyed. OK Jeffy so I can please have the card now?
I don’t know Junior. I still really like it.
I love it, and I really need it for my collection, and uh did you know that um, today’s my birthday and nobody got me anything for my birthday and that’s the only thin that I ever want for my birthday. (Junior, it’s not your birthday)
Today’s your birthday, Junior? Uh-yeah. It is, yeah. I’ll be right back. Hold on. Oh, really? Oh boy! x4
Happy birthday to you.
(JEFFY, THE CARD IS ON FIRE!) *Insert SpongeBob inference*
Just please give me the card. I don’t know what I want to do with it yet! I really want it though. Let me tell you something
Hold this, Poopy-Butt.
(Puts It In Poop-Butts Mouth)
I have something to tell you shut your mouth listen I wear a diaper on the outside of my pants
And I have a pencil up my nose for crying out loud! And I wear a bicycle helmet on top of my–
Jeffy! The dog is chewing– Junior, I’m talking!
I wear a bicycle helmet on top of my head! And sometimes I don’t even ride my bike!
Have my name on my shirt! And sometimes I still forget it, Junior! So, when you go and asking me to make a decision on something
as important as a Pokemon card, you need to consider how busy my life really is.
Th-the dog is still chewing on it though!
Oh. Spit it out, poopy-butt!
It’s all bent, Jeffy!
Oh, whoops. I can fix it!
Jeffy! That’s a blender! You’re gonna destroy the card!
Junior, let me explain something to you this thing makes smoothies so it makes things smooth, so don’t make the card smooth again Junior
No it’s not, Jeffy! It’s gonna destroy it!
Allow me to demonstrate. (Jeffy Turns On Blender)
*screaming* AHHH! JEFFY! x7
What? I don’t even want it any more, Jeffy! You destroyed it! I don’t even want it any more!
*sobs* I really want the politoed EX.
Um… Junior. W-What, Jeffy? I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve finally decided what to do with the card.
I think we should share it. Share it? Like-like-like I have it for a few days and you have it for a few days?
[No. This is what I was thinking, Junior. Let’s see… In the middle here…]
[*screams* NO!NO! Alright, Junior. Here’s your half. And here’s my half.] (Jeffy You Cut The Card And Its Broke) (Rip politoed EX)
[AHHH!! Cody! * W H E E Z E * What’s wrong, Junior?]
Jeffy. Jeffy destroyed his politoed EX. And-uh (x3) And I really wanted it.
*quick breathing* (lololololol what are you, junior? a monkey?)
[*spits w/ tongue*]
[Well guess what, Junior. What? I have a politoed EX!]
[Got off eBay for like 5 bucks]
[Yeah turns out it’s really not that rare or special you can just buy any card on eBay for like 5 bucks]
[I mean, there’s no point even getting a pack you could just buy the card you want]
[And then you got it for f-f-five bucks?]
[Yeah, there’s like a ton of them on there]
[C-can I have it?!]
[No, if I remember correctly you said you would do *ANYTHING* for a Politoed EX. I will do anything. I’ll do anything I wanted! Okay. Well. I’m down to Muk.]
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  1. They are giving pokemon toys and cards at mcdonalds i got two cards a digtrio and an eevee and they are sparkly

  2. Jeffy: Here’s you’re half, and here’s my half

    Junior: AAAAaAaAaaaAAAAAAAAaaAaaA😂

  3. I hate jeffy because he ruined the politoad ex it’s like the rarest card

  4. When i first saw this sml movie
    That cody says “looks like something that i want to put in my mouth”
    Then i realize he was gay

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    Cody: IN HAAAALLF!!!!!!!! [cries]

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