Hey, my name is Robin! I am 17 years old and I play for the best club in the world The SC Vogelbach! And if you want subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Hello and welcome to a new video! My name is Konzi I am Lukas and today we got a new Hermes Challenge for you! Let’s see what’s in this package! It’s heavy that thing! You should have studied to buildt up this thing I guess we did it the wrong way!? We have 6 balls, upper, left and right are 2 points, lower, because it’s easier 1 point The one who scores more points after six shots wins! Sounds easy! One, safe! I’ll do it clever – I’ll start with 3 in the upper and then 3 in the lower, like the Sportstudio But the holes are a little bigger! A little but it’s further away Alright 3 points Then te upper one! Now it gets exciting It’s said the keeper has a problem with low balls he may get one or the other out 5 points out of 4 – 2 shots to go the last one! That’s up to beat! Round 1 – Robin wins Round 2 – Try to hit every corner by using as less shots as possible Alright, shot in every hole! I’ll start the upper corners upper left, then I got the difficult ones Now the lower ones, the pressure is on! Let’s go for four out of four What happens then? – Fireworks! Round 2 – Team FK wins Draw – Who won this challenge in your opinion – write down in the comments below


  1. Ich finde Robin gewinnt weil er von einer weiter Distanz geschossen hat und er allgemein ein Gast ist

  2. Unfertig Robin er at 6 zu 8 geshprungen ven ich das falsch chreibe dan enchuligung ich come aus mallorca

  3. Leute guckt mal auf den Boden, die 16 Meter Linie war max 1m von Robin entfernt, so krass viel weiter hinter ist er auch nicht

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