Time for Dems to Cut the Crap: Impeach, or Don’t

So we had the volar hearings today, uh, in
the Mueller hearings. We didn’t get anything new about what Donald
Trump did, actions by Trump and the people around him. But we did get some on the record confirmation
from Robert Mueller about the obstructive, um, goals and ambitions that Donald Trump
had in his actions. Now, with regard to impeachment after this
is all said and done, after Robert Mueller has done testifying, which is still happening
as of the taping of this segment, there will be people who say, now it’s time for an impeachment. There will be some who will say, now it’s
time for the actual impeachment and removal of Donald Trump from the White House. There will be others who will say, let’s not
impeach. Let’s not even do the inquiry. Question one is what will Republicans think? The answer is actually who cares? The important part is what do Democrats think? And there is this growing problem of division
within the Democratic Party on the topic of impeachment. There are those in the Democratic Party who
are actually going so far as to say, not only should Trump be impeached, but there is evidence
for a conviction and removal on the basis of that impeachment based on what we know. There are those in the Democratic Party who
say we should do an impeachment inquiry and let the inquiry take us to either impeaching
or not impeaching but let’s start the inquiry right away. And then there are also Democrats who have
publicly said, we shouldn’t get involved in this either for political reasons or because
they don’t think that the evidence we’ve seen so far justifies an impeachment inquiry. There is a movement within the Democratic
Party to do nothing when it comes to impeachment or an impeachment inquiry. The bottom line is that it’s time for Democrats
to cut the crap. And what I mean by that is that if the infighting
about impeachment, if the debate within the Democratic Party about whether to even have
an impeachment inquiry continues much longer, it’s going to get Trump reelected in 2020,
uh, as are other types of democratic infighting potentially. Uh, as I’ve pointed out before, there are
three options and democrats should figure out like today which one it is, that they’re
going to get behind it. They need to unite behind it and they need
to carry it out. Any, anything else is going to be damaging
to Democrats in 2020, both, uh, for the removal of Donald Trump and also in many of their
own races. Option number one, start an impeachment inquiry. Right now you don’t go directly to impeachment. You’ve got to first do the inquiry. Uh, I would support the decision to start
an impeachment inquiry. Right now. I think there is more than enough evidence
to justify the inquiry starting right away. Option two, which I would also support, would
be to decide we’re going to table this for now and started impeachment inquiry in six
months or some number of months in order to be more damaging to Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection
campaign. Uh, it will become a distraction. It will interfere with Donald Trump’s campaigning. I would support that. Yes, as I said on Monday, I believe that it
is totally reasonable at this point in time, given the politics that have been played by
the other side on this issue. I think it would be completely reasonable
to say, let’s do the impeachment inquiry, but let’s wait a little bit and time it so
as to be the most damaging to Donald Trump as possible. I would support that as well. Option number three would be to decide today
we are not going to pursue an impeachment inquiry. We are going to be done with it and we are
going to move on a period. I don’t love it in the sense that I think
the evidence warrants an impeachment inquiry and an impeachment inquiry could be damaging
to the president in terms of his 2020 reelection chances, but I would be okay and I would still
sort of uh, get behind. I would accept the decision to say we are
not going to do anything with an impeachment inquiry and we’re going to focus on the 2020
election. What cannot be an option is to continue in
fighting for the rest of the 2020 campaign about whether or not to do an impeachment
inquiry. That is a loser’s game. Democrats don’t be losers. You lose all the time. We continue to lose even though the American
public is as left as it has ever been. Our elected officials continue pulling, pulling,
pulling to the right. Yes. Partially because of voter suppression, partially
because of Gerrymandering, but also because of the self-inflicted damage that Democrats
do. There is a lot to gain with an impeachment
inquiry, which we’ll push the content of the Mueller report into the mainstream. There is nothing to gain from just arguing
about whether or not to do the inquiry. It’s been long enough. If you still don’t think the inquiry is warranted
based on the facts you’re not going to six months from now, uh, there’s nothing else
that will change your mind. Please stop the self destructive stuff and
just decide and agree to stop the public disagreements about it. Mueller has testified he’s almost done with
this, with his test, the testimony. You’ve got to decide on this and move forward
one way or the other. Let me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at d pacman and the show is
on Twitter at David Pakman show, the David Pakman show

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