Sound Editing vs Sound Mixing – This is Only a Test 534 – 1/16/20

that’s too low ready
ready you ready hey let’s start the show for Thursday January 16 2020 welcome to
this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com and then suddenly the
Enterprise DS bridge hello and welcome to well a special episode of this is
only a test cuz you heard from the intro we got an OG in the house Will Smith
that’s special that was like my dearest you know it’s like a comma there what is
that it’s become a being norm they calling me well fishel a special I guess
yeah well that’s nice dude yeah it’s good thanks for having me always a
pleasure oh it sure wasn’t available and and we
didn’t record an episode of still entitled this week so let’s get all your
opinions and thoughts here well you had Mario Brown we did also it was episode
recorded last week a little bit of a sausage making and we didn’t record this
week as we had the unfortunate timing the passing of Adam’s dog Huxley yeah so
it was not good timing for all Jeremy’s here as well hello
right Ella’s also special oh it’s great to have Jeremy here I see you know well
you missed a you missed two episodes of this podcast where the outro the fake
outro now we do come back to the end so you don’t listen all the way to the end
of this podcast what you may miss is that the end ly up so we end each
episode with an ultra created by one of you and these are posted on the forums
there is actually a SoundCloud link where he’d download the raw asset then
you remix if you so choose or put it
whatever just tell people to check out your soundcloud you can check out our
soundcloud going viral and and create an outro that will play we don’t even
listening to him beforehand they could be obscene they could be all sorts but
but they’ve been fantastic so far we’ve had a bunch of standout contributors
just in a case speed whoa Hawk oh and of label Hawks I’m really killing
it and the last two episodes of this a podcast we used an outro created by him
that called back to one of the great moments of this podcast
it was CES 2013 do you remember CES 2013 well other you weren’t there that was
the year yeah that was my daughter was born that’s right yeah and do you
remember what you did the year your guy did one angry rant about how much CES
sucks yes and you know what still sucks see ya CES the concept Electronic Show
um actually this year something that was useful got announced the Bluetooth
low-energy audio spec that’s that’s you know that’s on our show notes well to be
discussed in the technology newsletter Scott segue segue to the mobile show
anyway that’s a call-out for you up there I should do really want to yes oh
you know Jeremy had a whole segment where he did rants and people loved it
No thank you he caught one of them I was here I was it was the 500 episode I did
one that with Geron mmm that’s right well you did one on a previous episode
that was a real it was a real incisive like you really got in got like you you
really let us know what ground your gear I don’t so passionately about much yeah
but when it comes to backing in the parking spaces I’m all-in
you know there was an article that this in New York Times this week about
parking space packers maybe was Mel like he remembered something I read on the
internet regularly really and it turns out that that is a very divisive thing
like people are either Oh 100% for backing into parking spaces or they’re
against backing into parking spaces what is their name for these two groups
identify what do you self-identify as Jeremy are you you’re a you’re a back in
ER you know I do you are you not a backyard I’ve been backing in since
before I had it back camera and the backup camera there’s no
excuse you should be doing this kind of thing it’s a smart move you think it’s
safer it is far safer when you’re leaving the
parking space because you can see what’s you’re about to hit or what not you’re
backing out of a parking space it’s so when you pull into a parking space
forward you’re just you’re thinking about the now you’re not thinking about
the future and that’s the problem and we’re Americans start when you do back
into a spot you can see better then and you can see better later so I don’t ever
back into spaces in parking lots but I always back into the driveway cuz you
want it when you’re pulling out of the driveway always want to be knows first
you don’t want to back out into the street that’s true depends how long F
knows you have to well that’s true I used to live in an apartment that
apartment I lived in on across from Costco South of Market the only way I
could fit into the parking space was to back in so I had to back off of a
Harrison Street which is a really busy four-lane road where people go 90 miles
an hour and it was always terrifying and I’m a little shell-shocked you say it’s
a divisive thing but I don’t think it would be if we were all in the same
capability level whoa if we could we all if we all practiced it it is not an easy
thing driving backwards is not an easy thing although I watched a semi drive
backwards down Chenery Street the other day pretty vans for three blocks the
rule has two stop lights stop signs it was improving
yes generally because he missed his turn well yeah and where the hell’s he gonna
turn around on chattering that guy blows me away like I can’t back up like that
guy I used to get like when I have boat and I would be responsible for backing
the boat down the boat ramp yeah when there’s always an audience and you’re
like you know like you know that there’s a bunch of old guys with mustaches
drinking a can of Coors Club cores that are like there to judge you well towing
and backing up is a complete different story – well backing up cuz everything’s
backwards backwards yeah yeah yeah like left is right and right is left yeah
that’s basically with the same is right and not enough I think is it BMW and
Audi that have the patent to do these the composite Skycam the the Warped
image where you can see you can get essentially a drones eye view of your
car I have that which is quite a sight you have that as well yeah 360 men see
that makes backing up a no-brainer yep can you trust that thing yes
it’s 100% it’s amazing what if there’s like a dog between you and the curb is
this show up on the cameras it’s warped it doesn’t look like a dog but you see
it’s like everything you can see the lines importantly how close the lines
are diddly or left and right side people don’t know how they do it they get in my
car they’re like how is that how is that your car and then I have to tell them I
don’t have a white car it’s a white car on the screen why is it
a white car you guys it can be any color you get your you get your color car on
your screen yes I just hit mine all bolts are a white car but then I say put
your hand out the window yeah and they do and then their hand like takes up an
entire quarter of the car there’s this massive hand out three like oh look I’m
gonna give you what you should do is hit the hazard lights button and be like I’m
launching the drone and then put it in reverse
right yeah I like that mm-hmm yeah anyway how are your past
weekend’s you guys do anything fun this week fine
no wine no watch movies TV shows yeah I’m doing I’m catching up on I’m brie
wax I’m watching for the first time The West Wing yeah it’s a fantastic TV show
television it’s seven seasons of dota so deep just like five seasons well Aaron
Sorkin did it for four I believe and then when he left they did I think it
was how many more seasons Jimmy’s looking up right now I’ve been season
seven seasons that’s what Netflix says I only made 5 flicks
now it’s Danica’s favorite show of all time okay she’s seen entire show dozens
of times entire run of the show dozens of times in some episodes maybe hundreds
and so she knows it by heart you’re right
he only directed wrote the first four first four seasons and then he left I’m
coming into it you know from a pillar place because I remember catching
episodes here and there in the final season when it was first airing I know
it’s not how you’re it’s not not a way to do it but I’m gonna make a case for
something do they make did the Rob Lowe was the only one who left early aside
from I don’t know that okay well you know who was in the last few episodes
that’s the thing or you don’t cuz you don’t know reduction so I’m making a
case right now that it maybe not the finale
finale because things may happen but there could be a case to watching like
the penultimate episode of a good show maybe we got Game of Thrones but like if
you watch an episode from the final season good show norm fine Star Trek
next generation okay watch the pedal pedal is metemma sewed of Star Trek
mixture by the way do you know what episode that was just curious yeah it
was the first part of the finale yeah that’s not fair I actually don’t
know what it is okay whatever said that is but then if it’s
like if it’s a serialized story yeah like the West yeah it’s coming to a
conclusion and if it’s presumably a lot of returning cast watch that and then go
back to the beginning let’s say Boardwalk Empire
watch the pen opposite panels by episode it’s a little second last episode of
Boardwalk Empire and then go back and re-watch the series it’s kind of
flashback you make the entire series of flashback I doubt that by the time you
get to the end you catch up you will have one remember the plot details but I
do like the idea that the the filling in the gaps it’s almost like as you’re
watching it’s almost like you’re building in a show mechanic like if the
first episode were the last up yes penultimate episode yeah and then Mad
Men hears that’s how I Met Your Mother you know yes if you how I Met Your
Mother and Mad Men would that work Oh cuz I’m doing it right now at the West
Wing and I find that it is working if you how I Met Your Mother in Mad Men it
would because the real the real moment for that is the hershey’s episode like
that show the pivot on that which that show turns is when he has the breakdown
in the hershey’s episode I also like that if you do it this way sure if you
have a good memory and you watch an episode and you kind of under see okay
this thing happens here these two people are having this fight or this they are
in this place in their lives but you have no context for because you’ve never
seen the series and Yuri watch it you get to experience you get to have this
experience of watching something from complete super different perspectives
it’s like having this memory drop drop in so that I mean the thing about West
Wing though is it’s less it’s like more so the
most like we you know network dramas hour-long Network dramas of that time it
is less about plot than it is about especially the overarching story is less
about plot than it is about the characters again if you think about it
in that like CJ is essentially the same character through the entire run of that
show right like she changes obviously and she becomes a more vocal part of
that of that cast in that administration but like the character is more or less
the same right and and I think it’s because those characters were drawn
really well that you can kind of like it is a show that if it’s on I will kind of
pick it up and watch it watched and it doesn’t matter where it is because I’m
like okay this is after that thing happened and before the election and
after John Goodman but before this and and like you know where you are but it
kind of doesn’t matter which is I think one of the things Danica likes it’s
something that network television is good for for sanitation because you know
these shows are forever in perpetuity being rebroadcast somewhere and they
want people to be able to jump in and wash up so do not feel like they have to
do the Netflix binging things so Allison Janney CJ Cregg went to my college
really yes we’re very proud of her she’s your college more cutter her than Ted
from How I Met Your Mother thanks me we go there too he did we’re
equally proud of both we are no we are more proud we are more proud of Paul
Newman Wow okay Kent State no note went to Kenyon Kenyon yeah huh interesting
there’s an episode to have you started season three I have
so you’ve seen I’ve seen a 911 911 which is over not over weird
that came up next I’m out of nowhere I mean that was yeah less than a month
after 9/11 well and I remembered that hitting home for me in a way that no
news broadcasted let’s let’s discuss that just a little bit the context here
is the season finale of season 2 of The West Wing is a big cliffhanger episode
called two cathedrals and it is widely regarded as one of the best hours of
television at least on network TV before there was prestige TV because it was a
combination of there was prestige TV then that was both shows whatever it was
mm you know spring of 2000 and it had was a combination of this
drama of this plot that had been brewing for the whole started off with a
cliffhanger on the beginning of season 2 with the the the attack and then at the
end of this press conference cliffhanger and everyone was bracing for it and
wholesomer can’t went by and of course 9/11 happened in 2001 and they couldn’t
jump in so West Wing a show about the White House about politics and not have
a way to address it so the way they did that was wrote in three weeks a bottle
episode that while it takes place in the universe of the West Wing with some of
the characters it does not exist in the continuity of the show is that true
oh really well it does not like if you say where does that episode fit in is it
in middle of season three beginning of season yeah all season two yeah it
doesn’t it’s not a canonical story point it is they don’t carry any threads of
the rest of it is just a standalone play almost saw with the beautiful tone a
universe of of the West Wing and I’m inconsequential in terms of the plot
most of it does take place in a single room yeah it’s bottle opposite yeah
because they did that as the premiere and I believe the actors then did a like
an intro if this is what you’re watching this is our way of addressing what’s
happened in the real world because a TV show you know that’s already been
written can’t can’t really respond that quickly and then they carry on and the
next episode is Manchester part 1 which is a direct continuation of the
cliffhanger yeah and a season 2 they that charted a series of really good
cliffhanger endings for the most part like the the season finales were always
really good the thing that amazes me about it is they did 24 episodes a
season 23 episodes of season and they’re also 24 and Star Trek next generation
but the show 24 there’s there’s some filler for Trek next generation
lots of film lots of filler the entire four episode arcs but filler you know
with with it on West Wing even the episodes that are kind of like the
gimmicky capsule episodes like big block of cheese right big block of cheese
block of cheese day doesn’t fit into the continuity like you don’t need nothing
nothing opens their that goes forward other than
character development but it’s an opportunity for them to have fun and
like have the people who want to get rid of the pennies come in or have the
people who want to get rid of camera later masters yeah exactly Mercator Maps
them and then and then it gave them an opportunity to callbacks later in that
season and even in future seasons about them the map people and the and the the
tyranny of the middle latitudes and like it’s it’s it’s just such a it’s it’s
brilliant it’s really a lovely show truly bringing yeah also show that you
know not to touch too much I like a modern a political climate it could not
exist today you know house of cards in many ways felt like a response to the
optimism of the West Wing and so much of a West Wing is from the you know yes
from the mind of Aaron Sorkin but it’s a liberal fantasy well now now I mean you
could do that you’d make the conservative fantasy and I’m not gonna
say anything cause I want YouTube to yell at me more than they already do
it’s an idea yeah I think we are yeah that’s the right answer top story this week you know CES is over
we’re gonna move on entertainment as our top story
we had the Oscar nominations this Monday they were and this comes on the heels of
the Golden Globe Awards and the week before which is a precursor the Oscar
this pretends to give us some clues as to who might be in the running a few
surprises here have you guys watched the movies I’ve watched a surprising number
of them for me which is to say you know probably half as many as you I’ve
watched more of them and I would usually have but yeah yeah let’s start with
let’s go an order of as they would broadcast us let’s go with these some of
the categories are not as well-known let’s start with Best Animated Film okay
because animation normally this before one of the in terms of best animated
film a surprise was that frozen 2 was not nominated
yeah it’s now the most popular animated film ever if you don’t count Lion King
okay lying if you what do you mean if you don’t count a new one that came out
last year the live-action I doesn’t yeah it looks like live-action that make more
money yes and frozen to it that the only animated film that ever has and Disney
actually put some in different categories so they consider frozen to to
be the most lucrative film they’d ever made yeah the that new line the Favreau
Lion King seems like a live-action remake of Lion King that’s what they
consider yeah there’s one there’s one theme is that right yeah he left one
shot and it’s this real Savannah it’s like it’s like the third shot in the
film yeah it’s immediate I’m waiting for Disney bless me to come to Disney Plus I
like a lot of these movies I haven’t seen Klaus that’s a Netflix Sansa movie
yeah 2d animation oh really by like computer assisted
hand-drawn hide flee so need I didn’t like how to train your dragon three
particularly what happened in that one I I think that the black dragon met a
white dragon I don’t know I fell asleep in the movies here well alright I went
to see with my daughter and I was like news and DreamWorks ban is that it’s not
a franchise that was hurt by the fact that they created so many that the TV
series right it was it didn’t feel like a long
way to return to that world that’s just the way DreamWorks works now like they
there’s been a troll TV show there’s been a boss baby TV say that but I’m
looking for to the neutrals movie tour I’m there man yeah all day one that way
right right good hey these are in it are you gonna be a metal troll you’d be a
punk troll oh I’m all about the human troll you’re a hip hop troll I see I’m a
pop pop patrol the other nominations for animated film anout this is the only
character will go real deep into because it’s of interest to us I lost my body
which is oh hey what are you talking about I’ve never heard of this film what
I lost animated film it is French it filled the
synopsis synopsis adventure young love and childhood memories intertwine as a
severed hand crosses Paris in search of its owner
so it’s thing from The Addams Family also nominated yep now wha
Pixar usually walks away with the Oscar hmm oh I wouldn’t be surprised as Toy
Story wins it but missing link won the Golden Globe
I thought missing link was fabulous we watched it a few times and it is a
lovely charming film with really good performances by surprisingly Zach
Galifianakis Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman it’s stop motion stop it’s it’s a thing
that they do now yes yes and then it incorporates a lot of 3d printing to do
the facial animation but then they also do computer animation for backgrounds
and effects and all that’s right alright this top right and those run it like
full frame rate so yeah it’s super it’s really it’s a lovely
it’s a lovely film and like the sets yeah I constantly was watching that
wondering oh man how did they do this shot really it’s a like if films go I
always yeah I mean the last one they did was
Kubo I believe which I learned and they had the biggest stop-motion puppet they
made for that one one of the big the villain yeah the big warrior ha ha and
for this one they had incredible walking on elephants set behind the scenes for
that just shows like this do they do and at the end of the film where they show
you a little brief how they the best one they’ve done that was boxtrolls
no can you memorable wasn’t it because and the end credits are box shows they
had two of the characters the villains the kind of like your like your
the thugs the sidekicks they were had this conversation with each other and it
was an existential conversation yeah and as they were having a conversation they
would pan out and then incorporate the time-lapse blurring of the animators and
so you could see the characters being animated in that time that’s awesome so
the thing I liked about missing link also is in this is an estimate for
Oscars but like Kubo definitely not a kid a movie for young kids missing link
is a very very much a young kid safe movie like it’s not it is scary in the
ways that are good for children not necessarily this isn’t necessarily a
stop-motion movie made for adults so you said Toy Story 4 is also
nominated the other one your missing link and then Klaus Klaus there’s one
more that’s that’s it oh wow okay yeah that’s the five yeah yeah
is this like his last movie missing link it’s the most recently yeah but they
keep breaking up like what yeah I feel like like they just keep gonna they
can’t do it like the money is just not there this movie did not make a lot of
money Anaya I hope that missing link wins to
galvanize the whoever’s behind ya and to like it to fund another movie and for
them to get distribution that I think same with them argument their last movie
Hurley man didn’t make a ton of money either and it’s really sad because both
of those are beautiful labors of love for animation stop-motion for sure let’s
talk about best movie cuz there are well but before we get there can I just make
a point I was looking at a couple more technical awards for the first sound
sound mixing and sound editing okay they’re the same movies except for one
like for the movies are the exact are in that are in both categories except
there’s and it’s just like what maybe that shouldn’t be two different
categories well that’s two different things
is it but set it really like who is watching a film saying that mixing is
good but the editing is not well so it’s like it’s like um one is a one is a yeah
I see what you’re saying I think we are not educated now yeah you differentiate
I’m always hesitant to say hey this is this
that I know nothing about is we love films and and I wouldn’t be surprised if
there are mem many members of the Academy who have no experience with
sound mixing sound editing and don’t even you know don’t have enough but for
some of the technical words they have to be voted on by only by the it’s not true
for these I know for visual effects it is yes I do believe like I mean you
could make the argument that some people may not know the difference between
visual effects and cinematography or somewhere directing and what I didn’t
yeah yeah far no I mean what about music Original Score versus music original
song I see I know but I know the difference you know the difference I
only think there’s a lot of mixing probably going on in the editing and
it’s just it’s a hard thing to differentiate between it’s odd the both
of these categories have the exact same movie sometimes we need to find a sound
editor the vigorous sound mixer and have them in conversation with each other
talking about their jobs yeah you know I feel like they probably do the Edit and
then they mix the result of the Edit you ready premiere no one’s already there I
welcome it I welcome the dialogue by if you want to know the four films that are
crossover it is a Ford versus Ferrari it is Joker st. 1917 again you don’t
want to know the last yes I do want and once upon a time in Hollywood so ad
astra and surprise of Skywalker got the two space law this is a weird ones yeah
yeah hmm now I will I will explain in one sentence so good the difference okay
alright because there are there are articles about this you are not the only
person who has thought this idea well it’s just there’s no such thing as an
original thought twenty did the same movies that’s that’s all you notice in
sound editing than one of the movies that’s not in sound mixing is rise a
skywalk right right and in rise sigh Walker I did think that the sound mix
was what ruined that movie the Saturday was much superior has the pews yeah yeah
pew-pew has the room as it right now because sound editing is the job of
collecting the sounds needed oh so it’s not properly if not maybe best named so
the sound editor it’s the audio but the sound editor in a
sound editor is the people who create the sound of their the Foley people
Foley people sound editing is about collecting the sounds needed sound
mixing is what’s done with the sounds after all that’s what I consider editing
yes you notice ting so that person has no agency is what I’m hearing they just
get to move the sounds around pew-pew so maybe the best way right it’s
the editorial for sound like a sound editing is creating the editorial
creating the sound scapes and then the mixing this is right what you do with
those effects now we all learn something we did thank you learn something there
was um this sound editing category you used to be called sound effect editing
and sound effect editing may be a more appropriate name yeah just so well today
I learned TI l yeah best picture of the year I want to do visual effects I think
it’s gotta be joking that’s a visual effects so that’s when I you know we can
talk about yeah so we got Avengers endgame the Irishman even the Lion King
1917 and rises Skywalker now I haven’t had 18 hours to watch the Irishman yet
yeah I did watch it really yeah it took me like four three three or four days or
sittings but I made it through okay and if you actually Netflix also has a
documentary you can watch about the visual effects in that film and that’s
worth saying because that’s it actually is very impressive what they managed to
do but it’s not just the D aging it is the D aging but Scorsese refused to
shoot with ping-pongs on their face right now what they did was they came up
ILM came with a brand new method of capturing motor car performance yeah
boys capture from a third-person camera that’s not mounted is it to the to the
actor and they did that by incorporating two infrared cameras that are shoot on
the side looking at the eyes laterally to the main film camera and so they
shoot and they capture depth and no shadows and then they can create 3d
geometry from that and then apply that to the film this sounds like an awful
lot of work because Pacino or DeNiro did not want to put on the ink box
yes and where the Hedrick which is are considered progress absolutely right
that that maybe inhibit their acting but that’s also part of the acting I think
they’re too old to have new tricks added their acting and this penalty that
Scorsese this Jim yeah so I mean it’s not cinema
holidays are a cinema ya know as cool as that is I don’t think that’s gonna win I
imagine it’s gonna be either endgame or Star Wars what do you guys think I think
it’s a real lion king yeah okay so I haven’t seen that that’s all CJ I mean
Lion King so the opening of that film is a shot-for-shot remake it’s maybe the
first what like five or six minutes norm shot-for-shot remake of the of the
circle of life open cold open of Simba’s birth from the animated thing and I if
you showed it to me I wouldn’t have known that it was like not actual
animals so the way you describe that is is the way you evaluate and this is as
much a question for the panel in the room as it is for people who work in
visual effects out there who may be listening the podcast is the way you
evaluate quality of visual effects the ability to hide the fact that it is a
visual effect or is it the fact that you’re showing something that could not
be done with a practical effect in in camera so like for example Thor hammer
Emil Neurath Thanos all these crew look the amount of crazy effects you might
see in a movie like Avengers endgame could I mean technically it could be
done we don’t put the prosthetics but be very difficult to do a spaceship flying
into Earth’s atmosphere without visual effects but as an overt visual effect is
not more difficult to integrate that make that look like a reality than it is
to do something like a completely digital human character or a creature
that then hides the fact that it is a official effect or the kind of visual
effects that might be set extensions that like that might take a green screen
shot and or you know what is your qualifier there also so I when I judge
I’m part of a judge panel for a couple of yarra wards and we have similar
criteria to what the Academy uses for the for their specialist categories
right like so the criteria we use and I think that it applies here is when
what’s pushing the medium forward so you know in some cases that’s gonna be
something that’s overt that’s you know a spaceship that we’ve never seen before
or you know the water the water bits at the end of endgame right when the water
is rushing in and there’s this you know Doctor Strange stands up and serves as a
magic dam or performance capture without ping-pong balls yeah exactly her
performance capture without ping-pong balls or the first time we saw Dee aging
with rogue one with with the virtual character virtual character and in robot
would beat your computer coaching but then sometimes sometimes it’s something
that like is really mundane like like the ping-pong balls like doing the face
capture about ping pong balls and I and I think I mean I think it’s why these
awards are somewhat flawed because to give us support and to say in this year
this is the one movie that should be recognized above all others to win the
award for this category is to make a decision about the type of qualifiers
that you’re rating it on I mean the movie the fact that the movie 1917 which
is does not have a ton of overt visual effects and you would think that its
accomplishment is more in cinematography or in editing but the fact that it’s
nominated for the visual effects category this has surprised you it does
surprise you’re the only one here who has seen it yes because I mean there are
things are clearly visual effects whether sex tension or you know a some
type part of the battle right explosion or something but I I think that their
visual effects accomplishment here is probably in the way they blended the
cuts and which is a direct tie-in to the supertalker
and it is completely it’s transparent here like you don’t you don’t notice the
visual effects but I want to read the CID effects article about this to know
about what about what what did they do what did they add what who we know in
post I mean I think I think a lot of this also is in how how this award is
worded right like what the language of the award is because that’s that’s gonna
make a difference like if it’s if it is pushing the medium forward that’s one
thing if it’s the most representative the you know the best execution of
visual effects for the year that that’s a different kind of category in
different right here good competition regardless easier yeah all films that
could possibly win it it also really great films is a category where you
actually have a discrete number you can associate with number of effects shots
how many effects studio is worked on it which are not you know correlate
perfectly with the quality of it but that you don’t have like you can’t say
you know directors they spent this many shooting days on this and so should be
acknowledged like you can say Wow an endgame right with an endgame had you
know 3,000 defections yes right and we and was the collaboration between you
know it does yeah effects companies by that metric you would have to be Lion
King I imagine because it’s nonstop or endgame what I’m saying as a way to
create a short list yeah as a way to the venue to point your eyes to okay maybe
this should be yeah acknowledge wasn’t forrest gump up for
this award because that was that is very much button for us come
that’s famously a movie that had trends as you as you said transparent special
effects where you can’t see that there yeah well you could the ping-pong game
the ping-pong game no but like when they superimposed him into big scenes with
Nixon and stuff like that it was pretty apparent I like I think I think the
stuff like it would I’d be interested sees is what they’re gonna show because
they always show clips of the things that they feel a representative during
the show and I’ll be interested to see which you know whether and if it’s for
the suits like is it for the time suits is that why endgame is here oh wow those
are all virtual right right right like there’s no there were no physical
time suits yeah and that’s funny you know stuff like that yeah first of all
costumes ok Best Picture Best Picture Joker Joker glory where the Academy can
pick up to 10 movies you know and just be clear they added ten movies because
they wanted to improve diversity and I never understood why this not just ten
movies it’s not like there weren’t ten great films this past year there are
always ten great films look to say that we’re gonna have eight or nine in this
case nine this past year because being nominated really is an award in and of
itself like the nominees get stuff they get attention you they’ll always have
nominee good seats for the ticket dilutes I don’t think it dilutes the the
recognition that the other nine films get if you add a film it must be like
the debates where if you only have one percent then you’re not invited yeah
there’s a there’s a threshold of votes that they have to get of the percentage
of votes they have to get in order to be continued I think they do a ranked list
now for the knob um so this is probably one that the
whole Academy votes on – yeah yeah so for V Ferrari the Irishman Jojo rabbit
Joker little women marriage story in 1917 once upon a time in Hollywood and
parasite very notable parasite it was the first foreign language film from
Korea to be in contention for best movie of the year I think two of these movies
are on Netflix and Netflix is also say it was the studio if you consider them a
studio to have the most nominations out of any other studio really between
Irishman and marriage story and this is and so they had to get in the theater
right and they had an animated movie to qualified yes interesting I so I mean
this is why you can’t go see a marriage story or in on Netflix right now that’s
like Smarties at the end of the year smart gonna be smarter to be easily
there’s but I can see I Hirshman he came out earlier oh good has to have a lit
have exclusivity windows I see Isaac the like look there’s like three movies here
that you can immediately knock farewell could’ve just winning I think the
farewell got shafted cuz that is an incredible film yes um I I don’t think
once upon a time in Hollywood I don’t think parasite I think parasites really
good I don’t think parasites gonna win because of the Academy’s a bunch of old
races well we’re gonna have a cause you know a parasite on the other podcast
yeah Adam wants to do that okay I’ll watch it this week then so I’m ready for
night basically don’t think Pierce I shouldn’t be on here no no I’m not my my
my estimation of why parasite isn’t going to win is entirely based on old
people there’s a different way screeners and not watching dubbed there’s a
difference between it’s not gonna win and it shouldn’t be here it 100% should
be you know I didn’t say you shouldn’t be here I said it’s not gonna win got it
yeah I think it’s subtitled by the way subtitle yeah sorry not dumped but yeah
the point is Joker there’s no chance Joker is gonna win
I think Joker’s has a good chance of winning I think it’s me 1917 but that’s
my guess would be my guess – I know I haven’t seen it but everything I hear
about it is fantastic and I can’t wait to see it my favorite movie I’ve seen
this year I saw from last year is Little Women which I thought was like some of
the best performer says I’ve ever seen in a movie and and
writing and it turns out that I learned something about our Western women Greta
Greta Greta Gerwig Gehrig she has a rule on the set and she had it with with her
first film labored no cell phones oh how about that interesting and after seeing
the movie it’s like how are these people so naturalistically for like friendly
with each other I wonder if that has something to do with chatty it was
intentionally of loving performances by I mean that’s the way she wrote it and
it’s it’s a movie that made you feel warm and fuzzy because these people are
so loving there’s no villain everyone’s good just like cars and with that we’re
done with our top story to speak discussion thanks Jeremy yeah you got it from cinema the MCU which did you hear
about this did you hear that says he got trolled by his daughter I know that
tweet had like 150,000 likes so 150 dozen retweet for Christmas
Scorsese’s daughter wrapped all of his presence in Marvel wrapping paper that’s
great he probably had a sense of humor about that
nice job I would hope so but we have some MCU news of course Black Widow is
coming out in two months I believe there was even some new footage shown at the
national championship game well there’s a new trailer out that’s really trailer
new footage is special a special look a two-minute thing I haven’t seen that yet
actually it starts it’s one of the co-stars the person with second billing
in fact is from Little Women Oh Florence Pugh yeah yes from midsummer and family
but Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness has lost its director scott
derrickson this is the first horror slash superhero movie entered MCU well
that was the promise when they announced the title at Comic Con last year when
the Scott Turks came out and and inside it well not only would have Doctor
Strange but also it would tie into one division because Elizabeth Olsen was
gonna also appear in it and and it was gonna go his roots are horror and then
horror films and he and his co-writer are both off the project now this is not
the same case as a Gardens of galaxy you know the firing of James Gunn and a
lot people had hope that maybe he’s gonna come back though they’ll make up
but he will remain an executive producer on the project but the the announcement
was that Marvel Studios and Scott Erickson of a mclee amicably parted ways
due to creative differences only ominous creative differences which Edgar Wright
also left ant-man for that same reason I don’t think they
fire people from MCU movies you just have creative differences
they fired James Gunn oh this gun was fired because of a drummed up
controversy about stuffy twenty years but he was fired from yes
you what does it mean to to executive produced something that he’s still on as
that role that could mean all sorts it could mean you put up money like wrote a
check it can mean cuz when I heard the
producer and then the producer IRS to the people Kevin Feige is the producer
no one’s hiring him the he thoroughly does EP he didn’t put up money but but
he’s a producer because he’s he’s in charge of all of Marvel’s stuff yeah
he’s he’s the you know where the buck stops it on his desk and there were some
EPS are just a piece by name yeah like you know back with Samuel you San lien
was around and he had AP credit and it could mean use get a percentage or could
mean that you get some say or recognition or like you mean you’re
involved in you know final sign-off on certain things casting and scripts and
stuff laying down okay you’re in the room if you deserve to be in the room
when the important decisions are made but it can also mean literally like they
have they need thirty million dollars to finish this movie and you’re like hey
I’ll take I’ll give you thirty million dollars in exchange for a cut of the
back end and that can be you know the order in which they list the EPS in the
opening credits or the closing credits will tell you a lot also
yeah those low surgeons are getting the better interesting interesting
yeah so they don’t have a new director yet but this is presumably it was gonna
start production later this year make G don’t screw it up I love the first one
who would you want to direct I mean who directed cabin in the woods drew
something right yes true Gerard Drew Goddard is my brother still on the horse
like bet you wanna I wanna I want like a mildly spooky Doctor Strange yeah what a
slap in the face though because Kevin Feige had walked back before they make
this announcement they had said he had said at a conference or some some event
that he you know it’s not a horror film he’ll be scary but it’s not gonna be
flan horror maybe not those words exactly but it sounds like they still
wanted to have some of those light scary moments but not make it full horror I
guess it could get a drew Carter to do that I’m gonna I’m gonna say Christopher
Nolan they’re not gonna give us but that would be good
they’d that would be great fight me that would be great you think
specifically if he was a come in for a Marvel film drinking wanted to be Doctor
Strange inception that’s like the most Doctor Strange movie we had before
Doctor Strange well that’s true kind of bring it I I the reason I said
come out of the woods is because not take out them the hillbilly redneck
zombie guys this the overall spookiness of that is I think the appropriate level
spookiness what’s probably gonna be a pg-13 like we don’t want body horror we
don’t want your your Green Monster or whatever you know the the hospital guys
up to now you want like thoughtful and scary
because it’s thinking for a Doctor Strange movie not giant monsters Terry
Gilliam no maybe not I’m there Terry Gilliam Doctor Strange movie no I signed
me up for that it’ll never come out and it’ll take 15 years and he’ll probably
post something that’s shitty on Twitter or something afterwards um there’d be a
blu-ray 20 years later with his cut in it yeah well you heard you know they’re
gonna release the Trevor I’ll cut the script for that leaked this morning for
rise of Skywalker no you’re joking yeah no one somebody posted the Trevor out
script for rise of Skywalker this morning I don’t know if it’s real I
don’t know who did it Wow but that’s the thing I saw that
stuff look man you just train you turn the Bitcoin it’s earned the Bitcoin Yuki
15 degrees you got a goat under the last centimeters right
the last sun’s light on the Solstice UK whatever you want if you’re on the dark
web the wall maybe you can find the one night thing I’d like to find them dark
web is a screener for Picard okay because the premiere for Picard you know
it’s out like they have somebody seen it it was out they should their premiere
was last night premiere was last night as a recording list and the show
premieres for the public in a week and a half time Thursday right so week from
the publication of this one yes there are people positive I don’t know they’ve
already greenlit season two well that doesn’t mean anything CBS CBS makes bad
decisions not really no I know they showed three episodes as well I heard I
trust Patrick Stewart I think if he wants to do a second season and they
wouldn’t have greenlit it without him that it’s good
you don’t trust Patrick Stewart I’m trying to think as Patrick Stewart I’ve
ever been anything that sucked like time sure he husband and he’s been
in a lot of troubles that was okay he wasn’t in Charlie’s Angels that was a
Bernie Mac and Bill Murray he wasn’t Charlie’s Angels was he the
bad guy I think in that variety interview this from this past week he
does mention that and he says that was just good popcorn fun yeah yeah I’ll go
have a good pop popcorn phone with SERP at any time but he’s pretty serious
about this and he was very serious about staying away from Star Trek until they
came to him with some new ideas and I think I think this is gonna be quite
different from next generation look like what I what I would have expected was
that Gene Roddenberry vibe positive optimistic no I don’t think it’s gonna
be all I think it’s me dark and gritty mm-hmm and to me a reflection of the
world as it is today full of gray areas I I think in the new aides of gray
Patrick Stewart said that this is in any way Riaan five lights it a reaction a
response of his to brexit and the Trump administration so here’s to have a
defeated Picard to have a pessimistic cynical Picard card that’s been let down
by Federation yeah if you think about it yeah that’s where the Jade a verse went
is to full fascist Starfleet almost immediately yeah all that section 31
stuff is is not Roddenberry asked so maybe Picard is gonna dismantle
section 31 from the inside you know one of the first Star Trek conventions or
early ones I went to I asked why someone like Frick apartment or something would
you ask a question but more of a community asked a question but it was
more about well we see some more section 31 because it was when ds9 was airing
I’m sorry can you guys define that section 31 is the black ops CI error is
the CIA like covert shadow group within the Federation that breaks all the rules
to subvert enemy empires and it was introduced in Star Trek ds9
pre dominion more which you haven’t seen of course but also they brought it back
in the JJ Abrams in star trek into darkness discovery a lot too and it is
the the group that’s led by Carol Marcus’s
father played by Peter Weller who they bring back and black male con and
they’re the ones who who fight con Oh Benedict Cumberbatch this glow you mean
ii JJ ii GI JJ – oh I had no idea okay one with a good cold open yeah okay that
that section 31 that coat was a callback to the group that was shown in ds9 okay
and then it was also revived in Star Trek discovery it’s this kind of black
ops shadow organization they torture Jimmy they’re bad people
yeah but when I ask the question they use money the EP said you know section
31 exactly he said was is not in the spirit of what she and Ron buried
envisioned for Star Trek and yet we just got a lot more of it I’ve got your I’ve
got your pitch for Picard without Patrick Stewart
you’re afraid that season she won’t have Patrick’s – I’m afraid that they’re
gonna bring back Tom Hardy as young Patrick Stewart all of them that’s
probably true or I think the real genuine fear is that
they’re the name of Picard like Skywalker will be bestowed on to someone
who’s not Patrick Stewart but you’re gonna follow the journey of a new
character now there’s a little bit of silver lining to this is that Patrick
Stewart is signed on for a season 2 of Picard
so it’s gonna be Patrick Stewart and he survived okay presumably in some way
maybe it’s flashbacks we don’t know okay we don’t know if he’s gonna be there all
the episodes come there an age Brent’s gonna be brent Spiner is in it we don’t
know you know if he’s alive right exactly they did it data’s life but it’s
minor his life pretty sure is so but one of the things that they did say at the
Star Trek Picard premiere maybe was up fronts as they were announcing season 2
was that by the end of the card start your car however many season it runs
they want to at some point have all the principal actors of Star Trek next
generation make an appearance in one way or another well that’s the purpose but
okay back right the fan service fine mmm the cast members so oh yeah I’m
gonna watch this I don’t have anything else they didn’t want to stop the next
generation the cast yeah they were willing to keep going all of them they
will they want everyone wanted to keep going including Patrick Stewart they
stopped because they wanted to push it two films
and well and deer mouse couldn’t film and show and probably because the
contract negotiations yeah we got to excitedly at some point maybe Rikers
fear that is a better real good agent yeah you know well Star Trek Picard is
it your Star Trek cup of tea and I don’t know why it wouldn’t be yeah you’re
great hot you’re gonna get two more live action series live action series what
are they on deck Wanda vision I don’t know what they are alex kurtzman well
please tell me has the dwarf is is the de facto what they might have even next
gen I just want a date a Wharf buddy cop drama I want them to go out and go on
road trips and have adventures and solve crimes
now the Kurtzman who was supposed to direct Star Trek beyond yeah and in the
back they for some reason didn’t let him do it he directed then The Mummy for
universal the Tom Cruise one it didn’t work out so he’s now kind of like the
mastermind between for the Star Trek CBS all access universe getting those more
traffic than you do yes one in a person he co-wrote the with Robert oversee the
JJ Abrams Star Trek movies oh okay and also transformers one of those was good
he has a five-year plan for the Star Trek TV universe so they call you this
like this st you the Star Trek universe I don’t know rest et you but there are
currently two series outside of Discovery Picard and section 31 is a
show they’ve already announced what wait what is doing a fashion show they’re
doing the doing a Dark Star Trek show Wow and that’s not one of the two though
that’s not one huh that’s your phasers to waterboard and
says they have not been announced yet I’ve always said I wanted to see one
about the underlings the recruits new lower decks and yes but I want to see a
show all about Lord now there’s two questions I think there are two paths
here one is lower decks which is one of the best Star Trek episodes I’m great
it’s about the the crew the crew the crew members who are not part of the
leadership who are not part of the the bridge crew and there’s also Starfleet
Academy which is a separate show ah but then you got like this thing where
you’re always in one place but that’s a cheap way to make it about the people
though Jeremy it could be the West Wing but in it San Francisco and Starfleet
Academy and you’re both right but I never watched you defaced nine for
that reason so I’m just saying give me a spaceship look I’m with you
that Deep Space nine was too boring for like 14 year old maybe 15 year old me
whatever whenever it was when I came out a lot of fans of Star Trek discovery are
petitioning for ants and mounts have his own Chris Pike show I like I like him a
lot and it’s like discovery started rough with the first season and that by
the end of the second season I was all in on that I’d like it a lot so could be
the adventures the voyage of the enterprise as helmed by it’s not pike
from the j universes no it’s Anson mountain different guy it’s Pike from
the original screen would it sprite from the menagerie episode of tos and I think
Rebecca romaine is number one right yes yes yes yeah very good yes Wow okay and
section 31 is it’s gonna be focus under Michelle Yoos character Oh
Oh second section 31 it’s past its future past section 3 I mean it’s all
discovery tempering okay yeah although we don’t know whether a new discovery
time frame or the card time for some business happens yeah
shared universe shared Star Trek universe I hope it’s more Picard
timeframe and less discovered there was something about Picard though that
incorporates the JJ burrs and I and I thought the JJ verse was its own time
line but it is his own time line but isn’t there something shared between
both there’s something like in well be jumping off point involving the Klingon
homeworld something like but something about that Romulan homeworld is that
what it was maybe it’s oh you know what okay the JJ
verse is a separate timeline that got spun off the moment that the Narada the
spaceship Nero’s ship Nero ship lining ship with Borg technology and did that
was able to use the red matter to go backward in time now Nero was a minor
who has his massive ship it’s incredibly skin in terms of scale okay big ship
massive massive ship right around her – yeah sure sure but he his plot for
vengeance was because Spock failed to save Romulus yeah
and because the Sun went Nova wait I thought Spock was
the red matter to go back in time so that he could maybe go back and save no
Spock was trying to use the red matter to throw it into the Sun of Romulus to
save it to save it but missed it somewhat Nova Romulus destroyed so why
they didn’t do it in the past I’m gonna stop go alright and so in the core in
the prime Star Trek universe Romulus is destroyed Spock has
disappeared he went back in the past oh and died yeah and Nero’s gone but
Vulcan still exists in the probably exists Romulus is gone really that’s the
world in which the card takes place because Picard one of his legacies was
to try to join Spock in reunifying the Vulcans in the Romulans and and one of
the so this is what I read was that could be one of his great failings that
he failing not only to reunify these two peoples to have this shared ancestry but
also to let one completely because of be destroyed and fail to save them mmm yeah
okay no but that’s one of the plot point so
that’s where we’re at coming next Thursday my son wants to watch the for
next gen films he sure before Thursday so am i doing you have a week yeah
already moving on some movie news got two trailers came up the sweet birds of
prey the second trailer this is the DC Cinematic Universe Harley Quinn spin-off
movie this is Suicide Squad two Suicide Squad 1.5 okay with Huntress with San
Jose Kane detective Montoya and the villain is
Neil MacGregor Z just like mass isn’t Cassandra Cain bat woman she’s a girl in
the comics this is a different different Cassandra Cassandra Cain or gay virgin
she’s not gonna be back girl okay yeah should I care about the storm yeah I
think if you enjoyed Marco Rubies take on Harley Quinn then this is gonna be
right up your alley hey Jenna did you enjoy that that was
the the bright spot in an otherwise dark the whole Smith is not in this movie
that’s more points in its favor alright the other the new trailer on the Marfa
/ Sony side is Morbius yeah it’s like it looks like a spider-man movie it is a
spider-man this is six or seven six or six centers for six do you know what
more vehicle Morbius is he’s a dying guy no I didn’t even mean spider-man Batman
because he’s got a he incorporates a bat into his life I thought in order to save
himself either be us is an antihero in it’s a tragic villain in the
spider-man universe it much like all tragic revolutions villain yes dr.
octopus who wants to see Green Goblin a green Goblin’s more of an ass
cat she’s the antihero yeah that woman but Morbius he has a doctor with blood
disease he finds some you know some way to save himself through a bat a bat and
becomes a vampire listen he’s like mr. Morbius so with bats the living vampire
he’s a vampire he’s a vamp he needs blood he needs blood Wow yeah Wow
and what bank the question is does this exist in MC you know it’s Sony’s films
like venom is a Sony spider-man property yeah but the vulture appears attendants
trailer like Joaquin Bulger like and he is in the MCU wait so it’s like pre
spider-man no after spider-man homecoming oh wow
vulture presumably he’s broken out of prison because he’s on the raft right in
the in spider-man he’s in prison but assumably he he’s outwitted but listen
to this it’s Michael Keaton it’s Michael Keaton see I thought that was just
Michael Keaton being Michael Keaton like a little Batman not know so oh wow
so that’s really funny I mean I wonder if when they when when when Tom Holland
managed to pull Disney and Sony back together they expanded the terms of the
relationship and now all of these things are getting pulled in Dempsey into the
larger I’m CEO it’s it’s so many being really bold about their rights to
spider-man cuz they own vulture they have venom they had which made a
ton of money on venom too so anything in spider-man’s universe is sort of theirs
so you won’t see Rhino or Doc Ock or gut Green Goblin and might you might nip MCU
movie the MCU movie crack yeah wills just see spider-man yeah
they’re super friendly bill like they could do it well within the neighborhood
and then one last thing while CES is over one less story from CES I read
about this after the fact but Westworld was there
now the west-world premiere season 3 premiere it’s coming up soon I believe
in March I want to say March 13 March 15 ah at very close March 15th is when west
won’t season 3 is coming out this is the Aaron Paul’s gonna be in this one
it’s presumably in not in West world if no spoilers buddies in the real world
and with maybe some other versions this is gonna be great and they did an
activation at CES they’ve done this before so remember like a year or two
years ago such a weird word they I know I feel like you gotta say nothing but
they had an event at CES two years ago where they took press and other people
out to this ranch but they essentially did a live performance as if you were in
Westworld no the problem was that half the people there were dressed as CES
journalists with their badges and their day clothes and so was not as immersive
and they didn’t take you in the room and have this mostly naked person give you a
white hat or a black hat no that was a separate type activation at New York
Comic Con three years ago oh yeah that those hats were pretty good yeah okay
okay yeah but what they did for this one as a tie it is they had their own CES
keynote hmm it was a parody set satirical take on a/cs keynote responded
of an in-universe company and the guests that they invited like the press people
invited had them fill out these forms ahead of time they attended the event
and then there was some dinner or some like cocktail party or something after
the keynote yeah and all the actors that they hired to to be the services robots
yeah we’re robots and they knew everything about the attendees so they
had people watching on cameras and talking into their ears they did
research on all the attendees social media research you knows as much
commentaries as how much information you have in the world as it was on you know
CES you went to did you go to this one I didn’t good I
wish I went that wasn’t it so yes I wish I went to this one so they Google people
a bare minimum wait this was this year you’re just a week ago okay gotcha and
they they found information about their personal lives that’s crazy and they
integrated it into these scripted conversations where they had the actors
find the people and then hug them and and pretend to know them and the reports
I’ve read from people did go so there wasn’t wasn’t one entrant spot-on and
you know very quickly the attendees realized what was going on they played
along wasn’t spot-on like they got things wrong got names like name will be
wrong like they go up to him and say I loved you and I robot that would be a
tough tougher Google search they already have to have like three people work on
that one right at Will Smith but I’m sure they went through Twitter history
Wow like LinkedIn history I’m sure they went through all this stuff and
presumably these were tech journalists that have a big presence in that digital
footprint and mine yeah make it easy yeah for for the marketing company to
dig up info I would have loved to have gone just to experience it the the Casa
realness and the discomfort of having a stranger of quote-unquote robot you know
come up to present you with all this personal information so I did years ago
an off-brand Westworld escape room like like a like it wasn’t branded but it was
just in a western themed bar in LA and they hired actors to be the robots and
it was so discomforting talking to someone who was pretending to have no
agency or free will in in that way it was it was very very unsettling in a way
that I was not at all expecting hmm yeah so not for me I get weirded out going to
be are events and people know my name you know and and and I’m talking about
the PR agents you know do they have a file and they have a file file
yeah the worst ones are the ones that drop in like three bits of three bits of
info oh we had the PR meeting how’s your how’s your daughter she’s seven now
well I guess not for a couple of weeks I’m sorry do I know you
it’s definitely to take you off guard put you at a disadvantage all right
before we move on to our next segment I will let you know that this week’s
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slash test that’s lu t ro n comm slash test all right let’s how about you three a
little bit cuz we’re already getting in January can’t be close to III necklace
III it’s separate there right yeah yeah Sony’s not gonna be there
what again again last year they weren’t there they have their own events like
they have state of place throughout they’ve taken a page from Nintendo is
highly successful like multi times of your broadcast of announcements and they
definitely have the resources to put together their own on location
invitation events around the time of things like III or GDC what did they do
last did they have like head out on location uh thing in LA but did they
have okay before it’s like what happened to their show for more space
what’s nothing with the big tent yeah yeah you’d walk through and I would
become like the parts of their games sounds great
but I don’t know who took up their show floor like so remember it was was it
Konami who used to keep their show space and would just have like a sign in the
middle that said Konami will return to e3 or something I was like one meeting
room and a sign and just a big open area in the middle of the floor i I just I
don’t know yeah that’s fine it’s weird that they’re doing that in a year
they’re launching a console but I got a matter weird thing that means they don’t
have a keynote to write or do they still get a keynote well they can still do a
stream like that it’s just their own stream doesn’t matter yeah right they
can just partner with a twitch you bring in some influencers not a mixer no one’s
gonna take their time slot like if someone announces a stream for eight
o’clock on Monday night like no one’s gonna do one in a department world
exclusive ps5 here it is and so Sony has traditionally had the morning after
Microsoft so like they famously at the launch of the ps4 when Microsoft flubbed
explaining their weird DRM no disc DRM scheme for that for you know Xbox one
game Sony came out the next one is like hey and if you want to share a game with
your friends here’s how it works and it Adam boys handedness yeah like
yeah when he put it in played the game is very straightforward it doesn’t say
anything about the it doesn’t indicate anything we can’t
for anything with the sounds Minh that about the readiness of ps5 but
presumably since we know ps5 is coming out it’ll be it’s right end of this year
like yeah CPUs are done I get this point the hardware is more or less locked well
it’s about titles that yeah it’s about which games are gonna
hit launch and it’s about like whether the dev kits are in shape and whether
they felt like they’re gonna be performin at in time for the for the e3
but like there will be manufacturing Hardware in earnest by the time you
three starts unfortunately they diam they’re there probably won’t be a new VR
solution in time for lunch that’s the rumor I think that’s reasonable right
we’ll have to wait for psvr to you know think they’ll hinted that even I hope so
but I I believe it’ll be compatible with the first version do you think it’ll be
dizzy that’s before for them to you think whatever hardware there were these
four versions will be compatible with no no that that the PS 5 will use current
oh yeah sure that’s that’s great yeah yeah I think that I feel like they’ve
said that actually I thought so too I’m just not yeah super plugged in yeah but
I’m excited about the second gen exciting to me than even the PS 5 you
think because the attach rate we talked last week is reasonable like 5 million
people have bought PSP ours you think that’s a compelling enough factor for
when they announced PS 5 to have that in the announcement to make to make sure
people are locked ended up buying PS 5 as opposed to Xbox one but don’t series
X’s well I mean we’ve seen a couple of games now that have reached a million
units sold like the beat saber and job simulator of both both cost a million
units on all platforms and you have to imagine PlayStation is a pretty
significant chunk of that for both of those time I think you want that in the
store in the mainstream press you want people to be reporting not only is PS 5
coming out and whenever they announce it but here’s another differentiator it
works with your old shit not only works trilogy it will support psvr
whatever second version of it comes out so that when they’re asking people will
plop down four hundred five hundred dollars for a console at the end of the
year on the other hand they don’t have any competition from Microsoft in the VR
space they don’t have to present that North Edition is the questions quest
absolutely you know you talk to preaching to the choir here but but as
far as they’re concerned you know probably quest doesn’t
doesn’t isn’t like that scary it should be well because all the kids it’s what
the kids want to play in school but I mean here’s the thing is if they roll
out psvr – and ps5 at the same time then somebody is looking at and and your son
comes but it’s like hey Dad we get the new psvr and PS five and you’re like oh
yeah that’s a grand you’re not gonna feel like how well did that work out for
them with the ps3 when they were like it’s gonna be six hundred dollars nobody
bought it if they save it it does give them a huge story and of your own yeah
either end of year or by you know next e3 yeah on the Xbox side we saw that
first image of the Xbox series xre net Xbox one Xbox series X and now there’s
an interview that says Xbox series X won’t have exclusives next-gen
exclusives for a while I mean this goes with there this goes you know so the
story is games that come out for the Xbox one series X also will work on the
Xbox one and Xbox one X so what is the incentive for people to buy Xbox I don’t
think they’re Series X well if you have a gaming PC you don’t have one right
because there everything’s come to Windows Store and game paths so like I
don’t know who buys this console unless it’s just people who buy X boxes but
they’re not gonna have a Halo game they’re not gonna have anything
exclusive to Xbox series X so it’ll all work on the Xbox and all I see when Joe
statue it you might you might not get this you know a crazy feature in this
you know like a high frame rate feature or some type of rate racing thing in it
but even if I could using a control z example if you have the RT X experience
on Xbox series X and you don’t have that experience on Xbox one X that’s not
compelling enough to buy a new console well I mean what their bed is is that
they’re they’re saying hey the console market has changed and the model that
has worked since the n64 launched with Super Mario 64 a game that people wanted
to play so badly they bought a console for they’re saying that those times are
passed and now people are buying the console to make the services that they
pay for better so if you pay for game pass ultimate where you get there’s a
bazillion games on the service at any moment for you then this is it’s gonna
be the best way to play that unless you have spent fifteen hundred dollars or a
thousand dollars on a PC and this is first party titles like Halo
and but no third party would well console exclusives yes so like Sony’s
spider-man game from a couple years ago console explodes have sold a bazillion
copies and in 10 Microsoft is saying hey we don’t need any of this business
Nintendo is still basing their entire model on only selling shit that people
buy from Nintendo that’s true yeah yeah I mean this is the console I’m most
curious about because I don’t know where this place really belongs I haven’t
turned out my the only time I turn on my Xbox one now is to play xbox 360 games
also 4k blu-rays no just Xbox 360 games for calories only also work on Xbox I’m
not PlayStation Pro yeah moving on from consoles to cell phones we have Samsung
has a their galaxy unpacked event in early February I think I’m going to that
one because in San Francisco so it’s simple stuff there but everyone presumes
it will be the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 and we’ve already
seen a bunch of leaks and images of that that phone already things that have been
quote-unquote confirmed or you know as shown in these leaks are at 120 Hertz
display a fingerprint sensor that’s under display so ultrasonic under
display favorite Sienna no headphone jack of course and maybe even 16 gigs of
ram on a smart phone man nothing gets me more tuned up than a couple extra gigs
of ram on a phone look at all those cameras though yeah that’s too many
cameras it’s like a spider what’s the face what’s the Knox hitch is there not
your hole I think it’s the hole punch I think is a new notch oh there it is hole
punch hole punch hole punch misalignment between a hole punch and the lens
underneath is something that I noticed a lot of companies do mmm it bugs the hell
out Oh like the lenses senators the nuts enter into the hole if the hole isn’t
centered on the phone I’m gonna be crazy it will make me really unhinged well if
you want to hinge you’ve got to go with I’m not gonna no folded phones please
about that will give you the hinge so not just notch is not ideal
we don’t talk about notch on this podcast I thought but a notch on the
smartphone is fine the hole is fine then I think the
holding that we are noting literally have a big forehead yeah that’s I think
the totally fine solution I don’t think you punch a hole in the LCD especially
on Android phones when you then have UI is that that can make it look yeah it’s
just yeah that’s fine to have bezel I stopped caring when they took away the
headphone jack yeah and this one doesn’t have that fun everything’s been worse
since the iPhone 5 you know the one plus seven last year the pro had they didn’t
use a notch they didn’t use a hole punch they had a retractable camera I’m a
mechanism mm the hand camera no ha thanks for the front-facing camera
people been very happy with that I was super skeptical it seems like in a year
you’re gonna have a possible to use front camera they have tested it for
what three hundred thousand cycles okay and they have videos showing how strong
the hinges and it is how strong that mechanism is of it I can attest it is
strong they’re going a whole bunch looks like next year for one place as well
okay because they can yeah why bother McCann nobody wants a mechanical thing
your phone’s already fragile enough it’s like these phone companies just want to
put on putting new features because they’re already teams to give the Arditi
of something to do we remember we started tested we were like man pcs are
boring everybody’s just look this one has a wood case this one has a
mechanical keyboard in it nothing ever changes it’s all the same hey welcome
welcome to the 2010 phone’s 2010 yeah phones were exciting backbones we’re
exciting in through late 2014 like every year was exciting once the seven looked
exactly like the six it was like who cares have you guys use the phone with
Maggie Hertz display only is the what is it the iPhone iPad and yeah Pro which
that’s 120 Hertz okay and phones like both the galaxy s
20 and also the oneplus and their other fronts well the SU says one has a 120
Hertz panel yeah from Samsung it seems like it would eat battery it does it
does eat battery is this selective is it always 120 yards or is it oh so variable
okay it looks I I don’t think we need necessary 120 90s good enough for phones
but I’m living with a 120mm might be might
could be convinced otherwise but that’s something that I feel like Apple my my
guess is they’re not doing it because of battery life yeah but I feel like it
would from experiential standpoint on your day to day thing you do the mostess
scroll web prize web browsers web pages Twitter right the home screen the extra
smoothness is immediately noticeable yeah I would imagine that 60 now looks
like a frame like a slideshow detected my my next upgrade for my PC is going to
be a high refresh rate display you know there’s some crazy ones at CES like the
360 notice why so let me talk to Nvidia about them yeah hello I will come see
that please do because I didn’t bring it it’s tiny it’s like a 24 inch 1080p
panel but that’s in the same sport is insanely high for area is that necessary
over 144 I’d I mean I wanted my whole pitch to Nvidia was hey send me one of
these so that I can try them at the different frame rates and see if you can
see a difference we looked into it cuz of VR we looked into like what doctors
people who studies don’t say that the human limit is and it’s around a
thousand but the thing is they’d like the science though it’s it’s the science
is questionable all the way through on that like it’s there’s not but the
studies have been for other things that that was the thing that you know
incidentally let’s just say that a scientist said a thousand anyway and so
that’s if that’s like a theoretical ballpark yeah 300 and what 40 68 that’s
like getting there and that’s amazing the thing Nvidia said is that when you
put an eSports professional in front of like a professional counter-strike
player yeah in front of one of those panels they had like a 30% higher head
shot really also on drugs I mean probably all wrong there are exactly
right you don’t take advantage of the temporal resolution and tell you you
have the desire every time I need more frames no subframes
synced up yes yeah we now we’re back to the Bluetooth story one of the best
things that I see yeah it’s call back hey new Bluetooth standard I did a whole
episode of a podcast about this the other day okay tell me about tell it
tell us about it it’s basically replaces the low-level audio codec and pipe it’s
called Bluetooth le audio right okay it’s it’s low energies what the le
stands for not limited edition and I would have been more interested in
immersion but so the upshot is it’s a they’ve revamped the the core level
audio pipeline and they’ve introduced a new codec that’s more efficient and
better quality so that you can have basically they’ll replace this shitty
pre apdex Bluetooth audio pipeline that we’ve had and should provide much better
battery life and and add additional features so for example right now if you
have truly wireless earbuds we the way the Bluetooth works is the signal goes
to one of the ear buds and then it blasts through your skull from that year
but the other one and it does a little bit of a latency correction on the first
one so now it can do multi-point and that means that even like if you’re on
an airplane and you and your move over you’re sitting extra on the airplane are
watching the same movie on an iPad or something you can theoretically blast
that to both sets of it that’s actually two different features once the
multi-point is one thing but then there’s also the broadcast idea yeah
where you can broadcast to on and as far as I know like they haven’t said the
limit but multiple different targets which that’s awesome
yeah like if you want to lay in bed and watch TV with your headphones on so
you’re not annoying everybody in the house since an option since college I’ve
always wanted the ability to listen on-demand to what anyone else walking
around me is listening to if you were to what you know open that up if your
project I’m I know you wants to wants to be squirted people to squirt you I’m my
own radio station within 50 feet and anybody can listen to what I’m jamming
nobody else wants they see me doing this they’re like what’s he on you got to
wear the LED jacket where you can like have the name of the song and you’re
then the four-digit free code tips to check in on the back flashing yeah in
RGB and they go oh got tuned in it’s a some 185 to right they’re telling you
dude that actually sounds really cool to me you put on your glasses and when you
look at Jeremy you see at the bottom left like the old and Ravi music videos
you know like the artists and the song and the album a label and then you know
you can you can jack in yes you can hey Bo Jeremy will you squirt some music
sorry table FM but it XR but it’s not it likes it’s squirting in real time into
any number of people I love this unsubscribe do you remember
that stupid wired article about pod jacking the day the thing that they made
up where some guy was on the bus and it’s like all this he just watch over to
some woman and unplugged her headphones and plugged plug your headphones into
his phone says listen to his music that’s rude that’s like that’s assault
poor Hawaiian so you would make the flashmobs
much times got solid discos yeah easier to sync up oh yeah yeah
everyone Tunes another frequency something screams I just watched hackers
like hey I want to go see a silent disco yeah well you know the problem is solved
just by having FM tuners inside phones again you could broadcast or worship
you’re right you’re right you know that was what I was thinking and the only
Cyril aids in it if you want to hear more about Bluetooth le you can find on
tech pot content hot town yeah yeah I do have to go oh no cheering needs to go
we’re going to wrap this up really quickly
hey super mario is super nintendo world yeah you can you punch a block for real
with a wristband that’s what I got from that video I think that’s exactly what
it is Universal Studios Japan later this year
it’s good yeah a head of the Olympic Games later this summer before the
summer is gonna be opening its Super Nintendo World Park and there’s a little
bit of a preview trailer that’s doesn’t really show any of the actual
attractions but it does indicate that you won’t like will said have some type
of wristband that will then track your progress through the world of this Punk
got a punch the question blocks coins question blocks yeah power and a map if
the park will be on your phone and it will look like a game world
it might get kids actually interacting why not combine this with a way greater
world you know as a whole do a kind of a ring fit adventure rings exactly yeah I
was like the Pokemon game dress all around town I love it yeah yep huh get
him out there get your high-score mm-hmm like if they were physically there like
geocaching that’d be great what if what if but like what’s the
power like do kids eat like whoo to eat mushrooms flowers no that’s bad too it
can all be virtual kids just love collecting classroom you
can have to love come on stuff Odyssey get a new hat yeah okay all right a
highly technological park I am curious about it yeah there’s gonna be one in
the US as well oh yeah have the license I believe so I
can’t wait for that to open then yeah maybe maybe Florida one last story
minecraft minecraft story the creators of the Harry Potter Minecraft map it’s
incredibly detailed Harry Potter like hogwash in Hogwarts and yeah they they
obviously the morning team called flu networks they’re creating now a
role-playing experience inside this map you know just got to explore the world
of Hogwarts in Minecraft but you can solve puzzles go on quests shop at
Diagon Alley and fly over to the Quidditch pitch so it’s gonna be even
more interactive this shows the power of Minecraft it’s not an officially
licensed thing but the fact that it’s these hobbies map makers are now
incorporating real gameplay was there ever an MMO based on what Harry Potter
no I don’t think so I don’t think so either what a missed opportunity ed by
the time Harry Potter became online yeah are they dead I mean okay yeah they
became live games yeah and that is it for technology news before Jamie goes I
won’t let you know that this episode is also made possible with support from
Capital One Capital One knows life doesn’t alert you about your credit card
and that’s re why they created Ino the capital one assistant that catches
things that might look wrong with your credit card
like overtipping duplicate charges or potential fraud and then sends an alert
to your phone and helps you fix it it’s another way Capital One is watching out
for your money when you’re not Capital One what’s in your wallet see Capital
One comm for details what are we doing let’s do viewer minute the VR minute
virtual reality this week what we got in VR I got five minutes I got five it can
really be a five minute here what you’ve been playing lately both you I’ve been
playing a lot of pinball and this is not an easy thing to set up but and it has
to be on the rift so if you got a quest you got a duel ink but you know people
been emulating pinball machines for yeah a long time know somebody who made a
hardware controller for emulated pinball machine right but I did that for VR
pinball games because I feel like they crossed the threshold into them this
makes sense because you do got to move your head around to play pinball a
little bit it’s not like just right I love emulated video games and they work
great in Maine but emulated pinball games never have yeah cuz you gotta get
some physical no.3 there because you got to read that the physics in the ball so
that visual pinball is a thing where you can load up any like they’ve just done
every game like did the people who make who make these licenses force not know
you got to download the rom got it download the table it’s all been like
hack together by these people who love pinball and now you can play that in VR
and I’ve been in over the past couple months people have been making like
dedicated VR cabinets where it’s not just the table it’s the full cabinet and
it’s legs and it’s got an environment you’re in a room and you’re standing on
a floor and it’s just it’s so fun because every couple days people release
a new table and it’s just like hey now I can play taxi now I can play theater or
magic it’s fantastic I’ve been doing a lot of that I just got finished doing my
judging stuff for the for the VR Awards for dice and I played a ton of blood and
truth which is psvr ASPR thing yeah I it’s from the people who made love in
high school you know the early PSP our demos we saw the right wow this is like
a real video game in VR in like 2015 yeah and it’s really like it is amazing
what they managed to wring out of PlayStation hardware and and what the
PSP are can do which is like you know that’s that’s fine the controls are a
little limited mm-hmm and I thoroughly enjoyed that like they’ve kind of like
it’s just so it’s just a surprisingly delightful thing that and the other one
was the curious curious the story usually that’s how is that it’s awesome
awesome it is super duper good Wow I guess the total sleeper it looks like a
kid’s game it’s kind it’s quest game its quest I played on
vibe okay so it’s everywhere I’m great The Cure’s tailed the swollen pets is
what it is right and it’s like this puzzle game in the art direction it is
so good it’s all these little tiny worlds and it’s not it’s not like super
immersive or anything but you can only play in VR because of the way the
perspective there’s a lot of perspective stuff and it’s voiced wonderfully it’s
just it’s just a it’s the kind of game that I didn’t expect to see in VR what’s
the shooter we played oh my gosh um it’s on Oh use that memory hyper it is hyper
– that’s the that’s the racing that name that’s the racing game isn’t it is it
hyper – it is hyper – okay great nice Wow Wow I pulled that out of my butt
okay so that this is a it’s in beta yeah you can go on to the discord yeah well
you have to find the discord by going to the oculus quest reddit subreddit you’ll
find the discord link in there like you married me in the topics go to that
download the beta to your computer the apk and then drag it over using
sidequest worth your time so it’s a multiplayer shooter 5v5 with good
graphics it’s free locomotion no jumping but instead of jumping you teleport and
kind of warp your body right onto pretty far I think the range is really far yeah
and there’s not much of a cool down on the by the port
the other cool moving mechanic is that there are these trails on the map and
you can warp onto the rail and then you’re gliding along like skateboard
style like jet said yes and that’s what makes it fun
I think it’s not doesn’t move as fast as I wanted to and tweaking everything is
it a bar factory do you get sir I don’t get sick oh what a doll okay there’s a
strict deathmatch mode and there are bots in this it’s all multiplayer so
you’re they have servers right now with BOTS to fill up these maps about serve
find their fodder but the most fun mode is they do have a escort the cart mode
you know like I give to like tf2 and also combat and German I played that to
be too well surrendered 1v1 for a while for a while and that was super fun yeah
huh you have your stone hitscan weapons so you
your kind of shotgun pistol two-handed guns there’s a rocket launcher that you
can aim after you fired it and it does require quite a bit of timing and skill
that’s awesome it’s really rough it’s it’s totally free right now because
they’re you know submit try it out because it’s you know for the quest
there’s just not that many shooters that are really accessible and are Katie and
this is what this is one okay so I go to the quest subreddit I search for Hyper –
all one word and I go to the discord and I request a key from the discord and
then they send me an apk my side load onto the quest knock on the door say you
know Palmer sent me jeremy Sammy right I’m sure I look at this game that I
played a while I double weeks ago was the third person game Jeremy I can’t
remember the name of this but his early access game in VR third person you play
like the stick figure you don’t mean the under presents no no no um oh no I don’t
know the name of that but you were talking about like puppeting yourself
yeah it’s this guy released in early access he’s been posting on on reddit
give me one second because I can actually scroll through my played list
to find it but ideas you could play it in either first person or third person
and in third person you are essentially puppeting and it’s full body so they
have kind of AI k with free locomotion so you’re using thumb sting when we were
around but the arms and looking around for this character is is you so it can
get they do a little bit of in getting as you as you turn left and right but I
the reason I picked this up was you know one wants support the indie developer
but also because as we were talking about playing Jedi fell in order I was
sort of could this game like a third-person action game work well in VR
where you are puppeting the character maybe you have free hand control motion
controls for the lightsaber but you’re you’re aiming and firing and then you’re
looking around environments like you know kind of edge of nowhere but with
more action yeah and I thought that’d be such a fantastic idea and after playing
this game for a little bit I’m a little bit less convinced about it there’s a
big disconnect between when you’re puppeting the character because when
you’re aiming you’re not pointing you as the god avatar where you want to
fire your kind of aiming the hand up and down the situation you need to cheat it
a little bit one Huntress I need to cheat it where once you’ve zoomed out
and a third-person view I think it’s better if then it your hand aiming your
god hand aiming is where the the puppet aims and it kind of you know
triangulates for that position yeah I don’t remember the name of this well
while you’re playing I played the new pistol-whip map that came out I didn’t
know that well yeah yeah it’s very good yeah like it’s it’s very clear that they
were watching all the people that are streaming that game playing it and
finding out what people like and what they respond to free uh yeah it’s all I
think I think all the DLC for that game is that I can’t remember I don’t want to
say that but yeah it was free and it’s it’s lovely and very very good okay I
also finally played beat 6b saber 316 oh yeah yeah it’s really hard mine is very
difficult my son is totally hooked on it and he is uh he’s in the top ten of one
of the songs on expert Wow yeah it’s the ninety degree it’s the 90
degree legend on expert I think he’s in the top ten but he finished an expert
plus and he came out of the room sweating said dad I did it I did it yeah
just just finishing an expert plus level god you’re you’ve you feel like yeah if
I make it through a hard I’m happy with myself yeah hollow ception is naming
okay cool hollow ception we’re checking out it’s kind of like apps for lab type
graphics it’s pretty polished for what it is and you know it’s like a physics
simulator so you can beat up these enemies and kind of throw them up in the
air slow time down I said I do believe that third-person action can be really
fun in VR yeah I just want to see a implementation that solves a little ton
of these needs small problems we all we want to see more experiments and sounds
like we got to see one yeah absolutely good on them yeah
continue working on it cool I think I was it for this week then because I know
you have to go yeah we have an outro over this week Jeremy we do yeah forgive
me if we played this before this is from a little bit ago it’s from can I put my
podcast I’m so sorry yes it’s really do it hey I started a
new show a couple months ago it’s a single topic tech podcast where we talk
about one thing every week if you like to learn about
one thing a lot about one thing I do with Brad shoemaker who you may know
from such sites as Giant Bomb charismatic guy very lovely man one of
my one of my dear dear people but yeah you can find it at Tech pod content town
and yeah if you listen to it they would love to hear what you think how long is
your show it’s usually about 45 minutes very reasonable yeah we like to try to
keep it in one commute yeah you learn something you’re moving on this but
you’ll learn something yeah for sure no I said you learned something I don’t
know anymore three-hour process no thank you this is um can’t touch the bead have
we played that I don’t think so all right way no we have oh really but let’s
play it again why because I’m sure it’s a good one why
oh you know anyone this always happens when I’m doing the airplay thing okay
you’re on the TV got a good or Road caster the experience is is limited and you
obviously can’t touch because the liquor which is basically burn your hand if you
try to get in into that position you do want to be able to touch the bead all
within the confines of this cavity yeah of course it’s a small space it’s not a
we can’t get to puck out there and but it’s it’s not bad all right they’re not
impressed can’t touch the bead can’t touch the beat exactly Germans give them
bonus one play that will one from CES I like I’m organized Jerry do it do it hey
Siri play the play the will one from CES it’s like the second the last one it is
the second the newest one is it Forks when you’re eating too fast I think that
my sounds like that was stupid fork came out about anymore is talking about good you
smart TVs on the other hand don’t seem to be going anywhere no one is talking about 3ds anymore no
one is talking about 3d any more is talking about 3ds anymore no seven years
later still true well except this VR now there was VR then listen there barely
barely but no one it’s definitely true alright see you next week bye everybody
thanks for having me

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  2. The one nomination that made me go "what?" was 1917 being nominated for Film Editing. There's really only one way the footage can go together given the "it's one continuous take" conceit so what does a film editor have to do? If they don't go together, it's not up to the editor to fix, it's up to VFX people or the director to go reshoot or something. Meanwhile, no nomination for Endgame in Film Editing? That's probably the toughest editing job to juggle all those characters, plotlines, etc. from not only this one movie but have it be the culmination of 23 previous movies. How can you not at least nominate it for that?

  3. Had no idea about Martin Scorsese getting his presents in Marvel wrapping paper. That is hilarious. I had to go look it up.

  4. Klaus: Was GREAT. And I am 62 Y. O. and am a deep animation fan.
    Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing: sounds like a TESTED discussion in the future. And NORM you said ONE sentance and you had at least 6 sentences on the subject!
    Ping Pongs and video: Have any you done it?
    50 foot Broadcasting: Sounds interesting ! LED Jacket to promote the broadcast maybe even better,

  5. How can you call yourself a nerd and not know the difference between the sound affects of a Constitution class bridge and a Galaxy class bridge. I'm taking away 1701 of you're nerd credits for that.

  6. West Wing has the best writing of any show I've seen – huge fan of the show. After that, maybe Boston Legal.

  7. USPS requires their drivers to "drive thru" and "backup" into a parking space when ever possible

  8. Will, every time your on you remind me of growing up in the TN/VA. I know exactly what you mean about docking the pontoon at the lake lol.

  9. As an audio engineer (record,-edit -mix-master) and music producer, studio owner, and a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and having studied at Berklee College of Music, (and In the studio since 1989) I find editing as either great – or awful depending on the tracks, how they were recorded , the professionalism of the musicians/vocalists and so forth. And I am pretty picky at which projects I take. Editing is NOT my favorite activity – but it IS necessary. Think of it this way – Editing is a jack hammer, used to prepare (find takes, create a "best" take, clean up timing issues and so forth), and the mix IS art – the mix (when done PROPERLY) is a set of fine artists paint brushes applied deftly, and creatively to create a spectral painting on a soundscape canvas that was prepared by editing. The master is the final balanced mix down to the final "print". Too often its people who never leaned to draw, let alone paint, with expected results. And its the old saying too – "You can't make a silk purse out a sows ear – garbage in – garbage out) There are four phases 1) tracking (recording) 2) editing, 3) mixing and 4) mastering. A disaster can occur at any one of the phases…. it takes skill, it takes training , a deft hand on the faders and processors and it takes an artistic trained ear. Peace

  10. Will Smith is the Eddie Bravo of this podcast. Nonstop one upping every time he’s on. Exhausting.

  11. I like how you start the show with the annoying intro to let us all know how annoying Will is…. Appreciate the early heads up!

  12. Starting to feel like Norm hates Will as much as I do. Watched a few minutes and turned it off. See ya next week when (hopefully) Will is somewhere else correcting people incorrectly and one upping their stories #storytopper

  13. I don't think Laika are in any trouble, their founder is Travis Knight, his father is Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. There's plenty of money to keep making films there.

  14. Feige's actual comments about it not being horror were more to the effect that it wasn't going to be torture porn. The full video of his appearance at the NYFA is online

  15. I love when my neighbors back in and shoot their exhaust right into my bedroom window.

  16. That Bluetooth LE sure sounds exciting and important! It would have been great to have discussed it in detail instead of just plugging another podcast.

  17. Still hoping someday someone will port over SSX Tricky for a Quest sideload 😛

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