Star Wars Pinball | Review

*Imperial March plays* *Darth Vader breathing* WILL
Star Wars Pinball, is great. *Star Wars Theme Song plays* WILL
Well, if you like Pinball…and Star Wars. It’s pretty great. The game boasts 19 tables, themed
across the 8 current saga films, spin-off movies, animated series and a few character
and location specific ones as well. And they’re all golden, seriously they’re all unique
and fun and just capture a certain Star Wars whimsy. And thankfully, there’s not too
much clutter along your way to enjoying them. One of the easiest ways to get to grips with
the tables, is the game’s Career Mode. Splitting off into 5 Operations, each with a set number
of Missions, you’ll be hopping between tables – each with their own unique goal or challenge.
Including time limits, flipper limits and distance challenges, which is nerdily measured
out in Parsecs. And, as this is a video game, there’s a few
unlockables and stats to boost. Completing missions in career mode will give you Holocron Shards, which can be spent on unlocking and leveling up your Force Abilities. These are
basic gameplay modifiers, from time slow downs to score multipliers. I’ve personally not
found much of a use for them. I kind of prefer a more traditional pinball experience.
But they’re just fun harmless gimmicks to shake up your gameplay. And speaking of shaking up your
gameplay… As you rapidly blast your ball across the
table, occasional mini-games will arise. From a simple hatch opening, coaxing you to sink
your ball within – to a desperate plea for help as TIE fighters attack resistance ships,
you’ll need to fire your ball at a ramp to destroy the pesky First Order. It’s a visceral
take on simpler physical pinball machines…but then they take it a step further. And let
you fight Darth Vader. Yep, whilst playing the Empire Strikes Back
table, I was thrust into a duel with the darkside. There’s a few of these grander scale mini-games,
and they come with no tutorials. So it’s well worth the effort to skim through the Table
Guide supplied with each Table, before diving in head first. Not only will you be better
equipped with Darth Daddy, but the guides also point you towards high scoring elements
on the board. Alongside Career mode comes three other ways
to play. Single Player; which gives you and up to 3 friends free reign of all tables to
play at your own pace. League Play will pit you against other online players, and finally
Galactic Tournament – which are player created tournaments, with preset rules and tables.
So competitive Pinball players have a few avenues to blast through, whilst the more
solo pinball players can absorb the many tables at their own pace. And…okay, let’s talk about
what I absorbed. Rathtars, the Tydrium Shuttle, Rey training
on Ach-Too, the trench run, an opening Clone Wars text crawl read by Mr Narrator, Jedi
and Sith Holocrons, the fact they acknowledge all elements of Star Wars as equal, PORKINS. But, being the Star Wars nerd
I am, there are certain things I can’t let pass by like a T-42 Skyhopper over a Tusken
Raider. Namely, this game’s voice cast. Whilst it was all kinds of fun to see the
wonderful animations and accompanying Skywalker sound effects – whenever someone opened their
mouth, there was something a little off. LUKE (Impersonator)
I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Solo You can’t trick me with your Farrison Hords
and Hark Mamills. The sound-alike voice overs were a bit of disappointment . And the occasional awkward line would be totally
fine, if it were occasional. But hearing D3P0, instead of C3P0, call out R2D2 after every single
bumper flip gets a little tiresome after a while. C3PO (impersonator)
What are you talking about? But, voice acting aside – this game is a visual
treat for Star Wars fans. Getting to see the Star Wars Universe spring to life never
gets old. The game also offers a number of camera modes too, which both cater for players
taste and also allow a closer look at the intricacies of each table. AND you can switch
it all into portrait mode for an extra Arcadey kick So yes, I love this game. From it’s simple
controls, fun and unique mini-games, and fantastically nerdy presentation. Star Wars Pinball is such
a wizard of game, you’d think there would be a twist. But thankfully, you’re given
full access to play all the mean pinball you want. I’m giving it 4/5 Rubber Chickens. *Darth Vader breathing*

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