The 5 Strangest Casino Bets Ever Placed

Hello and thanks for clicking us. In this
week’s Top 5, we’re looking at some of
the weirdest bets that have ever been placed.
So join us in taking a look at the weirdest
bets of all time.
This story takes place all the way back in
1816 in the oldest Gentleman’s club in the
UK; White’s, founded in 1693. In White’s
there was a table, which was special because
it was in a nice area of the club and at the
time it was held by a man named Lord Alvanley.
It was at this table that, on a rainy day,
Lord Alvanley was said to have bet a friend
£3,000 that one of the raindrops on the window
would reach the bottom of the window before
another. By today’s value this was worth
£204,465.52. It was never known if he won
the bet.
Back in 1989, an unnamed Welshman entered
a Ladbrokes and bet £30 on an accumulative
bet that these 5 things would be true by the
millennium. Home & Away, Neighbours and Eastenders
would still be on the air at odds of 5/1,
U2 would still be together at odds of 3/1,
and that Cliff Richard would be knighted at
odds of 4/1. The year 2000 rolled by and he
got a return on his £30 bet with combined
odds of 6,479/1. Ladbrokes ended up paying
out £194,400 and then announced they wouldn’t
take novelty bets like this one again.
Brian Zembic was a fanatic Canadian gambler.
So when his friends bet him to do something
particularly outlandish for $100,000, he was
all in. The outlandish thing agreed upon?
It was for Zembic to get fake breast implants
and keep them for 1 whole year. The stunt
turned out to be a nice extra earner for Zembic
as he got a book deal and some tv spots as
well as his winnings. As for the breasts?
He decided to keep them.
Back in 2013, Will Hiron, a 27 year old British
man, tweeted that he would get a tattoo of
Andy Murray on his buttocks if Murray beat
Jonovitch (Djokovich) to win the men’s Wimbledon
championship, because he was so sure he’d
lose. Murray succeeded that year, being the
first British male to win the tournament in
77 years. As Murray delivered, so did Hiron,
tweeting a picture of the tattoo a few days
later saying; “I’m a man of my word. It’s
a reminder of a proud moment. My girlfriend
thinks I’m a prat”.
French weather girl, Doria Tillier bet that
if France qualified for the 2014 Brazil world
cup she would present the weather naked. France
managed to pull out a victory over Ukraine
to qualify for the tournament. True to her
word, she appeared on the TV Network canal+
completely naked. We were never able to find
any viewership data to see if the ratings
went up or not, but we could bet it probably
helped. Actually after this list, we should
give the bets a rest.
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