Vending Machines You’ll Wish We Had More Of In The World

100 thoughts on “Vending Machines You’ll Wish We Had More Of In The World

  1. Click here for the WEIRDEST things found in vending machines:

  2. we have the cvs vending machines and it’s really cool to use

  3. From what I’ve experienced the smart mart is only available in Memphis Tennessee

  4. hol up the thumbnail is a claw machine, but they replaced the claw with a net

  5. I’ve actually used the fresh orange juice machine before, but it was Chinese

  6. singapore has too many vending machines haha, we have a chilli crab one, a restaurant one, a mashed potato one(every 7-11), freshly squeezed orange juice, and there’s vending machine stores everywhere !!

  7. Reminds me of when a shopping center near me that used to have a pizza vending machine

  8. That gold fish vending mashing is down right abuse those conditions are filthy and u made a joke about a fish “biting the dust” fish probably died because of improper care gold fish position them selfs while swimming so u need a what’re filter that moves the water around this is a horrible thing I hope your are happy

    I think fish abuse needs more attention they are just like dogs and cats if u love them and properly take care of the

    Stop fish abuse

  9. They should put school supplies vending machine so then when you run out of like markers or pencil then you just buy one

  10. Near my town, there is a really cool baggete vending machine. Each of them cost 1 dollar. But the best part is if you ran out of money, at the top of the vending machine there's a video game. If you win, you get a free baggete!

  11. My elementary school had the pencil vending machine in the office it also dispensed note books and erasers

  12. There was a pencil machine and spiral notebook machine in high in the early 80s

  13. 8:14 “They have over a hundred machines on the east coast.” All arrows point to west coast.

  14. We had the pencil ones in the library at my school. Also the ppl whining about the goldfish one get over.

  15. There was this claw machine in Houghton lake michigan at this restaurant where u could catch a live lobster and they would cook it for u for free.

  16. In Sydney there's a vending machine that dispenses thongs (or flip-flops for you Americans). There's a sizing chart on the floor in front of it, so just stand on the size that fits your foot, insert your money and select the right pair! I've always wanted to try it out, but it's pretty pricey.

  17. well… in hong kong D park tsuen wan there is a vending machine like that and also china griaffe park

  18. 8:16 'east coast' yeah cus the east coast is on the west side of the apilations

  19. The pencil vending machine looks just like the one that I had in Stevenson middle school background and all. Came in handy that's for sure

  20. In my country in the philippines mcdonalds have vending machines you can order there so wjen they made those mcdonalds vending machines no more long lines

  21. I hope that hug me vending machine is in Indonesia, just because it’s the closest to Singapore

  22. in colombia the bakeries are open for 24/7 (works get day-night-early shifts) sadly theres only basic breads on most of all, but you can buy some baguettes on supermarkets (but are a few too rare) but… it's okay!!!!

  23. we had pen,pencil,highlighter,eraser and scantron vending machines at my school

  24. I don't give a damn about goldfish abuse. Number 1, they are food in the wild. In face hey are food for my turtle. Number 2 the machine is likely more humane than hooking them in the face, and watching them die for sport. I really don't get why people find the fish machine offensive. That's just stupid.

  25. One time i saw the orange vending machine and the oranges were all moldy and lost most of the juice

  26. fast food places making hamburgers

    Vending machine: I’m about to end this whole mans career…..

  27. We have a pencil vending machine at bell central school central Ky bull dogs 🐶 I’m in 5th grade 😇😇

  28. Imagine that robomart runs out of electricity and makes you wait for days

  29. Looks at title: vending machines we wish we had
    Looks at thumbnail: hold up, is that the gold fish from finding nemo?
    Me: wtf is this? I don’t want that >:(

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