[Sub][Remind 11] Cardfight!! Vanguard Shinemon Arc – Shin, Shin, Shinemon?

Li’l Valkerion!
I can’t find Li’l Valkerion anywhere!
Never mind that. Listen to this!
For the S Cup, there are
three members per team,
and they’re all tough opponents who have
won at her shops’ nationwide qualifiers!
Wait just a moment!
What is that?!
Good morning!
Please, take my card.
Good morning!
Please, take my card.
Please, take my card.
What are you doing?!
Please, take my card.
Oh! I am quilt obliged!
You mean, “I am quite obliged,” right?
That’s not the point!
What are you doing, Shinemon?!
Check me out!
Now I’m an adult, too!
Still, if you don’t mind
an adult pointing this out,
that’s not the way the world works.
As an adult, I have a responsibility
to teach you that, child.
Esuka treats me as nothing but a child!
But from this day on,
you can call me Mature-emon. No…
Make that Adult-emon!
Oh, no!
While your style has changed…
This seems pretty big for a business card.
Shinemon Nitta
Manager of Card Capital
An adult wouldn’t make
a business card like this!
The strength of imagination!
That’s the strength of Vanguard!
Don’t get dominated by
your opponent’s imagination!
Rewrite that imagination!
Remind 11
Shin, Shin, Shinemon?
So Shin will be in the S Cup…
But won’t his grades suffer because of that?
Sorry, after all that Capital
has done for me and Bro…
Uh oh!
I have to get to work!
Rive Shindou!
How long do you intend to be a babysitter?
For Shinemon, you mean?
In this year’s S Cup, I’ve created two slots
for teams that are exempt from the qualifier.
One is Simple Cinnamon’s team.
And the other…
A team to destroy them?
How about it?
Would the fighter once
known as “The Board Grappler”
be willing to use his skills
and bring his disciple to his senses?
For an adult, there’s no work
more important than babysitting a child.
Listen up.
We’re gonna do intensive
training here every day.
Intensive training… for the S Cup?
The three of us will compete in it!
After we win all our matches,
I’ll get one more shot at Esuka herself!
W-Wait a second.
Mark I can see, but why me?
Well, we need three people
for an S Cup team, right?
Oh! Now that you mention it,
there are three of us!
What a clay-doll instance!
You mean, “coincidence”!
But still…
Don’t worry, Tatsuya!
Remember, you’re my disciple!
But listen to this.
Weekly Vanguard
There used to be a Vanguard fighter
called, “The Board Grappler,”
Weekly Vanguard
because he fought like a
martial artist, open and aboveboard.
Weekly Vanguard
because he fought like a
martial artist, open and aboveboard.
This fabled fighter was undefeated in
official matches, breaking record after record,
until he just… disappeared.
Here he is.
Oh! It’s Rive!
Huh! I didn’t know Master was that famous!
Absolute Perfection
Ever Victorious and Unbeatable
I came upon this
while poring through back issues.
Absolute Perfection
Ever Victorious and Unbeatable
Absolute Perfection
Ever Victorious and Unbeatable
If Rive joined the team,
your victory would be guaranteed!
But wouldn’t you feel left out, Tatsuya?
No, of course I wouldn’t!
You’re wet behind the ears!
What the–?!
Thank you.
So you’re on a journey
in search of strong fighters,
and have finally come to
this neck of the woods, huh?
It’s almost too cold to bear!
Mr. Ryutarou Oyama!
Could you possibly show your fighting
that “brings a smile to
everyone’s face” at the S Cup?
Sounds good. But I’ve got one condition.
Of course. Simply name your–
This thing’s awesome!
Of course. Simply name your–
Would you let me ride it?
Ride it?!
No way! Forget it!
Then be sure to let me ride it after the S Cup!
That’s our deal!
What’s with him?!
It’s sweltering hot!
It stinks! And it’s hard to move in!
And that man wants to wear this thing for fun?!
What kind of freak is he?!
I do sympathize.
But why are we scouting in disguise?
I can’t let the world know that I’m personally
assembling a team to defeat Shinemon!
Drat this thing!
Hey, Lemon!
You want me on your team?!
Ask me that after you’ve beaten me for once!
All right, Master.
But I’m not the Shinemon you once knew!
From this day on… I’m Adult-emon!
Oh! You’re like an old-timey Japanese papa!
Stand up, Vanguard!
One more time!
Bring it!
It’s over now!
Shinemon, you have 6 damage!
Yes, I know!
Once more!
Lemon, is this how an adult fights?
If only I’d drawn Valkerion…
Don’t you get it yet, Lemon?!
At this rate, you’ll never beat Esuka!
I got an Imaginary Gift!
Three gifts on the Vanguard Circle?!
But why…?!
Uranus’s skill activates!
I got an Imaginary Gift!
A fifth one?!
Circle Shift!
Once Uranus has five Imaginary Gifts,
the rear-guard circle behind
the Vanguard becomes the Astral Plane!
Grade 3 Gleaming Lord, Uranus can open up
the Astral Plane behind the Vanguard.
It’s my turn!
After giving up once before…
Must be nice to be lucky.
I never gave up!
Know what luck is?
It’s a gift that only people who don’t
give up to the very end can get!
Now he’s got five Imaginary Gifts!
Circle Shift!
Astral Plane!
The Astral Plane.
That’s a special space overlaid
onto the planet Cray as a new image.
There you can summon elements
scattered across the Milky Way.
Those elements come together to form
Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion.
That’s your winning pattern.
Your deck can only win by using Valkerion.
Esuka clearly saw that.
Valkerion is grade 5 with
70,000 power. It’s very strong.
But you can’t ride it or call it.
It can only stand on the Astral Plane.
Which means…
It’s definitely not an easy unit to wield.
You’re wrong!
I just didn’t draw a heal trigger, that’s all!
It’s not like Valkerion lost!
Valkerion doesn’t lose!
You’re the one who lost!
You haven’t mastered Valkerion!
You’re just a kid who longs for strong figures!
Are you telling him to get rid of Valkerion
because he’s an Immature Cinnamon?!
I was just unlucky there!
I’ll tell you about luck!
The thing about luck…
It’s a gift that only people who don’t
give up to the very end can get.
I have to get to work.
What’d you just say?!
All we said was…
You said, “Rive Shindou,” didn’t you?!
Is he gonna participate?!
Yes. I believe so…
Roger that.
I, Ruga Kaizu… I, who have won
the national tournament twice…
…shall take part in the S Cup!
Rive! I’ve been waiting for this chance!
This makes two…
Valkerion again…
Even there, Valkerion.
It’s true, you’ve been winning all this time
by using Uranus to call Valkerion.
Uranus is the only grade 3 I have in my deck.
But the way things stand,
Rive isn’t going to join the team.
Why not take a chance
and try using another clan?
Another clan?
Oh! Then I recommend Nubatama!
You get to use all kinds of ninja arts
and feel like you’re a real ninja yourself!
It’s fun!
Nanami has Neo Nectar.
Tonori uses Gold Paladin.
And also…
There’s always my Angel Feather,
or you could even try Esuka’s Great Nature,
which would level the
playing field between you.
Vanguard has over
20 different clans to choose from!
So that’s a no?
Yes, my deck relies on Valkerion.
Of course I know that.
But still…
Why do you like it so much?
Did you maybe receive that unit
from someone dear to you, or…?
Um… I’m not sure.
You mean there is no special reason?!
When you put it that way…
That can’t be right!
It should be a keepsake from your father,
or something that fell from the heavens…
Did the card start talking to you?!
There must be something special about it!
I’m just a kid…
I like Valkerion.
I like Card Capital.
That’s all there is to me.
Shin, that one’s so cool!
This one’s cool?
All right! Then I’ll clinch it here!
Oh? You think it’ll work out that well for you?
Isn’t it enough that it’s cool?
Oh! Nothing wrong with that!
If you really love it…
Sub Manager?
Tatsuya! What about this unit?!
That’s right!
You could use this one!
The S Cup final round is tomorrow.
This is your last chance!
Okay, then show me your answer, Lemon.
Thank you, Master!
Stand up, Vanguard!
Full Moon Muscle!
Pan of New Style!
4 damage…
Wait, what?
Shinemon still has Valkerion in his deck?
This is Shinemon’s answer!
Master, it’s my turn.
Stand and draw!
I ride!
You’re riding grade 3 Uranus, again?
Nothing’s changed!
That roar…
The call of the stars…
Shaking the furthest reaches of the Milky Way
and tearing through the firmament,
it summons elements from far and wide!
Its name is…
Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon!
Imaginary Gift!
Force I!
Astraios Dragon?
Not Uranus?
I can become anything,
as long as I have the imagination!
That’s the point of Vanguard!
I call three Atlas of Heavenly Sphere units!
Its skill activates!
I got an Imaginary Gift!
Astraios Dragon’s skill activates!
I got an Imaginary Gift!
Five Imaginary Gifts, in no time at all!
What happens next?
Astraios Dragon has the same skill as Uranus.
That’s right. Once Astraios Dragon
possesses five Imaginary Gift, Force cards…
Circle Shift!
Astral Plane!
O great planetary guardian deity!
Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion!
So Uranus isn’t the only unit
that can summon Valkerion!
I have both Uranus and
Astraios Dragon in my deck!
That alone doubles my chances
of being able to summon Valkerion!
That’s my answer, Master! I’m a kid!
I love cool things!
I love Valkerion!
As a kid, I can’t give that up!
Astraios Dragon attacks your Vanguard!
No guard!
Twin drive!
First check!
Second check!
Critical trigger!
I give the power to Prometheus
and the extra critical to Astraios Dragon!
Damage check!
All right! No trigger!
One more damage point and Shinemon wins!
Prometheus of Dancing Lights
attacks your Vanguard!
Skill activates! It gains +5000 power!
Clay-doll Mechanic! Fusing Striker!
He blocked it!
I’ll win it with this!
Valkerion! Zodiac Blazer!
It’s time, Twin Blader!
A perfect guard…
No! You just had 1 damage to go…
But you still have a unit that can attack!
Oh, right!
My other Prometheus attacks your Vanguard!
Prometheus gains power with its skill!
Be careful, my Vanguard.
Fortune favor you.
My turn’s over.
End of the line, Valkerion.
Once the turn is over,
Valkerion has to return to the deck!
Your best chance got away!
No, it’s still up in the air.
If you survive this, it’s possible for you
to call Valkerion back in the next turn!
So Shinemon hasn’t lost yet!
This is the day I beat you…
Bravo… Shinemon.
D-Did you just call me Shinemon?!
Whoops! I have to get to work!
The match ends here.
How could you?!
Master! Hey, Master!
See you at Esuka’s main shop tomorrow.
Don’t be late.
Wait up!
What does that mean?
It means he’ll join the team!
Master’s joining us?!
It was a good match.
Depending on my next turn, I may have lost.
If he imagines it, he can become
Uranus or Astraios Dragon, eh?
What does that mean?
I made a mistake.
Shinemon is a child.
His possibilities are limitless.
He could even end up
becoming as strong as Valkerion.
As long as he doesn’t forget to imagine it.
So, please!
Please join our special team.
Is that not an honor, Yuichirou Kanzaki?
H-He’s crying?!
I, Yuichirou Kanzaki…
Winner of the World Vanguard High School
Championship for three years straight!
I, Yuichirou Kanzaki…
I, who have been scouted
by innumerable pro teams…
It’s nothing to cry about.
How dare you?!
You sell me short!
It makes me so sad
that my eyes overflow with tears!
It appears this was a waste of a trip.
Let’s go.
I never said I wouldn’t do it!
I always despised that S Class!
A gathering of weaklings, having friendly
matches to be number one or number two!
That’s right!
Weakness is a sin!
A sin…!
A sin!
The 30-second card intro segment!
Today’s featured card is Shinemon’s
Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon!
Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon
Today’s featured card is Shinemon’s
Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon!
Gather five Imaginary Gift, Force cards,
and this new “Astral Poet” trump card
can deploy the Astral Plane!
Use its skill to receive a Force on every turn!
And just like Uranus, it can summon
Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”!
Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”!
Ride The Vanguard!
Enough! This thing stinks,
and it’s hard to move in!
I’m taking off this Li’l Valkerion suit!
Li’l Valkerion?! There you are!
Where were you all this time?!
Don’t hug me!
Wait… Li’l Valkerion, did you just talk?!
“I’m Valkerion!”
“Hello, Shinemon!”
Amazing! When did you start talking?!
“Well, it all started after the
kindhearted Esuka Hibino found me…”
Remind 12
Team Dragon’s Vanity!!
“Well, it all started after the
kindhearted Esuka Hibino found me…”
You’re Esuka, aren’t you?!
Remind 12
Team Dragon’s Vanity!!

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