[Sub][Remind 12] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Team Dragon’s Vanity!!

Care to try fighting me?
There will soon be the opportunity
to make that dream a reality.
Card Shop Esuka Group
brings you our big annual event:
Esu Cup
The Esu Cup!
Esu Cup
Six teams that have won
shop qualifiers all across the country,
along with two special seeded teams,
will battle it out in a tournament
for the right to challenge me, Esuka Hibino!
What kind of fighter will I get to face?
I can’t wait to find out!
Tomorrow’s the big day.
Not that I’d expect you to, but you’d
better not throw the championship, yo.
Of course I wouldn’t do that.
But still, if we win this, then he won’t…
See you at the Esuka main shop!
Walk with me, Tonori.
It ain’t our business whether
this place ends up as Esuka or Capital, yo.
A card shop’s a card shop.
You will come, won’t you?
Two Masters?!
Who’re you calling “Master”?!
But still…
Huh? Nanami?
Accompanied by Lord Tonori?
What are you doing here?
I-I just happened to be walking by!
You’re transparent, yo.
And what about you?
Here to bid farewell to this place?
I’m sure you intend to get
the shop back by fighting Ms. Esuka,
but too bad!
The one to fight Ms. Esuka…
…will be me!
You have a zero percent chance of
taking your shop back, Shinemon Nitta!
This that sweet-‘n’-sour thing?
It’s a good point. Everyone will fight hard.
I doubt reaching the point
where I can fight Esuka will be easy.
That’s exactly why I’m here.
In order to imagine getting Capital back!
And that’s why our team name is Team Capital!
So Team Capital’s you three, yo?
N-No, I’m…
It’s me, Shinemon, and Rive.
Wanna join our team, then?
Actually, just the two of us
made it through the qualifier.
We ain’t got a third member, yo.
So I don’t mind you joinin’ us.
It’s like my way of atonin’
for intimidatin’ you before, yo.
B-But I…
Why not?!
You’ll get to fight strong opponents
from all across the country!
It’d be awesome training!
Understood! I’ll do my best!
Let’s fight fair and square tomorrow.
You’d better put up a decent fight.
Remind 12
Team Dragon’s Vanity!!
Take good care of it.
Anyway, what’s taking Mark so long?
It’s way past the time we were going to meet.
Maybe your habitual lateness
rubbed off on him, Dumbro!
I was on time today!
Sorry to keep you waiting!
You’re late! What were you doing?!
I was preparing Team Capital’s attire!
For an event of this magnitude,
wouldn’t you say, “the clothes hit the fan”?
That’s “the clothes make the man”!
So I’ve got uniforms for the three of us!
All right! Let’s do this!
Team Capital has arrived.
I’m going to take a shower.
So let’s get changed!
I, of course…
…shal wear this, verily!
Oh, come on…
I looked at old photos for inspiration.
Nice one!
This isn’t nice at all!
You just used my Halloween costume!
Verily, that outfit screams you, Shinemon.
It suits you even better,
Moron Magistrate Cinnamon!
This much, I can tolerate.
You’re no fun.
Once you are ready, fighters,
please proceed to the arena.
One moment, please!
Would you honor us by taking a photo
before we head off to battle?
Say “cheese!”
Be sure to win!
Of course.
I wouldn’t blow the chance Esuka gave me.
Is Esuka in the arena?
No, she’s still in her quarters.
All of these people…
…have their game faces on!
Verily, they are like feudal warlords.
Well, not quite all of them…
Buck up, Tatsuya!
You’re not being ushered to your execution!
I know, but…
I looked at the tournament chart earlier.
Assuming we both keep winning,
we’ll see you in the finals.
Yeah. That’s a welcome development.
Right, Master?
Huh? Where’s Master?
He was here but a moment ago.
That’s… not Master, is it?
Wouldn’t they be the other special seeded team?
“Team Dragon’s Vanity,” or such.
Why do they mask their faces?
You’re one to talk, yo.
All right! And now, theeee–
P-Pardon me for that…
And now, the Esu Cup begins!
The fighters enter the arena!
Good luck, Shinemon! Mark! Bro!
Where’s my dumb brother?
First, a few words from the sponsor
of this tournament, Esuka Hibino.
The most important thing about Vanguard…
…is the power of imagination!
So imagine yourself… winning!
Rewrite your image of the past…
…and imagine your future self as it should be!
That is all!
Thank you!
And now, on to the matches!
In this tournament, aside from the finals,
all of the team members fight simultaneously.
The first match:
Match 1
Team Capital vs Team Dontaku
Team Capital versus Team Dontaku!
Match 1
Team Capital vs Team Dontaku
We’re up first?
What should we do?
The two of us have no choice but to wing it!
If we both win, we’ll move on!
Verily, roger that!
Incidentally, I’m the president of the
Harumi High School Broadcasting Club,
and my dream is to give the play-by-play
at an international Vanguard tournament.
The name is MC Miya!
And this is my first step forward!
With me to provide commentary is
the man known as “The Board Grappler”!
Hello. I’m your commentator, Rive Shindou.
What are you doing, Master?!
Like I said! Commentary!
Oh no!
Who gives commentary on their own team?!
Me, of course!
Should you be here? It’s about to start.
Without you, the sponsor…
…the matches can’t start.
What do you want?
Could you use a commentator?
I’d deliver amazing color commentary.
What about the match?
If he just relies on me,
there’s no way he can beat you.
He’s a Naive-emon.
It’s tough being a babysitter, huh?
The two of us alone will win!
Then let the fights begin!
Stand up, Vanguard!
The third match is nearing its end!
The favorite is Team TNT,
representing the Esuka main shop.
They’ve dominated all of their matches so far.
No trigger!
Nanami Gonomi wins!
Nice try.
Now I’ll go, too!
I attack your Vanguard!
No trigger!
Team TNT vs Team Nebuta
Tonori Fujinami also makes a clean sweep.
Team TNT vs Team Nebuta
Two wins for Team TNT!
Team TNT vs Team Nebuta
Even without the outcome of Tachibana’s fight,
they’ve clinched a place in the semifinals!
They were fired up since before the match began.
I hope the other teams
learn from their example.
It’s not like I wasn’t fired up!
Now, now… as they say, winning is something.
I ride!
Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel!
Aww, man! We lost!
Darn it! You guys beat us!
He’s right about that, yo.
Thank goodness…
The sudden relief from nervousness did him in.
He’d better rest up somewhere.
I’ll show you to the infirmary.
Please do!
U-Um… We’ll come too, yo.
Leave this to us.
You’d better watch the next match.
You’re fighting whoever wins, right?
What am I doing here?!
Verily, you fainted in the midst of a fight.
What have I done?!
Don’t worry. Your team won.
Verily, do your best in the next!
The fourth match is over?
Wasn’t that a little too quick?
Sorry, there was a long line for the restroom.
It’s over already?
Dosanko, the team from Hokkaido,
has been mercilessly defeated.
The special seeded Team Dragon’s Vanity…
…is going on to the semifinals!
They’re strong! Too strong!
Team TNT Waiting Room
You okay, Tatsuya?
Team TNT Waiting Room
I’m sorry I made you worry…
So how did Team Dragon’s Vanity do?
They may give us some trouble.
…we’re still gonna win!
And then, in the final…
…I’ll beat you, Shinemon Nitta…
…and win the tournament!
I imagined it!
I will fight Ms. Esuka and defeat her!
Team Capital vs Team Danjiri
Now for the first match of the semifinals!
Here comes Team Capital!
Team Capital vs Team Danjiri
What’s this?! Just those two again?
They can’t afford to lose a single fight!
Man, what risk-takers they are!
It’s because you’re there, Master!
Don’t talk like it’s not your doing!
Verily, in the end, we’re still on our own!
Well, this time, I hope that special
seeded team shows us what they’ve got!
Well, like in the first round,
this was a close one.
Shinemon Nitta has won by a hair!
Team Capital vs Team Danjiri
Team Capital
Shinemon Nitta has won by a hair!
And with that,
Team Capital advances to the finals!
Yes! We did it! Hurray!
And with that,
Team Capital advances to the finals!
What’s this? Team Dragon’s Vanity
has entered the arena early.
For a disciple of Rive Shindou…
…that fight was pathetic.
You know Master?!
Well, yes…
My name is Ruga Kaizu!
The Ruga Kaizu?!
He’s Master Commander of the Field!
He’s tough?
Of course!
Anyone who watches tournaments
knows about him, yo.
No wonder! It’s Ruga!
Master Commander!
To think I’d see him here!
The one moving on to the finals… will be me!
And who are you?
You may be “Master Commander” or whatever…
…but my team will be the one
moving on to the finals!
I have no patience for childish prattling.
So why don’t you retire already, old man?
That’s enough, you two.
Fights are supposed to be fun.
It’s the second match of the semifinals,
and only one of them will go on to the finals!
Stand up…
Here I come!
I’m not done yet!
Don’t get cocky!
Finish him off, Kaivant!
Yes, my Vanguard!
I told you not to get cocky!
Somehow Kaizu has pulled through!
But he’s got 5 damage!
Gonomi, on the other hand, has 3 damage!
Next turn, it’ll be over!
I’m here to fight Rive Shindou.
You are beneath my notice!
I ride Last Card, Revonn!
Imaginary Gift, Accel 2!
Report for duty!
Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass!
Blue Wave Shield General, Yorgos!
Battleship Intelligence!
With Voltage Horn Dragon…
…I attack your Vanguard!
I bind Battlefield Storm, Sagramore!
I’m… starving…!
I’m not letting you walk all over me!
I guard with Flame of Victory!
Oh, so that’s your move? Nice one!
Vanguard really is fun!
That laugh… Don’t tell me you’re…
My name is Ryutarou Oyama!
The man who loves both
Vanguard and the great outdoors!
Ryutarou Oyama?!
Didn’t he go missing?!
The ABCs of Vanguard
Didn’t he go missing?!
Is it really him?!
The ABCs of Vanguard
Wow! The second member of Team Dragon’s Vanity
is the fighter of endless summer, straight from
the snowy mountains: Ryutarou Oyama!
Let’s have fun to the very end!
Works for me, yo!
Now I’m very curious about
the third fighter’s identity…
Weak! Weak! Weak!
You’re too weak!
Oh, my! Their third member…
…is the champion of the World Vanguard
High School Championship,
Yuichirou Kanzaki!
That Kanzaki?!
I don’t stand a ghost of a chance!
Unbelievably, three legends of the
Vanguard world have come together!
To form the fearsome Team Dragon’s Vanity!
With my Claret Sword Dragon, if I bind
seven grade 1 cards in the Drop Zone,
I can attack once more
in exchange for losing a drive!
Weakness is a sin!
I want you…
…out of my sight!
Here I come!
Elixir Sommelier!
Twin drive!
First check!
Second check!
Critical trigger!
No big surprise…
Team Dragon’s Vanity vs Team TNT
Team TNT has two losses!
Team Dragon’s Vanity vs Team TNT
They are officially defeated!
Team Dragon’s Vanity vs Team TNT
As expected, that wasn’t worth my while.
Team Dragon’s Vanity will face
Team Capital in the finals!
I can’t believe Nanami lost!
They’re too tough.
Well, they were headhunted to crush us.
Of course they’d be strong.
She wasn’t giving me another chance?!
Adults play to win.
Esuka Hibino…
The 30-second card intro segment!
Today’s featured card is Voltage Horn Dragon!
Voltage Horn Dragon
Today’s featured card is Voltage Horn Dragon!
Today’s featured card is Voltage Horn Dragon!
When it attacks, you can bind
your opponent’s front row rear-guards,
and drag the back row units to the front row!
On top of that, if you bind a card
during that turn, it gets +5000 power!
Its skills and ease of use will let you
flourish from the opening to the final stage!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”!
Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”!
Ride The Vanguard!
Time for pre-fight calisthenics!
Vanguard exercise number one! Begin!
Stretching your right arm out in front of you,
turn the palm of your hand counterclockwise!
Stand! Stand!
Stand! Stand!
Next, thrust that same hand forward! Draw!
And now, from your chest outwards. Call! Call!
Call! Call!
Turn your right hand clockwise.
Attack! Attack!
Attack! Attack!
Finally, put both hands
together in front of your chest…
Remind 13
Esu Cup Match
Finally, put both hands
together in front of your chest…
…and pray for a trigger!
Remind 13
Esu Cup Match
What good does this do…?
Remind 13
Esu Cup Match

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