Snooker Physics: Chalking the Cue

Chalking the cue is actually quite key
when you want to put a spin on the ball. So when you’re putting a spin on the ball you
basically need to hit it off the center of mass. You’ve got a much smaller contact angle with
with the cue ball and you need to make sure that you’ve got very good friction
between the two surfaces there. The purpose of the chalk is actually to
create a rough surface to increase the friction so you can then transfer
that energy to a spin on the ball. Now you may have seen people basically
screwing the actual chalk on to the tip. What that’s going to do is actually
smooth the surface down, it’s effectively like sandpaper. So what we want to do is
actually put it onto the surface, you want to drag it over and leave the chalk
actually on the surface itself as opposed to grinding it on because
that will actually create a smoother surface and your friction actually
be less, which will then hinder you if you want to put a spin on the ball.

6 thoughts on “Snooker Physics: Chalking the Cue

  1. Sorry, but was the worst way to chalking a cue… the explanation very good.. the example very bad.

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