We are catching BIG pike on a NEW bait!

Alright, we are on our way. For a while we fought we couldn’t go due to the weather. But the forecast has changed and we are heading up north today. We will be fishing for pike for almost a week. This is going to be great! On our way up north we will make a stop in Skellefteå, to meet up with a baitbuilder who helped us make a new bait! You guys will find out more on the way up! Mangeboy! He is a legend! You have been building on this lure fore a while now? Yes, thats fore shore! I didn’t manage to get it done so we had to ask for help from Mange. He’s painted a couple of cool colours, made it a bit wider. He’s a legend right? Yea, he is one of those who started with baitbuilding a professional level in Sweden. So it’s going to be great his workshop, and the project he’s currently working on. ok, so in this box the baits are. Check this out! This is crazy! So girls, aren’t the baits nice? Yes! Mange, these baits are truly beautiful! Ok, so mange have revealed the box, with the jewels. And now, we are heading of to his workshop. This is going to be great! It’s going to be fun seeing where all the magic happens. We are going for a drive, see you there! Test 1.. crap… It was crap.. But look how much I changed the leadhole. I moved that leadhole forward 5 mm. The first one sank backwards, but the second one, was on point. Why did you start building your own lures Mange? It’s feels like it’s a long story? From the start, I was inspired by a guy named Hans Nordin. He had a fishing show on TV, “Fish with Hans”. In that show they made lures and I fished a lot back then and lost a lot of lures. Then I started making spoons, carving wooden lures It took a while before I caught any fish on them, since then, I’ve always made own lures. Even though I have been away snowboarding for months, I’ve always had a sketch pad beside my bed so I can make new models to make when I get home. What do you think of our bait? I think the time is right for your bait. And i believe you are the right guys to show people that, those kind of baits are great! That’s cool! That kind of bait has been there, But, it hasn’t been a big seller… yet. It’s an easy bait to fish with! Yea! I think it’s great! I love hydroelectric…. today it’s 2,5 m under normal water levels… just kidding… Now we are here, super low water levels. We are lucky we have 4 wheel drive on the car. Otherwise we could find something else to do. But I can see gras, swans, And the pike are dancing in the reeds! Here we have a stone heap. Starting from an island. And between the stone heaps there are two deep furrows. 6m and 4 m deep. We don’t know where the pike are holding up right now, due to the very low water levels. We will be making a long drift, over the stone heaps. We have perfect wind direction for that. Look at that little rascal. It’s purple aswell!! Fish on! Is it big? yea, it’s going sideways! I’am ready with the net! First fish on the new bait! It hasn’t moved, only going sideways! That’s a big pike! The bait is gone! Ready? First fish! I can’t believe it! First fish on the new bait! It has swallowed the bait completely! Even though it was the 10th cast I wasn’t ready for this! First fish, on the new bait! Welcome! This was fun! Let’s weigh it real quick! The sack is ready! An 8 kilo fish maybe? Yea, it’s not heavier than that. It is.. 8kg, on the dot! It’s a very wide body on this pike! Good work! It’s still there! Now it’s gone!! 8kg right away! Fish on! Do you want me to net it? No, Il hand land it! Second fish and we have been fishing for 20 minutes. This one is smaller than Oskars. This bait is wonderful to fish with. You can feel every little twitch in the action. And the bite!! Twitched the bait a couple of times, and then it just nailed the it. This is great! I’am getting a bit nervous. Great start! We are in mid August, the gras is perfect. It’s perfect temperature in the water, We know what’s lurking down under us. It’s only a matter of time, with this bait aswell! The structure is perfect. Now we are in the area with the least structure because that’s where we can go with the boat. But on both sides there is full of big rocks and structure. And in this water we have loads of baitfish. Grayling, whitefish and perch! Let’s fish! Look at the action of the bait! It’s not hooked good. Are you ready? It’s not huge but it’s a nice one! Ready? Nice Ludde! Thank you my friend! You changed colour, right? To a black and purple one! Didn’t take long! What happened Ludde? We fished a more shallow spot! And I tried my black and purple bait! whoops! I didn’t want it to land in the boat. That colour might be named “Tomas Di leva”. Did you twich it? I just retrieved it slowly, with pauses. And when you pause this lure, it’s shows the whole side, like a jerkbait. So if you have a follower it it cant resist biting! New spot! Two shallow ridges from an island. 6 m deep, and shallower towards the island Theres an eagle, two of them! They are feeding something. That’s cool! Last year, We saw a brown bear on the mountain. So cool wildlife! What colour is that? Il name it the… The Spanish knight! On with the helmet and out to war! Let’s do this! You can’t get enough of pike fishing! It’s like someone cling you into a ball every time you get a bite, and then you get clinged back, when you net the pike. It’s the best feeling ever! What a bite! No, I lost it! It wasn’t huge, but still a nice fish… I saw the bend on your rod!! I anchored up! MORE! I got a good counterstrike, so I’am surprised I lost it… What a PIKE! It bit again!! What’s happening?? It’s i big pike on, but my reel fell out off the rod. I’am trying to help but… It’s gone… If the hooks got a good set, the pike will be on! WFT, is happening?? It’s not on… I can’t believe this… Was it big? yea… the whole surface was gone… That’s sad… well, they are here… I’am pissed… That’s pike fishing… I can’t understand how though? Our friend Magnus knows how to do that. You guys saw that??? Fish on! It looks heavy! It’s a nice fish! It looks heavy man! This is cool! It’s staying heavy on the bottom. Let’s net this fish body! This might be the one, we haven’t seen it yet.. I saw it early on, but it’s hard to guess how big it is. It’s a nice one! Good job! You have to show that colour! You have been fishing with great success with that one! When I saw this one for the first time, I got tingles in my pants.. what’s cool about it, is that it changes colour depending on the light. Your bites are on point today Oskar! That’s over 100cm! Let’s measure it real quick. It’s a heavy fish! This little rascal has done our day so far. It’s perfect for this kind of fishing. You can steer the bait alot, It has a sinkrate of about 4-5 seconds per meter. And when you retrieve it it swims to the surface a bit. Which means you can steer it over and between rocks etc. When we release this bait to the market, it will be available on sportfiskeprylar.se. This is a big fish! It was heavy in the beginning. Looked like a good bite? Yea it was rock hard! You wan’t the net? It’s over 100 cm, yes! It’s a great looking fish! That’s nice! Great strike! 105 cm! 7 kg maybe! What a strike, and what a fish! I love pike fishing! I’ve got a nice mojo with this bait. That’s how a bait that has caught big fish should look like! It has been in many pike mouth. And as Oskar said, We don’t know when we release the bait. But when we do, sportfishingtackle.com will have a couple of them! Let’s sum up the day! It was far over our expectations. 4 over 100 cm, 17 pike overall. Let’s fo home and sleep.

22 thoughts on “We are catching BIG pike on a NEW bait!

  1. Den där första gäddan va hungrig fan va coolt med nytt bete måste skaffa mig det där snart 😍👍

  2. efter o sett de där hugget o att rullen hoppar av så vet jag vad jag alltid kommer kolla 10 ggr innan nästa pass 😀 ! grym video ! bra fiskar !

  3. Great video. Very cool. Monster pike and an unusual handmade lure…you can't beat that combination. Well done guys!

  4. Griiimt bete! Men va’fan gubbar… när kommer spöna?!?!!! De är ju såååå smutta!!

  5. Helvete vad det börjar klia i köptarmen! Bra reklam, det där draget vill jag ha! Och bra film!

  6. Grymt bra video, Mangeboy är ett geni och en ikon inom svensk betesbyggnad.

  7. När kommer den nya tävlingen där ni fiskar gädda/gös/abborre läggas upp på Youtube?

    Det är något jag ser fram emot och faktiskt ett tävlingsmoment jag hade velat se mer av då många vatten i Sverige har många fiskarter i samma sjö.
    Att upsizea sitt abborrefiske eller downsizea sitt gäddfiske (12-13 cm) och kunna njuta av flera olika arter som hugger är nog det roligaste jag vet ute på sjön 🙂

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