Top 10 Mitchell and Webb Sketches

Grab some snacks, pull up a chair and ‘REMAIN
INDOORS’. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down our picks for the top Mitchell and
Webb sketches! For this list, we’ve gathered the finest,
funniest and most popular sketches performed by comedy duo David Mitchell
and Robert Webb. How to make a classic gag relevant for modern
audiences? Mitchell and Webb set up shop in an Apple-esque
computer store for today’s first sketch, revolving around two tech fanboys, a case
of mistaken identity and a load of made-up industry jargon. Suffice to say, the comics confuse themselves
and pull out of character before delivering the punchline. In classic Mitchell & Webb style, they build
the sketch with a behind-the-scenes feel, incorporating the illusion of comedy into
the comedy itself. The fact that they’ve also starred in real
life Apple ads before only extends the joke. Thumbs up for creativity. Opening with a string of innuendos, this sketch
starts as if straight from the Carry On school of comedy. That is until Robert Webb’s Doctor Asquith
wades in with a heavy-handed penis joke. As David Mitchell’s managerial type eloquently
explains, the Bawdy ‘70s Hospital is a place for relentless double entendres only, much
to Webb’s bewilderment and our amusement. Despite the rod demonstration, Asquith still
manages to get the wrong end of the stick, and is promptly shown the door in typical
‘nudge nudge wink wink’ fashion. From the Helivets to Hennimore, recurring
double acts are a Mitchell and Webb speciality. Our eighth spot goes to Ted and Peter, a pair
of binge drinking, chain-smoking snooker commentators, who can only reliably deliver one trademark
line of commentary. They fill the rest of their time insensitively
discussing the players, making god awful jokes or awkwardly discussing sexuality. Their booth is a bottle bank of cast offs, the state
of their health is anyone’s guess. ‘Oh and that’s a bad miss’ is a big
hit with fans too, and Ted and Peter are two of Mitchell and Webb’s longest-running characters. Of all the emotions in Robert Webb’s acting
repertoire, smugness is one of his very best. The guy’s just really good at seeming really
arrogant, and never more so than in this clip. Webb plays a boastful brain surgeon engaging
in small talk at a party, forever forcing conversation back to his line of work no matter
how many insults he needs to dish out. Faced with an accountant and a charity worker
he’s in his element, but then David Mitchell shows up late from the space centre and the
tables are turned. Continuing with a medicinal theme, next we
see David Mitchell really put his back into it. He’s visiting his chiropractor when inspiration
strikes and the two start planning a sketch. We’re seeing the result of those plans,
a heightened scene for a live comedy performance with Robert Webb donning stockings and a speech
impediment. But then the camera turns away from the set,
and the sketch is given yet another layer of hilarity. A joke within a joke within a joke, it gets
funnier by the second and name drops Tony Blackburn at the close. Another recurring sketch, Webb takes centre
stage as the host of Numberwang, a nonsensical maths quiz phenomenon. Broadcast out of a glitzy gameshow studio,
the show sees Olivia Coleman and Paterson Joseph play two ever-present contestants,
Julie and Simon, who must shout out numbers until Numberwang is found. The criteria for Numberwang is never revealed,
the rules of the game are never explained, but the brand did inspire a Mitchell-led spoof
documentary and a family board game. We’ve ranked it number five, or is that
seventy-twelve? Whatever it is, that’s Numberwang! Making an appearance on the last ever episode
of “That Mitchell and Webb Look”, just before the memorably teary Sherlock Holmes
series finale, here we see Robert Webb interview a TV talent show contestant post-audition,
and absolutely rip her to shreds. Felicity gave her ‘heart and soul’ to
Talent Dredge, but Webb’s unimpressed and has a few choice words. His barrage of abuse is both incredibly harsh
and expertly articulated, leaving no room for the contestant’s clichéd answers or
hope that she’ll ever get over the psychological trauma. Whether you love football, hate it, or stay
mostly indifferent, there’s no denying that this sketch is close to the perfect parody. David Mitchell steps out as an overexcited
Sky Sports pundit for a mock preview to the football season, only there’s more than
a little scorn to his presentation style. By listing off sarcastic quips but maintaining
the dogged stare of someone determined to enjoy themselves, Mitchell brilliantly turns
previously nondescript fixtures into matters of life and death. His eyes bulging at the thought of the apparent
endlessness of it, it’s one of the best rants on TV. Our runner-up is a Robert Webb character (aimlessly
assisted by David Mitchell’s Ginger), and one of the most famous faces on Mitchell and
Webb’s roster. Sir Digby is a drifter with an absurdly high
opinion of himself, who will stop at nothing to defeat his faceless nemesis. Digby and Ginger drunkenly stumble through
their lives of petty crime and not-so-cunning plans, fueled mostly by Carlsberg Special
Brew and a blind sense of injustice. With a skewed face-on camera angle and homemade
theme tune, he’s the hero no-one deserves or needs, now or ever. Hilarious sketch, though. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a
few honorable mentions. We end with a two-part sketch set on the Nazi
frontline during World War II, as David Mitchell’s character reaches an alarming moment of clarity. Mitchell’s soldier collars Webb for a quick
chat over the Nazi dress code, and more specifically the skull insignia which appears on the helmet. He’s worried that with all the negative
connotations that a picture of a skull carries, he could be fighting for the bad guys. And while Webb’s having none of it at first,
one glance at their surroundings and the proverbial penny drops.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Mitchell and Webb Sketches

  1. "Are we the baddies" is so overrated. I think the best sketch is the sign language translator parody played by Robert Webb.

  2. Theyre pretty much all bloody brilliant. Not professor Death level of brilliant, more Monsieur Garnier level

  3. Thanks for describing all the sketches – rather than letting us watch them. Your descriptions are so much more hilarious.

  4. for fuck sake whats the point of the video if you're going to explain everything thus making it not fun

  5. Watchmojo, I do in fact have eyes and ears, but thank you for talking to me like i'm a baby and breaking down the fundamentally obvious elements of the listed sketches.

  6. Hang on a second….you did a top 10 sketch video and then talked over the sketches, describing them, instead of letting us hear them and laugh. Get yourself to a **** doctor asap

  7. just show us the bloody sketches, far more amusing than you explaining it to us

  8. "Grab some snacks, pull up a chair and REMAIN INDOORS."
    – Well, (by Jeeves) ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the in's and outs of life of an introvert!

  9. Be nice to see and possibly laugh at your chosen top 10, not get a crap description as they run silently in the background.


  11. The one with the spoons. The one with the creepy priest. Remain indoors!The one with the stacking.

  12. 'Heart and soul' is literally everything! I've watched it several times independently of the show 😂

  13. Poirot identifying the murderer by her 'evil laugh'.

    Angel Summoner And BMX Bandit as the quintessential 80s TV flop.

  14. Wait what, theyve done it again, they missed out the most important part of the video clip that is the funniest part, how have they missed out when Mitchell says " are we the baddies" anyone watching this is gonna be confused that the top spot isnt that funny, CAUS they cut out the funniest bit, i hate matchmojo when they do this

  15. The Sherlock Holmes finale was in my opinion the best they ever did.Not the funniest by any means.Right up there with the end of Blackadder 4

  16. Last times I watch watch mojo. I am so sick and tired of you people talking over it! Just show the bloody sketches!!!

  17. The makeover one where David's wearing a burqa also all the bad waiter, bad shop assistant, bad vicar sketches and the one in the library.

  18. Seriously? Wtf is the point of making a list like this.. when all you do is talk all the way through the sketches……?!?! Literally a pointless video.

  19. Thank you for explaining and ruining ALL the sketches instead shutting the ** ** for the viewers enjoyment.

  20. The boys from Pisswiddle winning the Ashes is also up there for me. Not just because of the hairstyles of the Germans.

  21. This could be entertaining if we could hear the sketches instead of the narration voice-over explaining to us why they would be funny if we could hear them.


  23. Are you kidding me?
    Conspiracy theories gets an honorable mention and Football! gets a podium?
    As for Football: yes but the one about 2 guys in an office with a stereotypical football fan.

    Where the hell are sketches like:
    Caesar and reffering to yourself in the 3rd person
    Alcoholic buying beers in a corner shop
    The discoverer naming things
    Starving explorers
    The incredibly posh guy who is still annocountably a waiter or a shopkeep or indeed a priest
    Homeopathic A&E &/or Nutritionists
    Queen victoria and Linden trees
    Grammar Nazi
    Evil genius
    King's men + Lucentio
    Speech at the wedding
    Avocado bathroom
    Jesus on Samaritans
    Vegetarian dinner party
    Dying guy's last wish
    Garnier Laboratoire
    How what not to look like (with the follow up behind the scenes conversation)

    …aaaaand for the love of… where is the Atheist watermelon sketch?!?!

  24. I think number one should go to the emergency broadcast channel – quiz night

  25. Some funnier ones than you list: 'Jump off a cliff – £2'. 'Language pedant'. The sketch with Queen Victoria, entitled 'Come'. 'Laboritoire Garnier'. 'Secret Hideout renovation'. 'New Fuhrer'.

  26. The whole point of this list is explaining jokes. Explaining jokes kills them. Everybody knows this, so, if you haven't watched M&W, don't watch this.

  27. My personal favorite is the adventures of Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit

  28. Now do one where you don't have someone talking over and ruining all the sketches

  29. Some that I think should have topped "are we the baddies", that didn't even make the list are; the cricket British underdog movie, Agent Suave, conspiracy theories, the grammer nazi boss, the post-apocalyptic quiz broadcast and the OAP Holmes/Watson.

  30. Can’t believe you’ve got heart and soul at number 4 and haven’t even mentioned the Evil genius.

  31. How to wreck all 10 sketches? Have some pillock talk over them and explain the joke, without playing the sketch in full.

  32. I can sympathize because it was obviously hard to pick just 10 – but some really awesome stuff was missed. The evil shopkeeper/waiter /vicar series was incredible. Not sure "Are we the baddies" deserves number 1. Why is it that the UK lists are always just lackluster? I don't expect much thought goes into the regular lists, but the UK version is somehow even LESS thought out.

  33. Why do you have to talk over all the sketches!!! You ruined it!!! Also… How did you miss the Bond like Baddies!!

  34. The German Skulls sketch is very funny, although it’s worth noting that during the wars and even now the British Lancers wore caps with Skulls on them. The difference being we were the goodies!

  35. This is probably their best sketch… – Along with Cheesoid.

  36. Lindentrees smell of cum or maybe petril, petril click cheese, cheese! And the Heroin christmas was as superb as the flamingo island scetch or uncounted others. How could my fellow Krauts be unaware of Mitchell and Webb and how in the hell could we think about fighting a nation, that brings us the best musicans and humorists of our time, even when the teeth, the weather and the food are awful.

  37. I pretty much disagree with the whole list. Should have had the evil vicar, waiter and shop owner. Then the posh dance party. Then comes the homeopathic hospital. Then possibly the invitation list. Then the house hunters.

  38. Thanks for explaining all the jokes. we were too to thick to understand them without that.


  40. I'm sure those sketches would have been hilarious…if some fatuous twat wasn't talking over the top of all the dialog.

  41. Only these fucktards could make Mitchell and Webb unfunny by talking all thewag through it in a boring monotonous oice

  42. (2:43) "Specialty" is an American word.
    We don't say "specialty" here in the UK.
    We say: "speciality"
    Notice the difference ?

  43. (11:15) – A helmet ?
    If that's your idea of a helmet, I shudder to think what you think a cap might be.
    (Apart from the slang for a bullet or what children put into their toy guns).

  44. Should’ve had the argument Mitchell and Webb had about cheese is made? One of the best!

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