Thank You Notes with President Obama

You’re nearing the end
of your second term.
And you must have a lot
to be thankful for yourself.
I do.
And I thought,
maybe if you’d like,
you’re more than welcome
to write out
some thank-you notes right now.
Oh, that’s a good use
of my time.
Is that good?
Let’s do that.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Right here?
You can sit right there.
All right.
All right. Here you go.
I have notes right here for you.
You got the cards?
Here’s a card.
Here’s a pen.
All right.
That’s a nice pen.
Can I keep it?
Of course, yeah.
[ Laughter ]
All right, Roots,
can I get some thank-you note
writing music, please?
[ Sad piano music plays ]
[ Laughter ]
There goes James.
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Music stops ]
Thank you, my 2008 slogan,
“Yes, we can.”
Or as I now like
to call you, “Yes, we did.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
That’s good.
I’ll take that.
[ Laughter ]
I’ll write one now, too.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Music resumes ]
Thank you, President Obama’s
birth certificate.
He used to carry you around
to prove he was American.
Now he needs to carry you around
to prove he’s only 54.
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Music stops ]
That’s not — What?
[ Scoffs ]
I didn’t’ write —
I didn’t write it.
I don’t know
how that got there.
That’s unbeliev–
I don’t know how that got there.
How’d that sneak —
sneak by the president?
You’re in trouble.
[ Laughter ]
[ Music resumes ]
Thank you,
Questlove’s hairstylist,
for inspiring me
to bring back the “Obama-fro”
after I leave
the White House.
[ Music stops ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
Hey, not bad.
Not bad.
Good-looking guy.
[ Music resumes ]
Thank you,
Hillary Clinton,
for possibly becoming
the first f– President.
I would have said “female,”
but someone deleted
the “emale.”
[ Audience ohs ]
[ Music stops ]
Who did —
How are these —
You’re going to get
in trouble for this.
You can’t
leave these around.
I’m so — I’m appalled.
I’m so sorry.
Hey, you’re in trouble,
whoever you —
I’m not sure
this was a good idea.
[ Laughter ]
I should have done
my thank-you notes on my own.
After you.
Where’s my music?
[ Laughter ]
[ Music resumes ]
Thank you, Congress,
for spending eight years
wishing you could replace me
with a Republican.
to put it another way…
how do you like me now?
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Music stops ]
[ Laughs ]
All right.
You know how to do this.
I have one final —
one final thank-you note.
Here we go.
[ Music resumes ]
Thank you, President Obama,
for serving our nation
with dignity,
class, patience, eloquence,
optimism, and integrity.
Thus marking the first time
anyone has sincerely said,
“Thanks, Obama.”
There you go, right there.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you so much.
We’ll see you soon.
Our thanks to the 44th President
of the United States,
Barack Obama!

100 thoughts on “Thank You Notes with President Obama

  1. "Thank You:
    Hillary Clinton
    For Becoming
    The Fefefe President
    I Would Have
    Said Female
    But Someone
    Deleted The Emale.."
    #madfunny Jimmy

  2. I love Obama! what a great human.. great personality.. his like your good family member.

  3. I think youtube algorithm is a mfing bch. That sadist showing me this on 2019:-(

  4. I disagreed with a lot of his choices as president but as a person, he’s so relaxed and funny, just seems like a really laid back guy who got stuck fighting Congress all the time

  5. No matter what you think be did or didn't do for the United States, this guy is the coolest god damn president ever.

  6. I haven't been to America, but I have watched this man. I have seen him being a soldier of America, doing what leader does. What a man, what a president. You are a great man, Mr Barack Obama

  7. What we people outside of the US wanna know is how did you guys go from an intellectual and cool guy like Obama to a weird narcissist like Trump.

  8. Jimmy Falon, do you will make Thank You Note with Donald Trump on 2020? I bet NO

  9. yes you didánamo

  10. Not an American but have to say that Obama is literally the coolest president ever

  11. I really miss this kind of decency and intelligence in the white house nowadays.

  12. Best president in the world was a pleasure to salute him and give him a hug and hand shake

  13. Obama the liar in chief! Committed fraud on the American people. Lied to us! And tried to circumvent elected leaders. Terrible president and person. When is lying to those you serve admirable or acceptable?

  14. Next on Jimmy Fallon

    'Suicide notes for President Trump'


  15. “Thank you” for terrorism, suppressing Christianity, almost tripling our national debt in your 8 years, and letting Americans die in Benghazi. We would have been better off with Putin.

  16. Seeing this, seeing Obama, and thinkin' about italian politician makes me sooo sad

  17. When is Obama coming out of the closet and going to admit he's a gay Muslim ?????

  18. Ah…the good ol’ days. We had a president who served America. With class, dignity, eloquence, integrity, and passion. Here’s hoping we get back to that soon!

  19. I didn't know that last thank you note was going to make me cry. I miss the Obamas.

  20. He didn't really want to give away that pen, you can see it in his eyes.

  21. I still very painfully have to force myself not to say 'President Obama' whenever I have doctors ask me "who's the current president" as one of those control questions to make sure your brain isn't scrambled when you go to the hospital

  22. Yes we did! We totally bombed tens thousands of innocent men, women and children in 7 different countries. Woohoo!! Murica!!

  23. Hello from 3 years in the future! I dont have enough time to explain but democracy is in a spot of bother! Jimmy! please run in 2020! and ask Mr Obama to be your side kick!

  24. هلاو جيمي انا جود من العراق اتابع برنامجكم الرائع جداً اتمنى لو تتركوا ترجمة للكلام الذي يدور في البرنامج باللغة العربية لكي يتسنى معرفة كلامكم بلغتنا تحياتي لك جيمي I LOVE YOU ❤

  25. Say what you will about Trump, Obama's sense of style and courtesy really made his terrible presidency good.

  26. En1 gam you liberals all say he accomplished a lot. I’m still waiting to hear what “a lot” means

  27. the greatest president of my lifetime. What a class act. I wish we as a nation had a real president now, instead we have such a huge asshole in trump. Trump needs to be impeached, oh God please make Trump go away.

  28. I didn't agree with most of his politics or bills but I definitely will admit he was the coolest president EVER.

  29. Min 2:37 Obama you did grate there I even clap when i saw that awesome and wise words you said there hands up

  30. As a republican I really didn’t agree with his views, but I will admit he was a really cool dude

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