THE MOST SAVAGE MAFIA GAME (ever?) ft. Pokimane, Scarra, LilyPichu, Mendokusaii & more

Hey guys, we saw that someone requested that we play mafia in the comments,
so today, OfflineTV is going to do exactly that.
There are seven total players and each are given a card by the moderator
There are three Villagers, one Doctor, one Detective, and two Mafia.
The night cycle begins and everyone is asleep.
The Mafia chooses one player to kill
Then the detective chooses one person they suspect may be the Mafia
and the doctor tries to save one person from the Mafia
During the day people can discuss, accuse who they think the Mafia is
The cycle continues until all the Mafia is eliminated or the Mafia kills everyone except one
– Let’s go.
– Alright.
Lily: Damn, I got villager for the second time.
Fed: Can we all go to sleep? Like you guys realize it’s dark all day, and I’m trying to get some sleep right now
Fed: And the Mafia awakes:
Fed: Alright, Mafia…
I was really worried when Poke was my other Mafia teammate,
because Poke doesn’t seem like a very
smart individual.
Fed: Go to sleep
And the Detective. How are you doing, sir, good to see you.
And now the Doctor
How are you doing man?
I was the doctor, which means once a night I can pick one person to save, which is really powerful
But you usually don’t have a ton of information, so it’s a lot of guessing and mind games
Lily: Cock-a-doodle-doo.
Xell: What??
Fed: Alright, Mafia, awaken.
Fed: Mafia, choose someone you would like to kill.
Mafia, go to sleep
Alright, Detective. How are you doing?
Alright. And now the Doctor.
Alright. Now the village awakes.
Fed: So unfortunately, it was terrible night, lots of screaming, but
Lily was poisoned in her sleep
Lily: Wow, I died. Okay.
I didn’t expect to die the first night.
Honestly, me killing Lily first is just ’cause
It’s a hundred percent vindictive. Honestly, she–she’s been talking about mafia for like two weeks straight
“I would love to play mafia with you!” “Wow, please let us play mafia”, and I’m just like “yeah, dude
let’s play mafia”, and I don’t really like mafia
So I was like
Let’s just kill her first
Scarra kept dying in the practice rounds beforehand
so the fact that he didn’t die the round
I was playing it’s just like I
I didn’t get to play. Like what the f***.
Mendo: I’m just happy Lily didn’t lie to me.
So as soon as Poke says he’s the Doctor
You just know he’s the Mafia ’cause it’s such a stupid thing to do. If anyone was thinking about the game
they would know not to do that, and also, I’m the Doctor!
Xell: Well, if you *are* the Doctor, then in the next round,
you should try to save yourself because it’s an easy kill for the Mafia.
Mark: Well, I’m also the doctor,
so I don’t know why the f*** you would say you’re the Doctor, my dude.
Poke: *laughing* That’s bulls***!
Pokimane: That “my dude” was the fakest “my dude” ever
you’re definitely not “my Doctor”
Mendo: I believe Poke.
Mark: You believe Poke?!
Pokimane: Wait, who did you try to save?
Mark: I tried to save myself because I’m like, dude,
Mark: Because I don’t want to risk just randomly dying at the start of the game!
I’m the fucking Doctor, I gotta protect myself first
Xell: Oh my god, things are already so scary, like, why is this happening so early?
Pokimane: Josh is Mafia!
Xell: Wh-why are you just getting in on–
Mark: Well, so here’s what’s gonna happen.
I’m gonna save myself. He’s gonna be Mafia, they’re gonna kill somebody else, and we won’t get any new information.
Mendo: Don’t save yourself, save me.
Mark: No ’cause then the Mafia’s gonna fuckin’ kill me! Listen!
These two are so in bed, it’s hilarious.
Scarra: Wait, literally, or just–
Mark: As soon as Poke said–
Honestly, when Poke said that he was the Doctor, I thought was a really elegant ploy. I was like,
wow, dude, he’s probably thinking third, like the next level, like he’s on to the fourth dimension here
And I thought about it some more and I was like,
Wait, no, he’s just super stupid.
Mark: As soon as Poke said, “I’m the Doctor”, Mendo was like “why would you say that?”
Mendo: Why would you say that?
Mark: That’s why it’s he’s clearly not the fucking doctor.
He just lied for no reason
It was a little scary, because I didn’t know how to convince people,
but I just left Poke do all the talking and
Scarra: She’s a talented mafia player–
Xell: Wait, wait, guys, can we put this to a vote?
Pokimane: ….bish, wat?
Poke starts floundering his logic, he starts being like
Well, it would be interesting if someone else was the Doctor which is not a line of logic
you’d use if you are the Doctor so
Poke screwed himself over. Who does that?
I actually can’t believe I died to this.
Mark: We don’t need unanimous, right? yeah, just majority. Alright, so if you want to state your defense, go for it.
Poke: Me?
I was just stating that it could be Lily ’cause you’re saying the same–
By your logic, you’re saying that I can’t be the Doctor
Xell: (singing) Digging his own grave, every time you talk
Mendo: You’re supposed to defend yourself.
Poke: I’m trying! I don’t know what to say.
Xell: Why did you say that if you are the Doctor then how is it possible that Lily could be the Doctor
and why would you say that
Xell: Okay! Alright, we’re putting it to a vote.
Scarra: Ohhh my god.
Fed: Who believes that Poke is Mafia, raise your hand.
Poke: Really, guys?
(in a small voice) I’m–the Doctor–
You guys made a huge mistake
Mark: I don’t think so.
Fed: And the night begins. Mafia awaken.
Mafia, who would you like to kill?
Mafia go to sleep. Detective, awake.
And Doctor awake.
Doctor, go to sleep.
Good morning, everyone, so
It was a brutal night, honestly probably one of the most disgusting nights
I’ve ever seen, so bloody, but Josh was slaughtered in his sleep.
Oh my god he’s the Mafia.
I’m so glad I killed Josh because he knew.
Am I–I’m just gone, right?
Scarra: Do we say goodbye? Like do we bury him?
Pokimane: Fuck, we have one…
Mendo: I feel really–I think we’re f***ed.
Scarra: So, we have four people, which potentially–
Pokimane: Oh my god Scarra, you’re Mafia!
Scarra: …one mafia…
Pokimane: You’re Mafia! You’re talking way too much, you’re Mafia.
Mendo: If he wasn’t Mafia, would he still be alive?
Mendo: No, he would have died first night if he wasn’t mafia.
Mark: I think it was just a mind game. That’s what I think.
Scarra: Yeah—I don’t–I actually have no idea.
Mark: I’m pretty sure. Here’s what I think.
I think, who was trying to defend Poke the most. Because let’s assume Josh and I were right–
Pokimane: You sound defensive!
Mark: Who was trying to protect Poke the most?
Scarra: Oh, this is so good.
Mark has no f***ing idea what he’s doing. He’s the worst Doctor.
If he kills me, we’ll lose the game.
Mark: I thought you and Mendo were the two most. But I still thought Mendo was way more on Poke’s side.
Pokimane: Yeah, I mean…
I’m just kinda scared, like I have a family, I’m a villager, I don’t really wanna die!
I was trying to tug on Mark’s heartstrings. Turns out he doesn’t have any
Mark: Did you think that Mendo was the one accusing?
Pokimane: Yeah, always.
Mark: Like, he was defending Poke the most, right?
Pokimane: Yeah, obviously, but then again, they’re homies, so…
Scarra: In Mendo’s defense, he’s kind of trolly anyway, I don’t know if that’s like, serious…
Pokimane: When Poke was like, Lily could be Doctor,
How did Mendo react?
Mendo: Scarra would never kill me.
But luckily, I think Mendo said something really stupid and immediately turned the conversation
back over to me not being the Mafia, so he did a great job being my teammate as a villager.
Fed: The night is about to begin in about ten seconds.
Scarra: Wait, so do you guys wanna like–vote?
Mark: I’m fine with accusing–I’m gonna vote yes.
Mendo: I don’t think you want to–I don’t think you do. No no no no–
Scarra: Uh…I’ll do it
Pokimane: You will be missed
Mendo: Whatever! I don’t f***ing care!
Mark: So–so we didn’t win there, huh
Scarra: It’s not–it’s not over?
Pokimane: fuuu…..
*scary music*
Mark: Scarra’s been really quiet.
Pokimane: Uh-huh.
Or really talkative, it’s one or the other, so–
Fed: So let’s all put our heads down
Have a good night’s rest and think about our actions today
Mark: *grunts*
Fed: Okay, so you guys f***ed up.
Yes, we got into a 50/50 situation
This is the best thing that could have happened to me, given the teammate I was given.
Fed: Alright Mafia.
Alright, who would you like to kill?
Alright, Mafia go to sleep.
Doctor. Wake up.
Who would you like to save?
So I’ve protected myself every round so far
so it was pretty obvious that the change-up would be to protect Poki and
You know I was thinking I should just protect Poki
But then it became so obvious that I should protect Poki, I realized Scarra might actually target me
And then I realized that Scarra would probably think that way because he’s smart, so I had to go one step further and actually
protect Poki, but then there’s always the chance that he just started thinking that way too, and then you just keep going—
Doctor go to sleep
Everybody wake up
So last night was interesting to say the least. The Doctor tried to save
Poki, but unfortunately Mafia killed Mark.
Xell: Mafia wins
It’s obvious that I would win, because this is a game that tests your brainpower
against the masses, and honestly, look at my competition.
Pokimane: Thanks for watching guys, as you saw, some of us, uh, may not know how to play
But, thanks for watching either way. Please like, comment, and subscribe, and let us know what else you want to see.
Lily: (in a small voice) I didn’t even get to play.

100 thoughts on “THE MOST SAVAGE MAFIA GAME (ever?) ft. Pokimane, Scarra, LilyPichu, Mendokusaii & more

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    Boi look at your team. Couldn’t even last a day. You don’t make ballsy claims like that until there are few people left. Not at the very beginning.

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    Self centered scarra.
    Forgot the name of the first to get out but really, she's the only smart one.
    Fuck off and don't even THINK about hating on me with replies because I can be entitled to any opinion I want.
    Not to mention this is more a fact than opinion and you know it.

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    Me: Yep, looking and they look goOOood for dead bodies :3

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    Doing the math, example for Poki (representative of all three):
    P(Poki getting killed) = 1/2
    P(Poki getting healed) = 1/3
    P(Poki getting killed but surviving and Scarra doesn’t win) = 1/2 * 1/3
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    Now I actually wish Scarra got killed earlier 😂

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  19. We made extra rules for this game.

    The Cupid: He/she pairs up people for a one night stand and whenever one of the pair gets killed or gets lynched within the day, the other one dies too. He/she is part of the village

    The Devil: He/she twists the events of time and picks two people whose fate is to be switched. When person A dies and is paired with person B, person B dies instead. This is only applicable at night. His aim is to survive with the last two characters. If the two mafias survive with him, he wins instead.

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