OMG FUCK BABYBABY Whoa, okay hold on game started it’s Gonna be slimes From that c4r34rr ### But I don’t know exactly what – oh wow so we’ll know we get this year are we okay? We’re supposed to try to defend the castle. I’m going to assume preparing map yep, it gives 90 Seconds it gives us 90 seconds to prepare the map okay cool. Let’s let’s try to make something done. We can do a hut Which is make a hut oh? How do I how do I place that cool now? I can do what how does this work? Oh, so I’m supposed to actually okay get hold on guys. I got this I’m gonna make me a hut right here Then I can just press it again. I believe Should just want me to press it. This is so weird. Why is this building system, so poop I don’t understand oh There we go Now we will just create a wall of huts. That is all we need So our way – like, how do I how do I officially place this? How is how do I actually get this to be placed, okay there? We go, so it takes a while to build the hut I kind of like what these people have going on here This needs to be a good idea thing is we got to run through at least one round Before we can truly know what’s the best thing to build right because I’m going into this completely blind for all I know the slimes are going to come and then Everything that I built was just completely useless So the buddha means to the objective first round Then whenever the next one happens that will build the greatest thing that’s ever happened to this game-mode ever just throwing it out I just need to know how them slimes work. You know what I mean Mm-hmm Why is this person so much smaller than me? What happened? Where did they come from first? I thought they looked? Smaller because they were actually like down there on the ground until I realized They’re literally standing right beside me the slimes are coming here. We go I wish it was daytime so that I could always speak of the devil but actually this is the weirdest skybox ever it’s like when the middle of the galaxy that’s really cool, but anyways as I said I wish it was daytime. That’s whenever it started getting a little bit brighter It’s getting incredibly laggy now actually so I kind of need to put a stop to oh oh So these slimes aren’t messing around okay, so we need to be providing a lot more walls because our castle is It’s not doing so hot Okay, well I got this bow and arrow here hit yeah, take that and this and that And this oh, no, okay here come the bombs These giant cannons are coming. This is not good. This is actually really not good at all I need to come up here now. You got to be taking these things apart just with a bow and arrow I don’t even know if we can upgrade weapons actually we can totally because there’s a shop bottom left. Where is this here? Oh, no the bomb went right for me It took away like a huge chunk of my body wow this game is getting laggy, though, whoa There’s so many parts just scattered everywhere. Oh What? Where did that come from? Alright alright alright. Erie. Let’s go shop oh Being get a nuke arrow that would that would probably come in handy. How do we get a thousand coins? Mm. How much is 2500 coins 2050 robot see actual one us let’s do it. This that’s open chests what them Sure, yeah, it’s open let’s just open a bunch of chests for through it It’s just like a slot machine kind of deal. I have no idea what’s going on right now, okay? So now I have I want nuke arrows equip for this one. Why can’t I do that? Why is okay great and now I’m dead again. All I want is a new is that so much to ask Or all right well oh, whoa look at all this stuff in my inventory now Okay, we got a skateboard. We got some sort of weird star thing now. I can just throw on the ground. Oh Those could potentially be some tanks tapas that would be pretty good. We just scatter them around on the ground, okay? Here’s what we got to do. We got a skateboard our way over there this isn’t working. What is this glue? Or this a shrinking potion. Oh of course There we go And now it should be way harder for them to get me and I can now put all these stoppers in front Yeah, that’s right. They try coming forwards good luck not with those on the ground Oh look at that. What are they gonna? Do there’s nothing they can do? Oh my goodness, okay? Hold on? I need actually put a stop to this though. Yeah. Yeah, yeah take this and that and this – these arrows Aren’t doing the trick we need to get owned. Yes I know I have that owned and I would like it to be the air. How do you swap out the arrows? It’s not working and it’s like oh, so I I unlocked the nuke arrows skill But now I need to keep going okay. Now. I’m actually stuck in the okay hold on I know it This is a bit of a disaster right now here We can if we buy enough of those do we work our way up to the new is that the new Caro I? Don’t know Hey oh No bombs flying this way. We’re still good though, so They pretty much destroyed the castle I don’t think we’re doing well at all how am I supposed to learn from this round to better protect us next round because Did this is it this is a war zone? This is quite literally just a war zone that no matter How many things I put I really don’t think I can protect this castle I mean look the entire castles structural integrity now relies on like three pillars not even look I’m actually I’m pretty sure that the entire castle is going to crumble within the next eight seconds There’s only one pillar left that they got to get and I don’t know if they’re going to get it they might though. Oh and The slime attack is over and we’re okay somehow somehow The castle that didn’t collapse also. It said nobody survived. Oh is that because we should really be in the castle Ourselves and then we’re fighting them from far away Is that how that works I? I think so. I think it would have been better. We ourselves were in the castle. Well, we only have two minutes to prepare Trying to think what’s the best thing to do here, then uh-oh Turret nice. That works. That’s good. How does this work though eep-eep eep-eep you okay? That’s not actually mine some think I can do anything about that um Let’s see what else do we got here a dart blaster? Crossbow defense wall spiked wall spiked wall would be good if we can just place these and it actually works That would also be very good. I’m going to put a bunch of spiked wall right here It’ll actually build I don’t that how does that work? Oh, so there’s the loading bar there or that I need to wait for in order for it to actually okay? I understand now loading bar loading bar loading by loading bars. Go in and then we can build this wine Loading bar come over here so we don’t want to too many spiked walls because we also want to be focusing on some turrets as well turrets would be a Very Smart move at this point. Okay. There we go Well, I’m glad that I’m at least somewhat learning how some of the things work, so I don’t just feel completely useless okay cool So we’ve got a bit of a spike wall. I don’t know how helpful This is going to be probably not at all cool dart blaster. We could do that I Just go like this boom we got another one right here even we got a little bit of a fortress Dart blaster, I only I can only have I can’t build anymore dark blasters Well, I guess we’re gonna have to go cross over then oh Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about right there Oh boy, what else though defense wall wall duh, okay? Just like this I’m going to go build this all up no, I can’t build more. Oh no no no no no no no bad bad bad. Uh-oh New Cairo, I have new Karos now. Just old Od slimes boom Oh the nuke that is so good Do I get any more? I want more new Cairo. How does that work? Oh no okay? So we’re not dealing with tanks anymore We’re dealing with the actual slimes All right, my spiked balls seem to be kind of doing something sort of no no no no no stay away from the castle. Oh Great, okay hold on. I’m Gonna no no no not me anything about me, okay good. No, just shoot them It’s not this isn’t working very well at all no No, no The slimes are coming. I’m dead all right. Oh, wow spawning right in front of them to New Cairo I really need this new Cairo right about now and now it’s actually not even giving me any options. That’s great Why is it doing this okay? I can’t do anything right now apparently okay, New Cairo Please boom is it still reloading? It’s not letting me do oh? Like I don’t know what to do whoo. I spawned I tried taking out the arrows and then the arrows disappear is this okay? So the nuke arrows who needs some like refreshing time I guess What is happening right now? There’s too many slimes? They’re just destroying everything Everything in their path. I don’t know what to do at this point And coming I can keep shooting arrows at them. It’s still coming for us though See it doesn’t matter how many times you shoot them. This time die and I’m dead I just got touched by something else, and that’s it. I’m a my entire life gone and right before my eyes this is Ridiculous I Need to get better arrows Let’s do a quit, okay. Well those that’s apparently the one that’s equipped which I don’t believe because Anytime, I shoot something it does quite literally nothing, so it’d be nice If that wasn’t the case the castle might as well just not even exist anymore at this point I like how everyone’s just kind of desperately shooting at any slime that they can They just got to get something out of it. Come on here. We go. Come on. Come on Come on. Can we least kill this line? What’s the point in the arrows if it takes forever to kill anything? And it feels like because this is apparently one of the most upgraded arrows But it doesn’t do anything It’s completely useless because of how many slimes actually end up coming into the land. Oh did that slime? Just like collect someone. Oh my goodness well nobody survived of course nobody survived Because how are you supposed to survive them okay? Well now I have a ever so slightly better idea of what I could do so this seems to actually have a decent amount of Like structure to it. Which is good now try to take advantage of that so I’m going to do and create a big wall right in front of me And then that way once this wall is created It’ll create enough of like kind of like a buffer zone for the for the slimes to really make their way through and then Once they get past all the walls there Then that’s whenever I’ll be waiting in my tower And then maybe just maybe we may be one of the first to survive a round Where it doesn’t just say nobody survived at the top it can say oh? Done is guy survived keep doing pretty alright inside is Dennis You know you always don’t find everyone should be a little bit more like in You know that’s what the message would say maybe in theirs well Yeah Not too bad Being there wow there is a lot of that. That’s that’s a lot of protection I will just say that so now I’m going to be building everything in here Boom and then as I make my way up, then you know maybe I’ll be all right Here where’s the tower going to be probably like right here? Let’s build it right here. I’d say then We’re just going to we’re going to build upwards and then up there one second up there How tall do we want this to be? It is kind of an important question we want to make sure we can actually even get up there in the first place So I think I’m going to build one more and then we got to quickly make some ladders ladders ladders ladder ladder go Huh, okay ladder please ladder one Okay, and then can we just build metal on top – oh Go, oh wait. Oh yogi, okay? I think we’re fine. I think that was enough to maybe get somewhere Oh, no, not at the very top. I don’t think unless oh Guys cuz we did it were at the top. Oh my goodness, okay here We go here come the slimes here comes science guys we got this though We’re going to be ready with the nuke arrow if they come too close We’re going to try to wipe out as many as we can at once here first. We’re starting with the normal arrows We’re just going to do some range here the spike wall is not a bad idea actually that would be great That’s such a good idea. We got to make a V you Just make a V and then they all stream off of the edges unless they actually can’t go off the edge It doesn’t look like they can okay nevermind. Maybe that wouldn’t have been very good I’m gonna have to be using this nuke pretty soon here. Oh my goodness, okay? I guys I’m doing it. I’m doing it boom Destroy every slime, I was pretty good not gonna Lie But see look look how much wall they have to get there if they want to get to us see now We got some other people hanging out up here. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about red deer not too bad not too shabby Oh my goodness This tower might be going down somewhat soon though guys no no no no no well we haven’t died yet though That’s kind of a new thing for us. We we usually die like instantly – these slimes I don’t know I just needs a nuke back but that nuke is just it just takes way too long to Respawn so I don’t even know if it’s worth it. These slimes are too powerful, man. I don’t know what to like this I Really? Oh my goodness. I’d love to just put a nuke into there right now that would get so many Oh look at the meteors. Who’s got the meteors coming in those are doing quite. Well. Oh no no no no no no no Guys, we can still survive this though. We can still be survivors We can do this just avoid all Slimes that come I’m not dying today. No whenever it says that the round is over I will be a survivor Trust me mock my words My goodness. There’s body parts, and that slime that is so messed up. Oh no. They got that other guy as well Oh here comes a green one. I don’t know we got to speak up so we can get it We can get it boom no. Oh, I was so close it almost got that guy okay boom and Alright, well it went off. Eh great. I said everything no one forced all these slimes here – oh Man, okay long as there’s none coming that way I’m that’s why I’m being a little bit a little bit cautious of right now if the slime comes right up behind me Then I won’t be able to maintain my survivor status. Which is really the important thing here That’s what I’m really looking to get okay excuse me slime You can’t be taken away that much from though the slime attack is over. Oh wait a second. Oh Dennis Daley and then Yuri Batista survived, so two survivors that time more than cool. It was just us Not Gonna live gus uncle I look pretty cool but Very well done your bautista actually I’m really glad you’re a bautista was also a survivor because he was up on my tower with me Which just goes to show the tower was a success. Thank you. Thank you well ladies and gentlemen I’m glad that we were able to learn the secret of the slime game if you guys want to check this game out for yourself It’s pretty fun It’s just called revenge of the slimes So can’t we go check that out give the game some love but other than that though I would like to thank you guys so much for joining me for another Roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video A like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already don’t forget to check out the dennis backpack now available at tennis Daily Comm link in the description below for that as well fulfill all of your back-to-school needs with a beautiful dennis backpack Anyways, though guys other than that. I will see you in the next one you


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