Space Race the Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today righto runs through space race the card game which as you might imagine is a card game that chronicles the race to space and how many doing a two-player run throughout today as you can see it can play up to four players players can be the US Russia the Europe the Europe Europe or private enterprise and today I will be it’ll be Europe versus the US and this game basically chronicles the first seven decades mankind’s expansion exploration of space therefore takes place over seven rounds each round is one decade and I’m going to be showing you a few of those decades you can see what the game is all about because it’s on Kickstarter right now and if you’d like know more you can get a little I up in the top right corner the screen to go check that out otherwise let’s jump right into it so every player 3 in the game gets a deck of the exact same 12 command cards or control cards or a commander control I don’t remember what these represent the 12 different options you have over the course of the game now like I said the game is only going to take place over seven rounds so you’re only over the course of one game going to get to do seven of these twelve actions and there’s four types of actions you can make breakthroughs you can develop technology you can advance your space program and you can engage in some propaganda and each one of those four things has three different levels of it of how strongly you pursue breakthroughs or technology or space programs or propaganda so is is my twelve this is Jen’s twelve and then the rest of the deck is basically going to be space now this is the first player marker I’ll be the first player this is a nice little two-page summary card that tells you what all the icons do and it’s a quick reminder of how every round plays out and it’s space space let’s race there shall we let’s do one more quick shuffle before we start playing now by the way for you’re going I should say I’ve got a prototype and so I don’t know that necessary all these cards are going to look at their final forms some of them are I think just stock photos and they might get changed and art it up don’t really know again you can check out the AI to go to the Kickstarter page to learn more but here we are here is space now I’m the first player so I am going to get a starting hand of three cards and Jen’s the second player will get four third and fourth player get five cards piece if I recall correctly and the rest of the deck represents all the potential discoveries that we can make over the course the game and as part of setup in a two-player game we’re going to draw four of these cards one two three four that are out there in what is called the universe now this is not the literal universe this is kind of like the universe of ideas it represents all the different ideas that are floating around amongst all the different space agencies during the space race and we are going to be competing to grab these ideas for ourselves let’s see we’ve got we’ve got the mercury project a Mars exploration and valentina Tereshkova a cosmonaut and leaving the solar system alright so there are four types of cards that we can be competing for propaganda cards which contain leaders like Valentina here technology cards no technology came out this turn actual programs these purple wait is yeah space programs these are actual you know launches that we’re going to attempt to do and then breakthroughs which are big bonus point things have the end of the game so we’ve got one prop can’t oh but the universe not only has these particular opportunities that we could pursue there are two more as part of setup that are in the unexplored universe we’ll find out what those are later right now as the the first round is set up and we know there’s these four potential things we could grab plus two more we don’t know what they are now in addition to that I know that I’ve got a personal hand of Viking one the rosetta mission and a UFO investigation media cover-up so I’ve got three mission cards of my own and Jen she’s got whatever her four cards are and we are now ready to play so how does a round work well the first thing it’s three phases first of all we manage our agencies which means each of us chooses a control card and feels it at the same time so we decide we plan what we’re going to do in secret and then everybody reveals at the same time and the same time we’re revealing what we’re going to do we also reveal what’s these facedown cards so we’ll find out that what additional opportunities are available to us after everybody’s revealed what they’re doing and we reveal what’s in the unexplored universe we then develop our agencies which means first of all anybody who want to engage in propaganda in player order you do that well not exactly player order it’s a little bit more complicated that but I’ll show how it works over time then there’s technology then there everybody does technology than anybody does space programs and finally anybody who tries to do a breakthrough we do them in that order and once all the players have done all their actions in whichever type of actually want to do we do any bureaucracy that we have on our cards that we have to kind of upkeep on our various agencies and if it’s the seven round we score it’s not the seventh round if I Eve we’re going to keep on going we prepare for the next decade which means the first player marker moves clockwise if there’s any player who has nothing in their hand they get to draw one that’s kind of like government subsidies they get and then we plan what’s going to be available to us in the universe in the next round so that’s how it plays let’s start playing what am I gonna do well basically I am going to like I said these are the 12 control cards I’m gonna play one Jin is going to play one now all of these cards the control cards effectively lets you do at least one thing which is grab one card if I really want to get valentina Tereshkova Tereshkova there I she’s a propaganda card so to grab that card I’ll need to either play my 1 my 3 or my level my little 1 3 or 6 propaganda card and basically there the higher the number the more likely I am to get to go first because remember this is a space race if both Jen and I played our propaganda cards at the same time because we both want to get Valentina it’s going to come down to who played the higher card if I play a 6 and Jen plays a 3 I’ll get to Valentina before Jen does if both Jen and I play a 6 and we both have the same value then it’s going to come down to the tiebreaker of the first player marker so Valentina is a cosmonaut she is a leader that’s what this little icon means and she’s a very powerful card a very very nice card in fact Wow and you know what I think I do want to go on ahead and grab that so here’s the risky thing do I because once I played one of these cards it’s out remember I’m only playing seven rounds um so if I just go straight into my heaviest level six propaganda well I know for a fact I’ll get Valentina because I would break the tie and the best Jen could do is a 6 as well and but here’s the thing Jen knows that as well so Jen wants to go for that she knows it’s a waste of time for her to play her level 6 propaganda so um because she knows I’ll beat her so that means she’s probably going to want to maybe go after leaving the solar system get this accomplished mate or get one of these programs these space programs but be it but here’s the thing maybe I’m not going to go for Allen teen because leaving the solar system this is a big deal – this is worth basically a flat 6 at the end of the game whoever has the most breakthroughs of a given type and that’s say what does this symbol mean I keep forgetting what they all mean what icons in this game this is reaching the stars whoever has the most reaching the Stars breakthroughs at the end of the game score 6 points so if this is the only leaving the Stars card that ever comes out and in a two-player game that’s not unlikely that you’ll only see one of these this is a six point card and that is HUGE but on Valentina she is at the end of the game of 4 point card because she’s got two plus two so she’s worth four points but she increases my whoever gets her their ability to do propaganda for the rest of the game and their ability to develop technology because of both of these and she gets a special ability as well whereas all this card does is six points and pretty much nothing else so and then a four I mean I’m not mean to dismiss the the Mars exploration program and the mercury the manned orbital flight to mercury program these are both nice – this one is worth three points at the end of the game and it has a one-time ability of what I’ll talk about what these icons and whatnot mean later the mercury project is kind of interesting one this is basically worth points at the end of the game equal to the number of cards you have that improve your space programs so by itself it’s worth 1 but if you get more cards that have more of these purple stripes it gets more and more valuable over the course of the game now in all honesty I mean those are both nice but at this point these are the two really nice ones so Jen and I now have to do a guessing game of who’s going to go for what umm now remember though we’re having to make our guessing game of what we’re gonna go am I gonna try and get that am I gonna try and get that is you know what is Jen gonna be able to guess which way I’m not going to go is Jen worried about if she goes the same way as I do and I beat her maybe she should go for one of these because these are probably safe bets probably I’m not going for those I’m probably going from of those but the thing is after we have each chosen whatever our secret plan is you know I I choose mine and Jen chooses hers when we reveal what we’re doing will also reveal what these are and this might be additional propaganda it might be a technology it might be an additional breakthrough we don’t know what they are so there’s a little bit of a gamble that maybe if we even if we both go for technology and only one of us could get it maybe or propaganda maybe one of these is a propaganda card as well so that’s kind of the thinking that hat that goes into what are you gonna do what in wheat shoes and you know I think I am gonna go for Valentina because she’s just awesome sauce so my next question is do I go in heavy to guarantee that I get it or do I save my heavy one for later because I’m much more confident that Jen’s not going to go forward anyway because is she going to take the risk if she tries to play her six and she knows I play mine she knows she’ll lose so chances are she’s not going to go with her six which means I should go for my three but Jen knows I know that so maybe she’ll go with her six anyway now what I could also do is go with my weakest propaganda card which is only a one but not only does it let me collect a propaganda card which is what this symbol means it also gives me a special power which I can your oxy power which I can use at the end of the round now I don’t think I need that special power right now so it’s really question do I guaranteed lock in Valentina or do I take a chance and save my big power card for later you know what I I don’t think I want to take a chance I’m gonna go for my big one just in case Jenn decides to go for it all right so I have locked in what I want to do now while I’m thinking about what I want to do of course Jenn like I said she’s got the exact same 12 cards she’s trying to decide what it is she wants to do and from her perspective this is a tough choice because she knows I literally hold the upper hand I’ve got the initiative card so I break ties so she’s got try and figure out am I gonna go for this am I going to go for this these are definitely the two most valuable cards at this point does Jenn take a chance and maybe get muscled out or did she say to heck with it you know what she’ll just go on ahead and grab one of these cards – um you know – to avoid a you know a potential issue hmm you know what I think Jenn doesn’t want to take the chance she doesn’t want a risk he doesn’t want to gamble trying to go for one of these because she doesn’t know which one I’m gonna go for so Jenn’s gonna go for a purple so that means she’s gonna play her level one her level three or her level six space program now since Jenn’s feeling pretty confident that I’m going for one of those she’s gonna play her lowest level space program the weakest one the slowest one but this one also has an extra benefit not only does it let her pick up a purple card she knows the purple cards have this space program icon on it not only will let her pick one of those up but it’ll also give her let her draw two cards or retire two cards to her laboratory so this will give her extra power so both Jen I have chosen what it is we’re gonna do and that’s it we are now going to reveal we reveal and as predicted I went strong for propaganda and Jen won for the space program I’m like ah I wasted my level six I could have gone for the level one now in addition to both reviewing what we’re going to do we also reveal what else is out there hey there’s another purple card and there is another discovery card Wow now this one is about getting manned space missions first man in space kind of thing so these are both six point cards just sitting here and right now no one’s going to grab any of them but you can bet those are going to be pretty we’re gonna make a run on those in the second round we’ll see how it goes now as it happens still no technology cards came out only one what you call it propaganda card came out and we are now we are done managing our agency we’ve chosen our control cards revealed them and the unexplored universe so this is everything that’s available at husk scrap now we start resolving this one time first of all we do the propaganda stage and then there’s no technology stage then Jen so I’ll do that then gentle get to your space program and now nobody’s doing the breakthrough stage this round so this is what I’ve played I look at what the card says I can do and it says I can cut I can add one propaganda card to my agency there’s only one propaganda card out and so I have added it this is now the beginning of my space agency my agency is really kind of devoted to valentina Tereshkova this female cosmonaut that’s where I’m at at the moment now so I have activated the yellow line if I had any more cards in my agency that had abilities I would activate those yellow abilities as well like if I had this Vostok program I’d be able to not only activate this but this also so um as you build a bigger and bigger agency you really kind of want if you can focus on one particular thing because then every time you activate that thing you can potentially do a lot of bonus actions now you don’t do them all at once there’s kind of a turn-based thing but worry about that later but as it is I’m the only person doing propaganda right now so I’ve collected my propaganda card now Valentina she doesn’t have any special powers on the propaganda card but she is a – now this means she’s worth 2 plus 2 this card is worth 4 points at the end of the game plus in the future in a future round if I place a play my level 3 propaganda card this will let me take another propaganda but my total propaganda strength is 3 plus 2 so ah I could beat somebody else who plays a level 3 propaganda because my propaganda machine has become more powerful because I’ve got Valentina but that’s going to help me later now there’s one other thing she does which is she’s got a standing power which is all cards that have the plus minus the plus slash – or the star abilities that I play from now on our one card stronger so this is a permanent upgrade to every potential card I might play in the future so I’m happy with that so we are done with my propaganda because I’m having more propaganda actions I can do nobody did technology and now Jen is going to do a space program so first of all well actually Jen right now has two actions she can do she can grab a space program and this symbol this plus minus means she has a choice she can either draw two more cards – and add to her hand of five cards or she can take two cards and uhm relegate them from her hand cards in your hand as he jen has four cards in your hand represent potential they represent funding they represent all the stuff you could do what you want to do with these cards is either get them into your agency so they’ll actually do stuff for you or borrowing that you want to get them into your laboratory because every card you have in your laboratory at the end of the game is worth one point now if so if I had Valentina it working in my lab at the end of the game she’s worth one but it’s much better to have her in my agency where she’s worth four points so Jen is going to get too thin to get to do two things and the interesting thing is if she grabs a card we call it a space program card like say this Mars expedition and installs it she’s giving herself access to another ability right away so that’s actually pretty cool I think yes so we’re onto the propaganda or I’m sorry the space program Jen’s gonna do it she’s got two actions first of all she’ll go on ahead and claim the Mars rover so that’s done and now if there were any other players who were doing space programs they would get to do an action and then Jen we get to do her second action and they would do a second action and so on round-robin until everybody has done all of their space program two actions but as it is Jen’s the only one to do it so she’s done her first now she has two more she has this one which is either draw two cards or put two cards in her lab and she also has this one which is a one-time ability if cards are if abilities are on the left side of the card you can do them over and over and over again throughout the game if they’re on the right side of the card they are a one-time thing you can only ever do them once and this one is saying that one time in the game because of the Mars exploration Mars rover card she will be able to take one card out of her laboratory and put it into her agency so that’s going to make a really nice combo because this lets her put stuff in her lab there’s nothing in her lab right now and then this lets stuff come out of her lab and join the agency so Jen’s got to decide well what I’m you know so she is at the very least going to put at least one of these cards in her lab if not to so that she could then use this power to bring it out of the lab and put it in the agency and but remember she gets to either draw two cards put two cards in the lab or draw one put one in the lab that’s her choice based on this plus minus two so what does she want to do well basically now this is really cool normally you have to work quite a bit harder to get cards from your hand which remember this just represents potential these are basically ideas and funding you’ve got to get them into your agency is normally a big process but Jen is going to get a shortcut so does she want to put the Johnson Space Center which would immediately give her another power does she want to build Cape Canaveral which would which gives her a power no matter what across the board does she want to get um you know put Jerry uh you know Eamonn Merriman in her lab and then basically get him into play immediately or Richard Branson the entrepreneur who she could get into her lab and then get access immediately so but Jen still has no choice remember before she does this she’s going to do this I think first of all she’s gonna draw one additional card to have in her hand and then for the second of these she’s going to put one in her lab and then she’s going to activate this to get it out of her lab into her agency what does she want the most oh my gosh look at this another discovery card she gets this interagency she’ll have built the first on moon rover that’s a breakthrough and this could be six points to her hmm but you know what this Cape Canaveral this is pretty darn cool this is affects every single type of action she can do for the rest of the game so Jen first of all he did this action which gave her the Mars rover now she’s doing this which was two things she drew a card and now she’s staying Cape Canaveral and you put it sideways you kind of tap it like this to indicate that this is in your lab but now Jen still has space program actions so she will do this one which is a one time thing that says take something out of your lab and oh shoot you chewed hold on a second I forgot I didn’t read the small print oh dear look at this ah icons so this little icon here this little beaker means you take something out of your lab and put in your agency this icon means that it has to be a card it has to be a space program card it can’t be just anything it has to be a space program and here’s the problem Jen has no space programs in her hand so Jen can get this but she can’t use this special power so you know what coming back to this I think instead of Jen putting anything in her lab she is going to draw a second card this lets her draw two cards and hopefully she’ll get a space program she does okay now um so she’s drawn two cards now she could continue and do this action of getting something out of her lab but she now has to get this into her lab but before she can use this power so she’s not going to use this power right now but she’s got some stuff in play that’ll let her use it in the future so that was Jen’s turn now that sounded complicated but believe me that’s a pretty simple turn as this game goes on your turns can get very rich very complex as you do all kinds of actions that can combo chain off of each other but anyway as it is hi did my propaganda which was pretty simple I just recruited Valentina Jen did her space program which gave her two more cards and allowed her to develop the Mars rover and nobody did any breakthroughs now after we’re done with all this if anybody has any bureaucracy on their cards they do it I don’t have any peroxy Jen doesn’t have any bureaucracy didn’t have any in your hand that I could show you do – – no there’s no bureaucracy cards anywhere do I have any bureaucracy cards in my hand no nobody has to keep your action card right now so we skip the bureaucracy phase bureaucracy for the most part they’re all good things you get to do because bureaucracy and spacing she’s a good thing and now finally phase three we pass we finish the round first player marker goes over to Jen the initiative marker now if anybody has no cards in their hand Jen has a lot I’ve got a few you get to draw one card we skipping that and now we plan cards facedown in the universe all these cards are going to be available in the next round for us to draft for again but in addition to that both Jen and I have the opportunity to take cards that are excimer these are the cards in our hand represent the ideas you know the the you know the little spark and idea that might grow into something and if we want I can take any number of these cards one two or all three of them and throw them out there in the universe and that means next round these cards are going to be available to get drafted for but the nice thing is only I know what they are so if like if I’m looking at these cards and none of them are particularly interesting to me I put out one of these cards knowing that it’s going to come out later and because remember everybody has to choose simultaneously before these cards are revealed what they’re going to do so this gives me a little bit of advanced knowledge I put an idea out in the universe and I might try to draft it before anybody else does next round Jen she has a whole bunch of cards so she has the same type of decision is she going to put any ideas in the universe now to make this decision you have to think about what you want to do on the next round now interestingly I think both Jen and I are going to watch chase after these breakthroughs because these are just six points sitting here and the nice thing is since there’s two of them both Jen and I have a chance of getting one because in a given round as a general rule there are some special powers that would break this but as a general rule players can only take one card from the universe and add it to their agency so hmm if both Jen I think and we’re just going to try and go for these breakthroughs the question becomes do we want to add anything else to the universe or do we want to hold on to these until later I think I’m not going to add you have Oh investigation because yeah because I think I’m going to go and go for one of these and although this is interesting thing if I put this into the universe my rosetta mission the comet orbiter and Lander if I put this out and I successfully draft for this in the next round this will give me a new power of whenever I try to go for um whenever I do a read action which is to say whenever I play one of my breakthrough cards I’ll get an additional bonus thing of being able to take a breakthrough from my lab I see oh not just from my lab but from anybody’s lab so if I put this out here and get this if Jen ever puts a breakthrough in her lab I could then steal it from her lab because you know this is take a breakthrough and put it in your agency from a lab but it’s from anybody’s lab so this is kind of a little bit of a nasty card so here’s the thing I don’t want to put this out and get this until such time as Jen actually puts a discovery in her lap because when she does that then I want to get this into play ASAP so I could steal it from her so um so I could but I’m not gonna do that I might put that in later if the situation arises it would make it worthwhile so now I’m not going to put I’m not gonna add any of these now is Jen going to add any of the cards and we’re but again we’re both choosing at the same time and in player order Jen is now the first player we all add cards in secret to the universe does Jen want to add any of these hmm well now would be a relatively safe time to put another discovery car or breakthrough card out there because since it’s only two-player game each of us could get one of these and then this one would be around for the next round but in the third round Jen knows I’m gonna have the tiebreaker and so that might not work out well first so I don’t think she wants to see that but right right all right on the other hand Jen could go on ahead and put this remember she was thing about putting Cape Canaveral in her lab so she could get it in but she can put it out here and then she could draft for next turn and then for the remainder of the game this is worth four points it’s worth one two three four points and it powers up every single action she has for the rest of the game so that could be pretty cool you know what I think Jen is Jenn’s gonna put that out there in the universe’s you won’t put anything else out in the universe no I mean she’s she’s putting this out because she’s planning on grabbing this instead of these and only she knows this is coming I have no idea to come well that’s not entirely true I might know this is coming we’ll see about that in a second does Jen want to put anything else out there you know what I think she will I think she will put Missy you know what just to cover her tracks me because she doesn’t want me to discover she’s putting this into play she’ll put a couple of other cards she’ll put Richard Branson and Jerry Amon the scientists out there as well so Jen has added three cards I haven’t added any now between all the players if all the players have not added enough cards such that there aren’t equal number players so if there were if neither Jenner I add any cards we’d have to draw cards blindly from the deck and put them into the unexplored universe because you always have to have at least the number players so it has to be at least two unexplored cards Jen’s added three so we’re not going to draw any from the deck and now here’s the trick this is the next step as it says right here planned cards face down the universe I opted not to do it but Jen did and I’m add cards from the deck we didn’t need to because there’s enough unexplored in the universe and now shuffle them and turn one face up one of them two-player game so this is why Jen put these here because she doesn’t want to reveal Cape Canaveral she doesn’t want me to know it’s coming because she wants to get it unopposed so that’s why she put the other stuff in here but there’s a 33% chance now because in a two-player game one of these secret cards is going to get revealed and Jen is hoping it’s not Cape Canaveral it was Cape Canaveral argh that is unhappy news for Jen so the the decoy she threw in here didn’t even get drawn this is public knowledge and now Jen has to worry I might try to compete with her for that before if if Richard Branson or Jerry Amon had come out then she’d know um she would be able to play a technology card she would know I wouldn’t bother playing a technology card because there’s none of them out there and she’d be able to get this for a song but now that this has been revealed she’s worried because now there’s gonna be a space race and she’s got a wonder and now of course I have no well actually I do know she put this out there cuz she put all three out so she’s got to worry is am I going to be able to take this from her ah that was a big bummer for Jen but that’s it we have finished the first of seven rounds and now we are going to move on to round number two and it starts with each of us once again having to pick what control card we’re going to play and then seeing which other plays seeing what these other cards are Jen knows what they are I do not so Jen has a little bit more knowledge than I do because she seated the deck and I did not and well we’ll see where it goes from there um and if you’d like to see a little bit more of space race the card game I’ll probably play through at least a couple more rounds you can hit little eye up in the top right corner of the screen go to the extended play through our alternate even go to final thoughts your choice saying five four three two one

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  1. Riffle shuffle!? Some people just want to watch the world burn!

  2. Very nice explanation. But my head hurts now from all the rules ^^
    You should maybe speak a little bit slower next time and donΒ΄t jump so often from one explanation to another and back again. πŸ™‚

  3. At 12:45 I laughed at your "aaaaargh, I wasted my powerful card" xD

  4. Hey, Cape Canaveral (around 19,47) has icons on the right so the abilities should work only once, not every single round. Isn't it?

  5. Friends backed this and brought it to the local games night yesterday. It took us a while to get to grips with it because the rules booklet isn't very clear. The main thing it misses is an anatomy of each card section.

  6. Just wanted to come back and add my "Thanks" for this video. LOVED it… and made it MUCH EASIER to wrap my brain around. Super well done & very much appreciated!

  7. I had to laugh at 21:17, when you said, "I know that sounded complicated, but it's actually [one of the more] simple turns." Because you're right, that the considerations which you shared do indeed make it look like a very complicated play. But if THAT is considered "simple" compared to how the rest of the game plays… my head is hurting.
    It makes chaining and nesting a zillion actions in Dominion look like childs play!
    It looks like I'll have to reserve this game only for my gaming group that prefers complex games.

  8. Just a little bit of editing goes a long way :/ I was so lost in all this unfortunately.

  9. avg rating bgg: 4.5 (out of 10).

  10. Love the theme but it's just not doing much for me.
    There's another game called Space Explorers (similar theme as Space Race) which I really like however there's no English version of the game. The only way you can play it in English at the moment is on Tabletopia. Tabletop simulator may have it as well, not sure.
    Anybody got any info on Space Explorers? Published in Russia I think.

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