Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : Play Hands Tight Early Poker Strategy in Texas Holdem

Early in a tournament, I submit that most
of the time tight is right. Tights the right way to play. Now, the reason is, your chip
stack, your overall chip stack, has a high value compared to the number of chips that
the blind costs. So if I’ve got a thousand chips and the blind, the big blind, is twenty
then I’ve got fifty times the big blind. Now let’s take that scenario that we just looked
and shift everybody, everyone’s position one seat to the right. Ok. So that means that
the person that was under the gun is now the big blind and the person that was the big
blind is the small blind and small blind becomes the dealer. Ok. So instead of jack ten suited
in early position he’s got jack ten suited in the big blind. Now let’s say in this scenario
everybody played tight and folded. And then it got around to the dealer and the dealer
forgetting that tight is right got a little cute. And while it might seem it’s tight just
to call, the real tight play would be to raise. I submit it’s loose just to call with a hand
like this.

9 thoughts on “Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : Play Hands Tight Early Poker Strategy in Texas Holdem

  1. coast???no my friend! trust me once you get the engine going and you get to like 5000 you can start stealing blinds left and right! no coast that's the most retarded thing ever

  2. no buddy you're wrong! im not talking about bluffing to the river im talking about raising 2.5 big blinds in the late position when everyones folded, if they call they have to act first if they check you bet it's pretty simple especially around bubble time you can see everyone's very tight. playing tight is terrible, no way of staying level

  3. yeah that's what he's saying. online, you start with 75 BB's and everybody plays loosepassive. but when you get to like 10,000chips from the 1500 you start out with and the blinds are at 500, everyone plays tight. i can steal blinds and pots and get like 5K in a matter of a very short period of time. but i also try to do it depending on my position and not every time then i dont even create a rep. min. raises blow em off every time too

  4. Playing tight early on in a tournament is bollox, the blinds are small, see as many flops as you can with most good cards and hope to flop something or try to outplay or bluff at some pots. Waiting for premium hands is losing play or you will be run over by aggressive players.Blinds do go up. Play more tight nearer the money. Who is gona limp in with AK on the button anyway. This guy is an idiot.

  5. Thats what i thought, I used to be extremely tight but now at the start I think it's best to try and get your stack up early so you are ready when the blinds go up.

  6. It's like this guy read all the books and understood 50% of them. Tight/Loose is about hand selection. Aggressive/Passive is about betting strategy. Playing AK on the button is tight. Calling is tight/passive. Raising is tight/aggressive.

  7. isnt there any way to just block expert village videos from comming up in your search bar they never have a clue of what they are talking about all the way from snowboarding to poker and everything in between

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