Top 10 Bar Trick Bets That You’ll ALWAYS WIN

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! “Wanna make a friendly wager?” It’s a dangerous inquiry you’ll want to
keep clear of, especially if you’re tossing back a pint in your local pub. Anyone that offers a wager likely has a trick
up their sleeve, an ace-in-the-hole that will guarantee their win. Now, if you’d like to be the one offering
the bet, just try any of these top ten bar tricks you’re bound to make money off of. Now I bet by the end of this video, you can
be a winner by subscribing to Top10Archive, leaving a comment, and clicking the thumbs
up button. 10. Bend a Cigarette without Breaking
Put that nasty smoking habit to use with this easy-to-do bar trick. Before proclaiming your ability to bend a
cigarette without breaking it, be sure to have a dollar bill on hand. While they’re busy calling you a liar, roll
the cigarette very tightly in the dollar. Bend the cigarette in half, making sure the
dollar doesn’t unravel, then straighten it. Once unraveled, you’ll still have a whole
cigarette and whatever winnings earned from those that doubted you. 9. The Napkin Knot
You’ll need two arms and a rather large napkin before betting that you can hold a
napkin at two ends and, without letting go, tie it into a knot. With the napkin laid out on the table, cross
your arms in front of you as if striking a “cool guy” pose or you just heard something
really irksome. Without unfolding your arms, pick up two ends
of the napkin and, in one motion, unfold your arms. With a rather smug look, present your newly
knotted napkin. 8. Newspaper Opener
Surely no one can open a beer bottle with a newspaper, right? Oh, but you can! Take a newspaper, roll it, and then flatten
it as much as possible. You’ll have a pretty solid newspaper, but
fold it in half to make it sturdier. Now, just as you’d pop a bottle open on
the edge of the table, place the newspaper under the rim of the cap and push. With just enough force, the top should pop
off. 7. Swapping Whiskey
People may think you’re insane when you say you can swap a shot of water and a shot
of whiskey without a third shot glass, but it’s possible. You’ll need two full glasses, one with water
and the other with whiskey, and a playing card. Cover the glass of water with the card and
carefully place it face down on the shot of whiskey, creating a seal. When you pull the card back, the water should
rush into the glass of whiskey and push the libation into the top glass. 6. The Eight Coins
Take eight coins and lay them out in a right angle with five coins making up one leg and
four making another. To your intended pigeon … uh target … uh
friend, claim that you can make it so there are five coins in each leg by moving only
one coin. Watch as their expression goes from confusion
to the largest eyeroll ever as you pick up the last coin in the leg with five coins and
place it on top of the coin at the juncture of the legs. 5. The Coat Test
The person you make this wager with may think you’re daft when you bet him that he won’t
be able to take his coat off by himself. He’s likely done it dozens of times before
without anyone’s help, so without hesitation, he starts to remove his jacket. Once he starts to slip the garment off, that’s
your cue to also start taking your jacket off, proving that he wouldn’t be removing
his by himself. You’ll likely get a few dirty looks with
this one, but it’s funny none-the-less. 4. Names from a Hat
This trick requires you to have a decent sense of touch … “Jim!” … uh, sorry … Take
a piece of paper and have someone fold it into equal thirds. On each section, have them write three names,
but ensure that theirs is the one in the middle. Then, instruct them to tear the paper along
the folds, fold the slips in half, and drop them into a hat. Your bet is that you can pick his name out
of the hat and, if you can quickly feel the edges of the paper, you should be able to
do it. You just need to find the paper that is jagged
on both sides from the tear. 3. The Balancer
You’ll need two forks, a pint glass, and a secret weapon – a matchbook. Then, make the wager – that you’ll be
able to balance the forks on the edge of the glass. Amidst the outcry of disbelief, place the
tines of the forks into the opposite sides of the matchbook. Make sure it’s sturdy and locked tight before
placing the matchbook on the lip of the glass until it’s balanced and steady. 2. The Leg Lift
Wanna make your fellow bar patrons look like fools (as if enough adult libation hasn’t
already been consumed by this time of the evening so that they’re not already making
fools of themselves)? Bet any number of them that, with the left
side of their body pressed against a wall – from ankle to cheek – they can’t lift
their right leg off the ground. So many will try and you’ll have the satisfaction
each time of being 100% correct. Though their body may seem like it’s supported
by the wall, that right leg is what’s keeping them grounded. 1. The Underwater Trick
Sometimes, it’s all about how you word something. For instance, stating you can hold your breath
underwater for six minutes means something completely different than saying you can stay
underwater for six minutes. That first one will likely get you killed. The second, however, could make you some money. Find a gullible person and wager that you
can stay underwater for a length of time that isn’t so impossible to believe that they’ll
know you’re tricking them. Then, hold a glass of water over your head
for that period of time. But first, be sure that you can hold your
hand over your head for that time. Thanks for watching! Fair warning – if you’re the one imbibing
adult beverages way too much, you may not be able pull off even these simple bar tricks
successfully, so ingest and bet responsibly. Be sure to subscribe, like, click the bell,
and comment.

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  1. Nice idea for the tricks, but these are horrible ideas. Also they only show how to do the easy ones. C'mon!! Sorry,I love this channel and all but I do not care for this one.

  2. Those are all terrible! and any bar tricks that require paraphernalia are dumb. Also the leg lift can be done if you have flexible ankles and point your toes out from the wall with your ankle still touching.

  3. I liked this video and these are tricks that will be fun to try and doable. Great video. Have you guys considered follow-up videos of intermediate and advanced bar tricks too?

  4. Who is all having issues watching this video, where the video stops but the audio keeps playing? We've never had this happen in over 650 videos.. anyone have an idea?

  5. Why didn't you make a video yesterday? You usually make videos once every 2 days.

  6. A trick I like you do for where I balance 2 books on my head while standing on one foot and doing 2 shots without the books or you falling made 50$ that night with that lil trick

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