[Sub][Remind 13] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Esu Cup Match

The Esu Cup finals will begin shortly,
with the right to fight me on the line! From this point on, there will be
a change in the rules, so listen carefully. For the finals, the first team to win three
out of five possible matches will be victorious. This isn’t a knockout competition, so it doesn’t matter whether three members
all fight or one member wins three in a row. Another consideration during the fights is… Just you wait, Esuka. I’m gonna
defeat you and take back Capital! Remind 13
Esu Cup Match You get the first match, Mark! You could even win three in a row for us! Mark, are you listening? Oh! Sorry… I was spacing out for a moment. Do you feel nervous? I’m just fine! I’m on fire, much like how
Nobunaga was at Honnoji Temple! That’s not the kind of fire we want! Yo. The finals at last, huh? We came here to show our support, yo. Are you sure you’re not here to eat? He’s already cleaned out
all the snacks in our waiting room. That match was a blast, yo. So I’m hungrier than usual. A blast? Verily, in what way? It’s weird, yo. Even though I lost… How do I put it? It just feels like I had a good time, yo. Fascinating… Huh? Where’s Nanami? Did Ms. Esuka form Team Dragon’s Vanity
in order to defeat Shinemon’s team? If that’s the case, what’s the point
of us being at Ms. Esuka’s side? Does she… …not need me anymore? All right! I’ll be back. Weakness is a sin! Failure is unforgivable! Winning and losing depend on luck. I can’t wait! Rive Shindou… The moment you’ve all been waiting for!
The first finals match is about to begin! From Team Capital, Ninja Master! From Team Dragon’s Vanity, the fighter of endless summer,
straight from the snowy mountains! Here he is! Ryutarou Oyama! I am Ninja Master. Verily, I am a ninja. Oh, a real ninja wears a helmet, huh? That’s great! I’m Ryutarou Oyama!
Let’s have a good match! Start the fight! Stand up, Vanguard! What?! It’s a bear! What’s a bear doing out there?! It’s not just a bear! Everyone, please evacuate immediately! The man says to evacuate. Should we call this off? We’re just getting started! Naturally, we shall continue. Ninja Art, Riding Jutsu! What’s that?! Oh no! Ms. Esuka! Are you okay?! Nanamin! Help! Eeek! It’s back! Yes! That one’s extremely ferocious! Be careful! Nothing to worry about! Meow! Meow-meow! You’re a stray, huh? Did you come here with the other animals? Ms. Esuka, look at that! Come to think of it, in the mountains… These animals have come
to root for Ryutarou Oyama! Tell all audience members
who had evacuated to return. As you wish. At once. Thank you. Please tell me one thing. What is it? Ms. Esuka, why did you
form Team Dragon’s Vanity? Were we not good enough to beat Team Capital? I decided not to give you and Tonori
the duty of defeating Shinemon Nitta. That’s all. Because we’re weak? No, you’re not. But I wanted a team that would
attack them with every fiber of their being. You’re fond of Shinemon Nitta,
aren’t you, Nanamin? No, I’m not. Either way, it’s not as if
I have no more use for you. Ms. Esuka… We are all set. Sorry for the wait! Despite some unforeseen trouble, the sponsor has declared the area safe,
so you can set your minds at ease! We return to our scheduled play-by-play! The fourth turn is over,
with Ninja Master at 3 damage! Oyama has 2 damage! While we took cover,
they just kept fighting, huh? Good grief. For a minute there, I didn’t know
what was gonna happen. But now you’re Safe Cinnamon, huh? It’s just so surreal, yo.
Seein’ animals as spectators. Truly fascinating… Nanami! Did somethin’ happen? No, nothing. Ninja Art, Riding Jutsu! Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo! I get an Imaginary Gift, Protect I! Ninja Art, Calling Jutsu! Rally to me, Evil Stealth Dragon, Zangetsu! Its skill activates! Ninja Art, Summoning Jutsu! I superior call Evil Decoy Token! All of the Tokens get Boost and +5000 power! This is exciting! Kurogiri, punish Voltage Dragon! That’s the plan? No guard! Next, I myself shall go… Yahhh! No guard for that, either! Twin drive! First check. Second check. There it is! A critical trigger! I give the power to Zangetsu,
and the extra critical to my Vanguard! I’m getting a kick out of this! Now he’s got 4 damage! Zangetsu attacks Mighty Bolt Dragon! I see now. The looming threat of a drawn-out battle
made you take out my rear-guards, eh? Verily, you see through me. That’s some strategizing. Well done. And now it’s Oyama’s turn! The animal army cheering him on is excited, too! I ride! Dragonic Vanquisher! There it is! Oyama’s ace in the hole! Dragonic Vanquisher takes the field! I get an Imaginary Gift, Accel II! I call! Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura! Voltage Horn! And also… Ceremonial Bonfire Eradicator, Castor! Thunder Break Dragon! How strange! Verily, you discarded
your last ace in the hole! You do understand what this means, don’t you? You do understand what this means, don’t you? Verily, you have chosen offense over defense. Though you are my adversary,
I admire your resolve. And I admire your insight! Even as they battle, they swap compliments. What an unusual match. How enjoyable this is. Verily, this fight with the
worthy Oyama is most exhilarating! I discard one unit from my hand,
and Castor’s skill activates! I bind Zangetsu! Castor gets +5000 power! Voltage’s skill is in effect,
and it gets +5000 power! Dragonic Vanquisher’s skill activates! I bind Kurogiri! Thunder Break’s skill activates! I drag the Evil Decoy Tokens to the front row! Here I come! Voltage Horn attacks your Vanguard! Its skill activates! I bind Evil Decoy Token! I bound three cards,
so Vanquisher’s skill activates! All of my front-row units gain +10,000 power! No guard! With this, Ninja Master has 4 damage! Vanquisher attacks your Vanguard! Guard! Protect me! Oyama’s attack is blocked by a perfect guard! Twin drive! First check! Second check! There it is! A critical trigger! Might you be curious about my hand? That’s right. Out of the four cards,
one is Zangetsu and one’s Tobihiko. The question is, what are the other two? This is a tough decision. Hey, how does he know what cards Mark has? He remembers Mark’s drive check cards. That hesitation is reminiscent of
Kobayakawa Hideaki at Sekigahara, unsure of whether to join
the Eastern Army or Western Army. You’re a funny guy. All right, that settles it! I give all of the effects to
Thunder Break Dragon! This’ll do! The attack I chose is at the expense
of all cards in my hand, so this is it! And that is why you forced me
to use my perfect guard earlier? Oh, I’m impressed you realized that. Truly a ninja. Mark is smiling, even though
he knows he’s been bamboozled. He must really be
enjoying the fight with Oyama. Chatura attacks your Vanguard! With that, Ninja Master has 5 damage! No triggers here would be real bad, yo. Mark, hang in there! Chatura’s skill activates! I bind Evil Decoy Token! I draw one card! Castor boosts! Thunder Break attacks your Vanguard! Ninja Art, Guarding Jutsu! Tobihiko! Zashikihime! Zashikihime?! Again, Oyama’s attack is blocked! So frustrating! That card was Zashikihime
with a 20,000 shield, eh? Since Chatura’s attack hit,
I assumed I was in the clear. Verily, I got back at you. And I never saw it coming! That Oyama fellow certainly
has a peculiar way of fighting. He smiles at his opponent
while thoroughly enjoying the fight. That is his talent. Stand and draw! I call Chigasumi and Zangetsu! Zangetsu’s skill activates! I superior call Evil Decoy Tokens! Ninja Art, Spiriting-Away Jutsu! Hanzo gains +20,000 power! Furthermore, all of your rear-guards
must return to your hand, while the same number
already in hand are discarded! Five cards?! That’s a nice battle strategy! You’re incredible, Ninja Master! Verily, I am delighted to hear that. Calling Jutsu! Rally to me, Kurogiri! Zangetsu’s skill activates! I superior call Evil Decoy Token! +5000 power! Again, Zangetsu’s skill activates! I superior call a second one! Verily, all of my Evil Decoy Tokens
gain +5000 power, as well as Boost! Evil Decoy Token boosts! Hanzo attacks your Vanguard! Prepare yourself! No guard! Drive check! First check! Second check! There it is! A critical trigger! Verily, Hanzo gains a critical! Okay, damage check! No trigger?! All right! 5 damage! One more damage point and he’ll clinch it! I don’t want it to be over!
I don’t want to let him end it! The fateful second check! If I draw a heal trigger here,
we can continue this fun fight! The thought alone gives me a thrill! Lord Oyama… Here goes my second check
for this manly battle! Now! No trigger! It’s over! Nooo, I lost! Ninja Master won the match! Team Capital has the first victory! Let’s fight again, somewhere, somewhen. Verily, it would be my pleasure. That really was a great fight. And above all, that helmet of yours is awesome! This? Yeah! Nice! This is so cool. I see– Oh, that’s right! This feels amazing! I’m from the world of Cardfight Vanguard! The spirit of the deck, Li’l Valkerion! Hey, everybody who loves card games! Let’s all stand up, Vanguard together! He’s in the suit I wore… That mega-pervert! Please calm yourself, Ms. Esuka. Take it off already!
Please calm yourself, Ms. Esuka. If you say the wrong thing, it’s possible that
everyone will learn that you were in the suit.
Take it off already! How do you find that comfortable?!
If you say the wrong thing, it’s possible that
everyone will learn that you were in the suit. Wearing that thing is ridiculous!
If you say the wrong thing, it’s possible that
everyone will learn that you were in the suit. All right, fine! That was a great fight, Mark! Yes, that has been your constant refrain. But I know how Tatsuya feels. Yeah. That was a fun fight, even just to watch. For real, yo. It really was a great fight. Verily, you said it yet again. You’re fond of Shinemon Nitta,
aren’t you, Nanamin? What’s wrong? This stray cat wants you to go with it. You don’t fit in anywhere either, huh? All right, now it’s my turn! No, no, no! I’ll fight in the second match, too! That fight with Oyama put me in a great mood! I’ll use this momentum
to snag us a second victory! I ride! Last Card, Revonn! Last Card, Revonn?! Mark… Revonn attacks your Vanguard! Chigasumi intercepts! Twin drive. First check. Second check. Front trigger! Mark! Blew right through his guard, yo. How mortifying. Verily, I have lost. Mark… lost… Uh-oh… What’s this? Ruga is glaring at the announcers’ corner. Was it something I sa– It’s me.
Was it something I sa– The one he’s looking at… …is me! The 30-second card intro segment! Today’s featured card is Oyama’s
ace in the hole, Dragonic Vanquisher! Dragonic Vanquisher
Today’s featured card is Oyama’s
ace in the hole, Dragonic Vanquisher! By doing a Counterblast, you can
bind their front-row rear-guards! And if there’s a grade 3 in the Soul,
you can bind cards from your hand and theirs! On top of that, if you’ve bound
three or more cards during this turn, your front-row allies get +10,000 power! With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Some of the cards have a weird way
of reading their names. Yeah, this looks like “Demonic Ninja Dragon,”
but it’s read as “Evil Stealth Dragon.” And Revonn looks like “Concluding Trump Card,”
but today we heard him call it “Last Card.” In my case, I’m the manager of Capital. So, um… The first character means “shop,”
the other “long”… Just call me Shoplong Shinemon! No, no! “Manager” doesn’t
break into characters in English! With English, you’re Stinky Cinnamon! And besides, you’re not the manager yet! Remind 14
Card is Life
And besides, you’re not the manager yet! Don’t say that in front of Sub Manager!
Remind 14
Card is Life

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