The Most EPIC Comeback in Poker History! MUST SEE!

The Wynn $400 150k guaranteed day one
a hopefully I’ll be coming back on a
Thursday after we bagged and tagged
tonight two hundred thousand ships it’s
gonna be sweet
over 30 K up top for a $400 tournament a
max late Reggie it’s 4 o’clock late reg
ends at 4:20
with blinds at 300 600 600 Auto n plus 1
55 year old Caucasian male makes it 20
100 to go cutoff calls I’m on the button
with pocket nines 11,000 chips let’s get
it in we shove putting in the squeeze
play original RAZR shoves all in for ten
thousand six hundred and the flatter
folds ace queen and we have a video
eighty nine red nine dammit
you got me covered four hundred bucks
the very next hand with upholstery 400
chips at three six same guy raises 2,100
we put in the call with pocket tens we
get another caller
the very next hand a very successful
businessman opens 1800 we put in the
flat haul with pocket ESA’s 9s 10s then
aces unfortunately we got crippled on
the first hand there’s an over call we
get it in on the flop oh I knew I was
and they both have East King and hold
aces are good over a triple up
we now have 7800 ships put a belt in
here right I give you 200 back first 22
with blinds at 400 800 lost a few small
pots and we now have 90 200 ships run to
the gun plus one with East Jack of
Hearts we shove all in 12 lines whatever
action falls to the big blind who flicks
in the call he has pocket eights let’s
flip and here’s the video
ten of Hearts Oh be their heart
and then yapper this and the Venetian
just had a great dinner with a
successful physician and a
multi-millionaire businessman and a
fellow online grinder oh my god it’s
variants now we were to come back with
our 15 blinds and do some work about an
hour after dinner try to raise and take
it and that doesn’t work and we’re down
to 14,500 at one thousand two thousand
two thousand blinds run to the gun plus
one width king-queen offsuit a very
welcome sight compared to the trash
we’ve been dealt so we shove all in
action folds to a young agro mill he
thinks about it shows his disgust asked
for account and puts in the call with
about a heart and 50k stack he’s been
running like God we’re heads up he shows
a7 and here is the video
oh yeah don’t let this bad call get
Jackson on the flop is not and I am out
of the wind $400 to go from twenty
thousand four hundred hours was pretty
exhilarating unfortunately it was all
for nothing
four hundred dollars gone it’s pretty
funny how the sequence of events can
really determine your outcome in a
tournament much like the butterfly
effect for instance if I were to beat
the Kings with the nines that would have
put me at you know twenty three thousand
then the very next hand I would have
busted him with the tens versus Kings
which would put me yeah you know thirty
five forty thousand then the very next
hand when I pick up aces versus Ace King
and ace king I’m at like 80 90 thousand
cuz neither these guys are folding as
king I know these players online reg and
millionaire businessman yeah they’re not
full Denise King if the original guy
with king’s head you know four hundred
chips more I never would have been able
to come back at all it’s a small
deviation but that’s just gambling you
know a lot of things are out of your
control I think’s got to go right to win
a tournament that’s just something to
think about in the future card
distribution table draw it all matters a
lot and there’s nothing you can do about
it you can just make the best decisions
based upon the information you’re given
and that’s poker in a nutshell remember
that next time you play folks

100 thoughts on “The Most EPIC Comeback in Poker History! MUST SEE!

  1. This video pretty much sums up why you love and hate poker at the same time. On to the next one, boski 🙂

  2. That was a nice comeback 😂

    Couldn’t wait to watch it when I saw it popped up. Insta liked it when there’s only 10 likes. Waiting for the next one!

  3. My last tourny the older lady with bad eyesight goes runner runner turning her 8-10 off suite into an ACES beating flush and is surprised when the pot is pushed to her. She says, "Oh my goodness". I say, "Yep! Nice hand ma'am". My gawd i could have bitten a nail

  4. You need to go see big breasted Asian female age 21-25 and get a full body massage with the Bob Kraft treatment. It will take care of this minor run bad you are experiencing. I love how you needled the A 7 guy about the call. Still laughing. Get em next time!!

  5. No shout out quote? Lol Holla next one brotha! "Boski consistently creates quality poker content while maintaining a REAL outlook and attitude both on poker and life #pokervlogG.O.AT"

  6. I've thought of that often, the difference between busting, cashing, or winning a tournament is the difference of two or three hands and how they play out. ♥️ From the 3%

  7. The last tourney I binked online I was down to 1.2 bb a couple off the bubble. You really can’t ever give up as long as you’re in.

  8. We are all certain you play cash as well,
    (I'm sure it's not just "I")
    & just choose to not vlog them, but ( I ) appreciate that you do the tournament torment so we don't have to (as much…
    30 – 60 yr old Caucasian male) solid 10 all around content and minimal fluff.
    Thanks again sir.

  9. Soon as I saw the " MUST SEE" in the title I knew it would be bullshit! Should have trusted my instincts, won't make the same mistake again! Great comebacks don't end with you bowing out at the 1st hurdle. Don't mislead your audience or you'll end up without one!

  10. Why shove 99 right away vs an EP old man 3.5x? It seems like you're never ahead of his range there and can just flat call pre and set mine.

  11. I think you make the right decision most of the time. Honestly that A7 call disgust me.

    I personally hate seeing acerag beat KQ unless I have acerag lol.
    Which is slim cuz I dont like putting all my faith on a weak ace.

    You're still #1 Bosky!!!

  12. Reading “thinking in bets” & it’s amazing how life is really like a poker game not a chess game. Like you said make the best decisions with the (incomplete) information you have. Love your vlogs.

  13. This is why JB is my fav poker vlog. Awesome personality, pro player and you never know what you're gonna get. Boski for ever!

  14. On July 16th ACR will be running a $5,000,000 Guaranteed tournament! Qualify by playing the steps. Step 1 is free! Sign up today > Bonus code = BOSKI

  15. Hmm. What we don't know is whether you would have pushed off the AK hands with your 3 or 4 bet. Good chance you lose at least one of them. Careful with slow rolling those Aces. Some guys get cranky about that. Nice comeback tho.

  16. I love you man, but that's not how "alternative timelines" work! If you busted the guy with 99 and then 1010, he would be gone, seat will be empty the immediate next hand and the AA/AK/AK wouldn't happen!

  17. Great comeback. Enjoyed this video immensely. Maybe one day I’ll make the Boski comment hall of fame.

  18. Been playing poker in some variety since 1958. I/We are behind you, I know the variance & exaltation of winning combined with the horror and walk of shame. In this trying period harken beck to the immortal words of Sir William Shakespeare…" Its always darkest Before the Dawn" Its coming my friend!!!   Peace

  19. Most YouTube fans who read a headline saying “greatest comeback of all time” would probably expect to see you,come back to win or cash at least loooooool not team boski coz we know ur dry humour 🙂 I always get a smile on my face when I see an upload,good luck next time shagger

  20. I just realized how much I enjoy this vlog because when the main part of the video was over I actually sat there and read all of the positive feedback that was about the last minute video. I agree wholeheartedly with everything that was said. I appreciate you man, as an aspiring poker player I look forward to your videos and appreciate your insight. God bless you, good luck, and at some point I'll see you at the tables!

  21. A-7? Where do they get these people. That’s a painful one. Get them on the next one. 2019 year of The Boski!

  22. like your "words of wisdom" Especially in these types of tournaments, there are many many different play styles. I am in the line of thinking, its one hand, out of many. You get big opportunities to capitalize on 1 hand. That can be the difference in the tournament. Being knocked out early or winning comes down to one flip of the coin, or one suck out. If you can mitigate your chances of that happening, you will go further and further in tournaments and cash games for that matter.

    I watch people online that will jam 20-30 blinds in a huge tournament with 15 people left because statistically its the right move. Long term, the math works out. But in that specific spot, what if you can change that by making different moves? playing smaller, slower. Yes, the math long term is the right move, but each situation is unique. It might not be the right move for that tournament because the future hands are unknowns. There is also a human element, and that is unpredictable. I love hearing your live reads, that gives you an advantage over a lot of players. You definitely are entertaining to listen to and hearing more about your thoughts on other players.

    Keep up the great work, love the videos!

  23. Quotes N Stand-In's for the Win!!! 👍 😎♥Zro♠Fux♦Gvn♣

  24. Best vlogs on youtube! The only question, how does Timmy still have more subs? As Mr Woodcock once said, "there's a lot of losers out there."

  25. Hell of a job Jeff, the vlogs are always entertaining an informative as usual. Best of luck in #yearoftheboski

  26. well done, but Ben Keeline's win at the Colossus after being down to a 500 ante chip ranks pretty high up there

  27. Tbh, I don't watch the other vloggers anymore, just latb highlights and this.

  28. I know there’s poker Vloggers out there with more subs who are more famous but I don’t need slick editing, drone footage and MUGs. I’m here to learn and discuss hands. For me Boski and Matt Vaughn are the best bang for your buck. I continue to promote your channel Jeff in my local poker community.

  29. in my next life i wanna be a boski 🙂 it will be a nice tournament without the pocket 9s, but keep it aggresive because u are there for winning!

  30. You can only play with the cards that are dealt to you. Better to get the bad kinks out now, and ascend slowly with great cards in the future. The summer of Boski is coming and you will be a beast because your reads are going to adjust with your stack. Wishing you the best of luck and may you get very " lucky" with the poker God.

  31. Please keep doing tournament vlogs. Everyone else out here doing cash game vlogs and I'm a live tournament grinder myself and I love hearing hand breakdowns from great tourney players

  32. I'll assume you dont think like that on a regular basis ie what if's. I'd be in a padded cell if I did that. For me, I just like to try to give myself an overall critique of my play for the tourny, whether cashing or not. If I'm making good decisions I'll play in the next tourny. If I played horrific, I'll take some time off. So it's not about getting down on yourself if you dont hit a cash, it's more about recognizing when you're in the zone and capitalizing on it and laying off when you arent (while trying to mentally prepare yourself for next time). Maybe take a look at a few hands that I could have played differently or try to pinpoint glaring mistakes ie not making my 3bet the right amount etc. I really think there is something to "being in the zone". I think you've proved that by getting on some good runs by playing outstanding poker.

  33. Jeff . I'm sweating it on the x trainer watching this. Seeing as you eat so much, and spend most of your time on your butt, how do you keep the weight off ? Do you exercise to keep your mind sharp for poker ? If I sat on my butt as much as you , Id be 300lb in a couple of years !

  34. Was getting ready to rename you Jeff "Treetop" Boski with that comeback! Sorry it didn't carry you to the final table, but I bet it was fun nonetheless. Keep grinding!

  35. Yea but its so fickle. Had u won the pot 99 VS KK, may be the dealer cuts the cards at a different spot. Pushing you the chips instead of the villain could alter her cut for sure. It's a dumb ass fickle game.

  36. Jeff I recently started fallowing your vlog. You have now become one of my favorite poker players. I have actually went back and watched every single live game vlog you recorded. Keep up the good work!!!!! Hopefully I'll run into you this summer in Vegas! #teamboski

  37. Well done again ! I watched a few other Poker Pro Vlogs and they talk and analyze one hand for 10 minutes! Nauseating to say the least! Thanks Boski !!!

  38. I think you said comeback because even tho you lost st your u still got to win a few pots and feed your addiction synapses and feel the elation before the final defeat. For your empty success you deserve the congratulatory good game Boski…but to be clear I hate when ppl say that lol

  39. Ps. I still like the video because I got to enjoy some of your pain 😂 as well as remember how crap shooty most tourneys are. Thanks

  40. Liked* as hit the like button ppl smash it for more Boski approved videos!!

  41. Samething l was thinking on your outcome. If u flat called the 9s ..But who knows it couldve been totally diffrent too…

  42. Biggest payout I’ve ever got I was down to one chip at the final table and the small blind folded to my big blind giving me another round (table was pissed) and we chopped six ways before that round was up for $4600 ish. I won the tournament after chop too. I was chip leader for most of the tourney but somehow got down to one chip. Lol.

  43. Turn a king high flush and asain male 20s rivers a boatabout a half hour later i turn the ace high flush and caucasion male 30 to 40 rivers a straight flush no epic comeback here nights over shake it off i was due for that humbleness

  44. At the end u talk about the AA hand. If u busted a player would they have brought a new player to the table cause if not u wouldnt of been dealt Aces.

  45. don't forget to be looking into your future, for the cards are not in any of our 'favors'…:):)

  46. You can’t call yourself the GOAT … and epic come back just to lose again ? Not so epic should of just had the title say “big swings” and didn’t place still lost

  47. At least this guys commentary didn't get on my nerves like the others who do more talking than showing what thier talking about also it was him in the hands not someone else good job

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