Surrendering vs. Putting Up With Crap | 30 Day Video Challenge 23/30

Hey, my happy shiny puppy! This is Melody Fletcher, Author of Deliberate
Receiving: Finally the Universe makes some freakin’ sense! And this is video number 23 of my 30 day video
challenge. Ok, so today I’m going to answer a question
that I got from one of you during these 30 days. Which was, “What’s the difference between
putting Salsa on a shit sandwich and making peace with where you are?” So, for those of you who have not been with
me for a while and don’t know what the shit sandwich analogy is, let me rephrase that. What’s the difference between making peace
with where you are, this is a concept that we talk a lot about in the LOA world, Law
of Attraction world or personal development world, or spirituality or, you know, Buddhism
talks about it a lot as well… making peace with where you are or surrendering to what
is, and what’s the difference between that and just putting up with a bunch of crap that
you don’t like? Yeah? So, the shit sandwich analogy goes like this:
If somebody hands you a shit sandwich, you’re not wrong for not, you know, wanting to eat
it. And you can put a smiley face sticker on it
or pour a bunch of hot sauce on it; it doesn’t matter, it’s always going to be a shit sandwich. And the sooner that you sort of recognize
that and go “Ok, you know what? I’m not going to put up with this. I’m not going to eat it because everybody’s
telling me I should or because everybody else is eating theirs. I’m going to acknowledge that this is not
what I want and I’m going to be… um, so, that makes me willing to go for something
else.” But I understand that it can get kind of confusing
because then on the other hand we’re always talking about, you know, surrendering and
making peace with where you are. And so, what is the difference? Excellent question, and here we go. So, when you’re making peace with where you
are, you’re making… you’re sort of accepting that whatever has happened, whatever the situation
is, so whatever has happened, has happened. Someone handed me a shit sandwich. That happened. Yeah? And not pushing against the fact that that
happened. It does not mean that you can’t want something
else but you can’t push against the fact that this thing has appeared. And so, if you think about it this way: Today’s
manifestation is yesterday’s vibration. So, whatever you put out vibrationally yesterday,
manifested today. It’s an old vibration. Now, it isn’t entirely accurate to say it’s
yesterday’s vibration, you know, it could be 10 minutes ago’s vibration, it could be
5 seconds ago’s vibration, but it’s a past vibration. Because even now in this time when things
are manifesting faster and faster, we still have a bit of a time buffer going on. And because of that time buffer, it’s always
going to be an older vibration that’s manifesting. Period. Whether its 5 seconds old or 5 years old,
it doesn’t matter. Yeah? And so, that’s done; it has happened. That manifestation that you’re looking at,
you can’t eek that into place anymore. You can eek the next moment into place, you
can manifest something different in the next moment, but what has already manifested is
done. So it’s sort of, well the, you know, the analogy
of crying over spilled milk comes to mind. Yeah? It’s already down, it’s on the floor, your
crying about it isn’t going to make any difference. But vibrationally speaking, you crying about
the spilled milk is going to make it more likely that something else you can cry about
is going to happen. So, accept the fact that it has happened,
that it is ok that it has happened. Surrender to the fact that, yeah, maybe it’s
a shit sandwich and surrender to how you feel about that. The fact that you don’t like it, how it feels
– go a little bit deeper maybe. It does not mean that you then can’t, in the
next moment, pick yourself up and step out of the situation that you’re in, reaching
for a different vibration. Physically removing yourself from it. Putting down the shit sandwich and ordering
something else. Or walking out and going to a different restaurant
where they have no shit sandwiches. So, hopefully that was clear, yeah? Surrendering to… surrendering to where you
are, accepting what is, means accepting the manifestation that has already happened. And putting up with shit means not being willing
to step out of it. You’re eating the shit sandwich. (Laughing) Ok, so, that’s a nice short one for today. Yay!! I will see you guys tomorrow. And in the meantime; thank you for bringing
your light to the world. Happy shiny smooshy, smooshy puppy hugs. And, well, Bye! (laughs)

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