Video Course. “SNOOKER BASICS. Stance. Aiming. Cue action.”

Good day snooker fans! I’m ready to share
with you brand-new unique video course about most
important snooker basics which we release with our new o Snooker PRO CLUB team
learn secrets about modern way snooker think and play like a top look at
professionals in the world do if you feel that you have problems in your
bridge hand grip stands aiming cue action rest play and Cuba control this
video of course is special for you snooker basics video course is formed
with the four main separate lessons which will help you watch learn and
practice in the most easy and effective way possible I’m absolutely sure you
will get positive results very soon and I chip your biggest goals this will be
the best nugget training material you have hammer hat in your life so don’t
wait and bias nuclear bases with your course today here are some moments from
the video course snooker basics full bow angle 3/4 angle
shoe first angle hop bo angle well first off angle one quarter s angle
1/8 angle how to recognize porting angle I’m going to show you one method which
is going to help you to recognize every angle on the table step 1 stand behind
the shot look to the object ball and see the line where you need to hit with the
cue ball second step go back to your shot
and hold your eye contact to this line which you saw step free do good shot
approach step 4 later shot she skews not on the line so he’s
curious little bit to the left and he’s aiming to the right just try your best
as you can see he now aims straight to the middle and his cue is straight to
the potting line so just I recommend you to buy laser and
laser will help you to notice that you’re aiming straight to the center and
yeah and that your cue aims also straight to the middle middle part of
your cue this is the part of the video course about solid cue action principles
is to play shots all nice and smooth so in this case slow backswing will help
you to have nice delivery when I am preparing for my shot I am sure that
when I’m pulling my cue bats I’m pulling it slowly with acceleration I have less
body tension in my arms than my body and I have a chance to play the shot
with more accuracy and smoothness so that means just before delivery just
make sure that you are pulling your cue slowly and follow-through this is the
part of the video course live snooker coaching I’m gonna show you how to put
your cue on the line always so I’m gonna show you examples for example you were
working so if you want to walk to the shot just do steps in the line that
means with your right foot and left foot so you put in your cure first and make
sure that you choose straight to the middle pocket not to the right and not
to the left side if your queue is going to be to the middle that means your
aiming is going to be much much better just like that when I walk in I put in
my two feeds close to each other putting right foot the left foot putting
my clay on the line and then going down and in this way I’m gonna put blue every
single time you will see that you’re gonna aim much better so just try this
okay firstly just considered to put your cue on the line and then drop down with
your body okay yes okay your aiming is quite good so yeah
perfect as you can see here right hand angle is little bit too much it’s about
110 degrees so if you want if she wants to feel more chill and be more accurate
she has to put her hand little bit closer and just try to cool right now I
I bet that you’re gonna feel much more comfortable and just try to do your shot
approach I see her movement became already more stable
and played the shot and tell it tell me about your feelings yeah lots of
technical changes happening right now so it is normal not to do this in the
beginning right but after some time you’re gonna develop your habits yeah
and good perfect and play the shuttle is much better your cue was totally
straight right now you you

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  1. Congratulations with First Video Course!

  2. She's cueing across to the left but that can be worked on. Everything can be fixed with practice

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